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    Who else is walking late June through July?

    Buen camino! I walked end of June through July in 2017 from SJPdP. You will have a chance to get used to the heat as you start off in cooler climes and then it gets hotter as you go further into Spain. When it starts getting really hot, start earlier - we even set off in the dark a couple of...
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    Reading book worth carrying?

    I took and enjoyed Laurie Lee's account of his travels on foot around Spain in 'As I Walked out one Midsummer's morning'. I had a kobo with me though, so I also had The Pilgrimage Road, Basho's haikus, the Bible and some Xena fan fiction. You never know what you might need. :)
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    Fromista albergue fire

    I'm sorry to hear that but glad everyone was safe
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    30 day countdown

    Buen camino!
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    Death of a German pilgrim in Najera

    Sad news. May she rest in peace.
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    Time: a relativity on the Camino

    I remember the first time the CF went over a motorway and I stood staring at the cars and lorries hurtling in a neverending stream below me, and thinking that they were part of a world that I was usually part of too, and I had a profound sense of the way I had stepped out of that world for a...
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    travelling from Portomarin 26th March anyone travelling from there

    I won't be setting off till June, but I've walked both alone, and with friends and both have their good points. I was much more open and aware when I walked alone which was great. I'm sure you'll meet interesting people to talk to as you walk or if you want a bit of peace, then you can enjoy...
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    water quality

    No problems with water quality in terms of getting ill, though my fussy but lovely friend found the taste to be a bit off at times on our journey from Sarria, so we bought water or just drank something else.
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    The red bottle brush flower

    Just been paddling in the stream at Lavacolla. We missed the plant though.
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    two cyclist pilgrims died in León

    Very sad news indeed. I feel so sorry for the boy. May his parents rest in peace.
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    The red bottle brush flower

    Great! Thank you for the swift replies.
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    Coping with rainy weather

    We went from Palas de Rei to Melide.
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    Coping with rainy weather

    Today it has rained on and off all day. We survived and even perhaps enjoyed it. One more fear faced down... Thanks for the forum support!
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    The red bottle brush flower

    We have been wondering about this intriguing flowering shrub for a couple of days. Does anyone know the name in English or Spanish?
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    Coping with rainy weather

    Thanks everyone! We have just done our first day. We walked from Sarria to Ferreiros and have just eaten our meal at the nice restaurant below Albergue Casa Cruceiro. Lots of low cloud during the walk but no rain so far. The sun has just come out. It is good walking weather.
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    Coping with rainy weather

    Thanks for the words of hope, Kirkie.
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    Coping with rainy weather

    Thanks everyone. I've got a better idea of how to cope, plus great respect for all you wet-weather pilgrims!
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    Coping with rainy weather

    Blimey - Pamplona to Santiago with just 3 clear days! That must have been a challenge. Going out whatever the weather though, that must have shifted your views of what can and can't be done in 'bad' weather.
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    Coping with rainy weather

    Thank you for the advice! Rolling clothes in the towel and treading/dancing on them is useful. Also I have a pair of quick-drying trousers that I'm not fond of, but looks like I should bring them with me.
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    Coping with rainy weather

    We set off next week from Sarria and I have been watching the weather forecast on and Eltiempo. It's looking pretty rainy for the first few days. I don't mind a bit of rain, but I was wondering about drying clothes for the next day, if I only have two sets of clothes with me. Has anyone...