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    You know you're a pilgrim(or soon to be) when...

    When you get your credential from us ~ Peterbrough Pilgrims to Santiago. For details go to
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    Credentials (donativo)

    Re: Free Credentials I have just received a box of 1000 credentials from Santiago. So gang let's rock and roll. Ian H
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    Credentials (donativo)

    Re: Free Credentials :D I am back, but briefly. I have issued credentials to all those who have asked for one. If you have not had an email from me it means that your email is lost and I need a repeat. I was away of the Costa Camino in Portugal. I am going again on Monday 8 October to St Jean...
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    Credentials (donativo)

    Re: Free Credentials Hi Elizabeth. This is the blank accreditation that the Cathedral in Santiago issue. It admits you to all the pilgrim privileges and is the document that is used to determine if you qualify for a Compostela. Peterborough Pilgrims are happy to supply you with one. Go to the...
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    The Authentic Pilgrim's™ Guide to the Camino

    An authentic pilgrim has been classically defined as one who goes on a journey for spiritual reasons, and who is changed by it on their return. The real journey is in the mind, the rest is just a way of keeping the body busy and preventing it from being a distraction whilst the important work is...
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    A Credential can also be obtained by post from Peterborough Pilgrims, follow the section at the bottom of the page. This is free service. Ian H.
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    Joining my local pilgrim organisation is a good idea because

    There is a second fraternity in the UK . "Peterborough Pilgrims to Santiago". This fraternity is a Christian fraternity based on the Anglican diocese of Peterborough. Our President is the Bishop of Peterborough. We are about 50 active members strong and meet twice a year. The next gathering is...
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    Generosity on the Camino

    The Lady's name is Carmine.
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    Credentials (donativo)

    Re: Free Credentials WE are still able to offer this service to any who need it.
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    Credentials (donativo)

    Re: Free Credentials In this case donation is FREE. You will get a credential regardless of us receiving a donation or not. We cover the cost of the credential which we have carried back from the Pilgrim office in Santiago and the postage to your address.
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    Pilgrim Statistics

    There is also a slightly different route from Reading to the modern day pilgrim departure port of Portsmouth from Normandy or Santander. The route actually starts in Northampton. The guide is free and has a description of route , places to stay, and a full Ordinance survey like make to enable...
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    Credentials (donativo)

    Credentials are now available in the UK from Peterborough Pilgrims. We have set up a site to enable all pilgrims to access our facility. So in the words of a very old TV show in the UK... Come on Down. Contact this site:-
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    As I started this thread I think that I should bring it back again. The 'season' is now well underway,do you have a new story to tell of Angels? :D
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    Reading to Southampton

    We have it in mind. I am trying to get information. I have sent an email to Alison and we'll see what happens. There is also a possibility that we will walk a little beyond Reading to Marlow, as St Iagos hand is now there, Thence to the Monastry at Alton and Portsmouth.
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    Reading to Southampton

    A pilgrim group in the eastern counties are hoping to open or is it reopen, a route from the site of St James's Monestry Northampton to Portsmouth via Oxford , Reading and Winchester, then to link with the route from Winchester to Mont St Michael and onward to Santiago via the existing routes...
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    "Comedic criminal caper on el camino" - Orangeville

    Has this been released in the UK yet?
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    Happy Birthday, Ivar

    The best is yet to come. Ian Holdsworth
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    Holy year charge from the Archbishop

    Does anyone know where I can obtain an English translation of this important pastoral letter.
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    Pilgrim gathering this January, Join us!

    There will be a gathering of Pilgrims for a Mass, with blessing of returning pilgrims, lunch,the usual pilgrim conversation, a talk about pilgrims in literature and a discussion about plans for the future. This is in 30 January 2010 at noon at St Mary's Church, Towcester Road Northampton NN4...
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    Camino Labyrinths?

    There is also a crude one on the ground at the top of the hill near the cross just before you get to Burgos. I think it has been laid by some pilgrims on the way. A strange thing to do when you are walking a pilgrimage and so there is no need of a condensed version