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John Brierley Camino Frances Guide
This guide is one of the ones that has been around for over 15 years. Updated yearly. Please read the reviews.

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  1. CISSA69

    Backpack weight

    Buy a donkey or become one ... ha ha/eha eha ..
  2. CISSA69

    Solid fuel cubes

    Some Ideas: Check the Decathlon, Forum Sport, Intersport and other large Spanish sports shops to see if they sell them. Gas is easy to buy in spain for a gas stove Consider making or buying a "hobo" stove and use whatever fuel is available. Contact Spanish Marathon Des Sables competitors to...
  3. CISSA69

    Footwear in November

    Many albrrgues close for the winter. The office in SJPP will give you a list of albergues, their opening and closing dates, no of beds, facilities, etc. Bring an A4 clear sleeve that you would use in a folder as the information is gold dust and weighs nothing. Seal it with tape to keep it...
  4. CISSA69

    Size of the Pelegrino and equipment choice

    The 10% rule is applied to your "ideal" weight not your actual weight and worth adjusting for: - age - health and wellbeing - how good and strong is your back - other might be worth condidering other options such as trolley, taxi, Sherpa ..... 143KGs sounds like a big weight even if 2m tall...
  5. CISSA69

    Has anyone walked with compression stockings

    I think that the Skins brand might be a bit too tight .... be careful to buy a pair that do not rub your achilles when wearing boots ..... so the seam and the stitching are important ..... should be non intrusive ........
  6. CISSA69

    Packing List Camino Frances Mid May (Honeymoon)

    Musical instruments are excluded from the weight equation, especially if you are any good at playing one ... and if playing music is important to you.
  7. CISSA69

    My pack list

    D dont need the thermo rest dont need pillow need a sleeping bag Unless blanket is better could be cold at might compression socks are a God send so bring other things to consider Tennis ball for foot massage Shower hat for washing feet during the day Electrolite tablets such as Nuun...
  8. CISSA69


    Depends on how hard you are on boots. Most shoes are good for at least 500 miles but maybe not if you are a hardcore heel striker. You would struggle to get large size boots and or shoes along the way. I am a size 14US and there is no way I could buy shoes along the way. Check the Decathlon...
  9. CISSA69

    emergency blanket?

    Bring it and use it every night and see how patient and loving your fellow pilgrims are when they hear the rustle as you toss and turn. Seriously like Travel Insurance, it is one of the few things that you bring that you hope to never use. In fact many pilgrims do not know what they are really...
  10. CISSA69

    Footwear in November

    I have walked in November and each time the weather has been very different so best go prepared, one year was very dry and one year very wet. In addition to the advice above I would recommend bringing a small pair of Yack Tracks or something equivalent which will provide grip in slippery...
  11. CISSA69


    Only bring a tent if you plan to camp out most nights. It is not get busy until mid June at the earliest so should not have an issue with Albergues being too full and most Albergues will be open by mid April so a perfect time to walk in terms of logistics.
  12. CISSA69

    Packing List Camino Frances Mid May (Honeymoon)

    Call it Irish marriage guidance ......... scarcastic ....... On a serious note I think that your choice of honeymoon is the second best decision of your life, the first one being to ask your "better half" to marry you ........
  13. CISSA69

    Packing List Camino Frances Mid May (Honeymoon)

    Hello CISSA69, Thank you for the gear advice and for our very first round of marriage counseling!
  14. CISSA69

    Packing List Camino Frances Mid May (Honeymoon)

    My Comments in Red, most made in gest ...... My wife and I booked our flights and are excited to be spending our honeymoon on the Camino Frances starting in SJPP in mid May. Listed below is a packing list I put together. I am confident in the gear listed (have you discussed and agreed it with...
  15. CISSA69

    Last minute packing questions
  16. CISSA69

    Last minute packing questions

    If you cannot get poles at St Jean you will be able to pick them up in Ronconvalles ..... cheap and basic but will do the job Better still defer until Pamplona and buy Gabel " Camino De Santiago" branded walking poles with the Camino Francaise printed on each of them from a lovely Camino shop...
  17. CISSA69

    Last minute packing questions

    Here are my views in red: 60L North Face Terra pack: 1.85kg - I think that it is too big for most situations. A 30 to 40L and no more than 1.5KGs in weight should do most situation unless you plan to camp or are carrying gear for a partner or child .... a big bag will mean that you will either...