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When you walk the Camino, and suddenly a pandemic appears

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  1. Malachiuri

    Remote working from the Camino Frances

    The answer to your question is a resounding, "Depends". What is the nature of your work? Will you be shagging emails and simple documents for work or would you be video conferencing and generating large image files? When will you go? Winter or early Spring will be very sparse on other...
  2. Malachiuri

    Documenting a trip with Google Maps

    A GPS watch seems to be a logical solution. I have Garmin products and are quite happy with them. M
  3. Malachiuri

    Belorado to maybe Sarria: itinerary ideas?

    Consider going on to Atepuercos instead of stopping in Ages. Much, much better lodging selection and it doesnt add much to your walk. M
  4. Malachiuri

    Spanish equivalent of mums or emergency-c

    Those are excellent as well. Avoid the "Recovery" version if it still has "Cookie" flavour. Pretty much tastes like water with a dissolved cookie sludging it up. Darn odd. M
  5. Malachiuri

    The pyrenees in late October

    Dont trust the mountains =) As stated before, bring layering clothes. I have crossed over in early January and it was 68c and glorious. Crossing over in April is was cold, windy and 20cms of snow. Good times, M
  6. Malachiuri

    Spanish equivalent of mums or emergency-c

    +1!! I bring these home every time I go to Spain for the hot weather work here on our farm. Love em! M
  7. Malachiuri

    Backpack Capacity (DaveBugg Bait!)

    While I wrote this post partly in jest, it is actually anchored in some concerns I have about pack sizing. Recently I was having a discussion with a buddy who is going on Camino with me in January. As usual, my recommendation to his was to NOT buy a pack till he had all the stuff he needed to...
  8. Malachiuri

    Backpack Capacity (DaveBugg Bait!)

    Not really, it is an issue that has been beleaguering the brightest minds of countless generations. I am willing to bet that there were guys hauling rock chips in ancient Egypt who swore that basket held more than his buddies. M
  9. Malachiuri

    Backpack Capacity (DaveBugg Bait!)

    After many years of backpacks I have come to the conclusion that pack manufacturers may all be either drunk or part of a Matrix level conspiracy. How in the Holiest of Hecks do they determine the Litre capacity of backpacks? I have 28L packs that hold as much as one of my 40L packs in the main...
  10. Malachiuri

    Organised tour or do-it-yourself?

    I do not know the name of the company, but a person I met in Galacia had booked a fully planned tour and because of some personal issues and a nagging injury had to go off of her tour schedule. She essentially lost all of her lodging, transportation, etc from Leon to the finish. All that money...
  11. Malachiuri

    VDLP - Fall or Winter??

    Sounds like we will have to see how things on the farm work out for our schedule. Jan/Feb is a lot easier for us, but from what I am seeing it seems like Oct/Nov may be the time to go. Thanks for the input all! M
  12. Malachiuri

    Travel arrangements, travel documents, validity of documentation comprehensive travel insurance

    These requirements have more or less been in place since we started our yearly stay in France. Heck, by the official paperwork requirements, we should have to provide official proof of our lodging for the months we are here as well as a full financial accounting proving we can afford to stay in...
  13. Malachiuri

    French health pass not being processed

    Hah! You guys are awesome! M
  14. Malachiuri

    Question about raintrousers

    Do you ever belt a poncho to elimate the flappity flap? M
  15. Malachiuri

    French health pass not being processed

    I am in France right now with my bright, shiny health pass(pass sanitare) and got the same email. I suspect it is a mass system email. American CDC cards are widely accepted and have not been a problem for our friends anywhere. Airport, bars, etc. You should be just fine, at least in France...
  16. Malachiuri

    VDLP - Fall or Winter??

    For those who have walked the VdlP in the off season, would anyone be able to shoot me a recommendation on when to go? We are looking at either Oct/Nov of 2022 or Jan/Feb of 2023. Both of us are experienced Camino folk and I have done a Jan/Feb CF so kinda used to the winter thing. Any real...
  17. Malachiuri

    Question about raintrousers

    Look into good quality rain pants online or on Amazon. I found a pair of rain pants from a company called Little Donkey Andy that work well as rain pants and casual pants as well. They dont look or feel plasticky and dont generate a ton of heat and sweat. I love having a multi-use pant that...
  18. Malachiuri

    The Great Debate (Equipment) for Winter Camino

    I would recommend taking a slightly larger than usual pack. My typical Camino pack is a 40 litre daypack and it works fine for spring/summer but not winter. While the bulkier winter clothing and sleeping stuff takes up more room, I had multiple occasions where packing extra food became...
  19. Malachiuri

    Land entry to France without passe sanitaire?

    I am in France now on Holiday and the CDC card is widely accepted. As of yet, none of our friends without the official EU QR code pass have been refused entry anywhere. They did not scan our Tous Covid passes at passport control or at any time during our flights here till the last flight into...
  20. Malachiuri

    COVID Problem with applying for French Covid Certificate

    Mine went through in about 4 days. I am in France now(Dinan) and for the most part only 90% give a darn about it. We never were asked for it at airport till final leg of flight(the didnt scan it, just looked at dates), not in US, not at passport check in CDG, nothing till end. Bars and...