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    time of travel

    not many people walk in november and december. if you want a more solitary experience, this is the time to go you meet fewer people but get to know them better you never arrive at an albergue too late to get a bed, but some albergues are closed in the winter so you might have to walk a little...
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    Walking backwards on the Camino?

    i haven't done it but each time i walked i met somebody doing it so it can be done seems kind of lonely though
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    To SJPP and back from Santiago with bikes

    i'm a little bothered by your reference to mountain bikes the camino for cyclists parallels the camino for walkers, that is to say, when the walkers are on a footpath as rather than a road, the cyclists take the road, not the trail therefore, cyclists use touring bikes, not mountain bikes...
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    getting ready

    looks like i'll be leaving on august 19 none of it feels real travel today: burgos, "this is a place where you get plenty of opportunity to deal with your emotions...." leon, "this place is perfect for a relaxing vacation...." santiago, "if you feel life is...
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    internet connection??

    Hi Maggie There was a thread about this not too long ago. Maybe someone can explain how to find it?
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    women's underwear

    well that answers that question thanks you just saved me from making a smelly mistake
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    women's underwear

    i'm interested in hearing about people's experience with hi tech fabrics, especially duofold varitec hydroduct
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    Rain-poncho vs. rain-suit in september

    i carry a travel raincoat mine is made by totes it's polyurethane coated nylon it's virtually weightless it comes down below my calves so it almost meets the tops of my socks it's easy to wear under a backpack because it's fitted wind doesn't get up under it and flap it around it...
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    shoes and sleeping bag?

    hi! one thing you could do is start a new thread called something like "seeking information on geneva route" otherwise your questions are buried here in this section on equipment and might not catch the eye of the people who know the answers
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    shoes and sleeping bag?

    chris i'm guessing you haven't been to europe before? europe, at least western europe, doesn't have wilderness the way the u s does most of the land in france has been owned, occupied, and farmed for at least a thousand years it's very very tame beautiful, but tame what passes for...
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    About the albuergues, hostels, etc

    paul's right all you need to do is step onto the camino the rest will be taken care of
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    shoes and sleeping bag?

    hey kanga thanks for posting your packing list i was thinking about taking a tube of concentrated shampoo--we used to have something called prell but it seems to have disappeared from the stores while i wasn't looking. luster creme brought back memories though, my gramma used to use it...
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    shoes and sleeping bag?

    listen up guys stop obsessing about how much your pack weighs and start obsessing about how well it fits if your pack doesn't fit five pounds is too much; if it does fit you can carry thirty-five pounds and never even notice after all tiny little southeast asian ladies routinely carry...
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    shoes and sleeping bag?

    just read chris' list and couldn't resist adding my own this is after two june/july caminos PACKING LIST FOR A SUMMER CAMINO (WOMEN) external frame backpack rain cover for back pack polar fleece sleeping bag u-shaped inflatable pillow walking stick (ideally a gift) rayon sarong (use as...
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    by all means take a paperback, they weigh next to nothing after all, tho even a compulsive reader like myself finds little time to read on the camino the pillars of the earth (ken follett) seemed to be a popular choice when i was walking as for guidebooks: my first camino i walked with...
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    About the albuergues, hostels, etc

    no, sorry wasn't me
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    About the albuergues, hostels, etc

    what's "bad"? yes there are cheap hotels in towns, though not necessarily in villages but the albergues are an intrinsic part of the camino experience. they're where you meet and bond with other pilgrims, among other things. if you cut yourself off from that, why bother to go? if you're a...
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    Where to fly into from the states?

    hi peter you don't say where you're flying from, but i've done san francisco to dulles to madrid and san francisco to london to madrid and i'd say don't don't don't fly thru london. getting from one airport to the other is a pain in the patootie and expensive too. from the airport in...
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    Water amount

    i wouldn't bother carrying a liter of water. i carried a half a liter and it was fine. every pueblo no matter how small has a pilgrims' fountain and almost all of them have potable water. however i found that drinking water was useless. it ran straight through me, in the top and out the...