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  1. Margaret Butterworth

    Books about Spain

    See this recent article in The Guardian:
  2. Margaret Butterworth

    Photo Collage App

    I'm looking for recommendations for a photo collage app for my iPhone. The one I used previously doesn't seem to be working now. I don't want to pay an ongoing subscription.
  3. Margaret Butterworth

    Best earplugs

    Everyone needs earplugs on the Camino (and for us Aussies to use on the plane getting over there). There are many types on the market, but I've yet to find some that are really effective. Advice needed!
  4. Margaret Butterworth

    Camino Português from Tavira

    I am currently visiting Tavira in SE Portugal I’ve discovered a Santiago Church here which is the starting point of a longer Camino through Portugal. There are even some yellow arrows!
  5. Margaret Butterworth

    Free medical treatment for pilgrims?

    I've read posts in the past which suggested that pilgrims receive free medical treatment for Camino-related problems. A few anecdotes related their experiences in this regard. Others spoke about having to pay up front. Recently I visited new public clinic in Astorga for a consultation about my...
  6. Margaret Butterworth

    Travelling the Invierno in style

    I’ve had to stop walking as I have a knee issue (torn meniscus). I’m now going by train/bus/taxi. Details are on my blog:
  7. Margaret Butterworth

    Blogger help!

    A month ago, after 5 years of blogging, I found I was unable to load any more photos onto my blog. I was mystified. I have since discovered that Google has changed its rules, so that 3rd party apps are being prevented from loading photos. My problem is this: I use an iPhone 5 (because I love its...
  8. Margaret Butterworth

    "The Last Jew"

    On the VDLP, I visited several medieval Jewish quarters, including Hervas and Cordoba. Since returning home, I've been reading "The Last Jew" by Noah Gordon. This concerns the expulsion of Jews from Spain in 1492. The hero travels all around Spain in disguise. This book is highly recommended if...
  9. Margaret Butterworth

    € or $

    Just returned from Spain, where I was always asked "Euros or Australian Dollars" when paying by credit card. Which is the best option?
  10. Margaret Butterworth


    It's a beautiful sunny day in Hervas. This is a lovely little town in the mountains, just off the Via. Take the time to make a detour here if you are in the area. You won't regret it. The Jewish Quarter is the best preserved in Spain.
  11. Margaret Butterworth


    Aldis in Australia have just started selling Sangria. I'm enjoying a glass at this moment. It's delicious!
  12. Margaret Butterworth

    Walking at Easter

    Is there a sense of how many people walk over the Easter period? In particular, is there likely to be an influx of Spanish pilgrims or Spanish groups who fill up the albergues? And when do they walk (ie. starting in Semana Santa and going on to Easter Monday?) I am planning to be on the VDLP...
  13. Margaret Butterworth

    Spelling names on the phone

    Is there an established list of words in Spanish that I can use to spell out my name when making a booking on the phone? (Eg B for Barcelona, T for Tokyo, etc). I have always got someone else to help me book onward accommodation, but it's about time I plucked up the courage to do it myself -...
  14. Margaret Butterworth

    Side trips: Yuso, Suso, Sto Domingo de Silos

    Last month I did these side trips to take a break from walking. I left Najera by bus at 1.30; a 20 min drive through several small villages. I visited Yuso (new monastery) later that afternoon. Next morning I took the guided tour at 9.30 up to Suso (old monastery). Later I took a taxi back to...
  15. Margaret Butterworth

    Side trip to Marqués de Riscal

    Earlier this year there was some discussion about visiting the Marques de Riscal winery at Elciego, north of Logrono. I made this side trip in September and can now pass on this useful information. I left Logrono on a 10.00 am bus from the bus station. The fare was 1.6 Euros. I reached Elciego...
  16. Margaret Butterworth

    Transport of bags on Via de la Plata

    Is there a service such as Jacotrans on the Via de la Plata.
  17. Margaret Butterworth


    I'm leaving for Pamplona in 3 weeks. I want to post a blog every day using my iPhone. I use the Blogger Ap on the phone, but it has recently started to crash a lot (e.g. it will only accept a two word title; it doesn't like deletions). Does anyone have any suggestions to overcome this problem...
  18. Margaret Butterworth

    Drink enough water!

    It is easy to become de-hydrated without realising it. This weekend there was a 100 km Oxfam fundraising marathon in Perth. A man in his 30's collapsed and died in 33 degree heat on Day One. Others suffered through lack of water. They couldn't carry enough water and ran out between checkpoints...
  19. Margaret Butterworth

    Cies Island

    When you have a few extra days after reaching Santiago, take a bus or train to Vigo and visit the Cies Islands. Google them! I've just had a fabulous day there wandering along walking trails. Beautiful beaches but water too cold to even think about swimming!
  20. Margaret Butterworth

    Free wi fi

    Last year there was a report on this forum about free wi fi along the whole of the Camino Frances. Does anyone have experience of this? What exactly is the extent of the coverage? Is it just in bars and other establishments along the way?