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  1. Rajy62

    On vdlp for only 5days and the skin peeling off, unlucky

    I hesitated to commit to the vdlp in May when i saw the temperature soaring to 40c. But, further north it was coolling off so thought i give it a try. Early start to avoid the heat. And once in the country side, there was cooler wind and kept the walk mostly comfortable. So, 5 days in, developed...
  2. Rajy62

    Getting a Spanish SIM card in Sevilla or Madrid

    Anyone knows where in Sevilla (or madrid) I could get a local Spanish SIM card?
  3. Rajy62

    Best way to get to Sevilla from Madrid

    What is the best way to get to Sevilla from Madrid. I am landing at Madrid airport around 12:30 PM.
  4. Rajy62

    Anyone experience using the Travel Cpap devices; Z1 or Transcend

    I have been using the Resmed S9 APAP (Automatic CPAP) on my Caminos. It weighs about 5 Ibs. Hunting for a lightweight device and came across 1) Z1 Auto CPAP 10 oz $875 and 2) Transcend auto cpap with ezex, $530. Both weighing less than a ib without the charger or battery pack. Anyone has...
  5. Rajy62

    Are the alberques/refugios modern with a/c outlets

    I carried my cpap device along CF and Norte. I don't have a guidebook on Levante yet. Are the alberques or refugios along the Levante modern enough and have power outlets near the beds.
  6. Rajy62

    Suggestion on specific towns along vdlp for spending an extra day

    I am planning to walk the VDLP in May. Would like to add a break day, every 7-10 days. Any suggestion on specific town that are worth spending a day.
  7. Rajy62

    Comparison of various blister prevention methods - A podiatrist guide

    There have been a number threads about the various blister prevention strategies. Not all techniques work well for everyone because of the unique "microclimate" surround our feet. For a deeper understanding of blister management, I invite you to read this podiatrist guide, by Rebecca Rushton...
  8. Rajy62

    Bus/train/taxis along VLDP

    Done the Francis and Norte once and want to try VDLP this year. Some stages seems very long (25-30k). Transport services, like buses or trains or taxis along the VDLP if one wants to shorten the walking distances and still keep the staging.
  9. Rajy62

    Backpack transport services

    My back is not in its best shape. I have used pack transport services on the Francis and Norte. Are there such services on Via De la Plata?merrel
  10. Rajy62

    My impressions and stages of Norte/Primitivo May 25-June 27, 2014

    I did the CF last October and wanted a bit more challenge on my 2nd Camino. I was a bit hesitant based on all the reviews of Norte and primitivo. But, overall what a stunning walk. Unlike some parts of the CF, where the scenery was predictable and the trails were relatively flat, the...
  11. Rajy62

    Best new private alberque near villaviciosa

    Hi, I came across this beautiful New alberque, donativo, near villaviciosa. Called La Llamarga. It is the best one in my opinion thus far. A private house run by a lady named Rosa, she only has 9 beds, best to call beforehand, +34985892501, +3467042107, doesn't speak much English, No restaurants...
  12. Rajy62

    Any Real need for salt/electrolyte replacement

    In several threads people mentioned the use of electrolyte tablets to help recover from the walk quicker. For my upcoming second Camino i thought i dig into this. It seems there a number of products on the market; nuun, zero, GU Brew, camelbak etc, all offering tablets that dissolve in water...
  13. Rajy62

    Flying into Bilbao for May 24 start at Irun - Returning via Train

    I am flying into Bilbao and plan to start from Irun on May 24th. My return flight is also from Bilbao. There are four scheduled bus services daily from santiago compostela to Bilbao. But prefer taking the train. Apparently one can take the RENFE train from sdc to Ourense-empalme and then...
  14. Rajy62

    Rain Gear: Poncho or "waterproof breathable" shell

    Last year i faced constant rain/wind in the Galicia region for few days. I had my eVent breathable rain shell that performed well for isolated showers but failed during extended rain. So, i picked up an Atlus poncho that covered my whole body including my packs. While this poncho kept most of...
  15. Rajy62

    Simple guide/map to Del Norte

    Hi, I am planning to walk 'el Norte' between Mid May-June time frame. When i did the Francis last year the most convenient guide/map i keep going back to was the Michellin's route-map/guide which was similar to John Brierley's short guide. Is there a similar route-map/guide to del norte via...
  16. Rajy62

    Cost for Alberques on El Norte

    Last year on Camino Frances I paid between 8-10 euros (per night) for private alberques. What is the cost on del Norte? I get mixed info, some say it is cheaper 3-5 euros and some say it is more expensive in the 10-15 euro range. Anyone confirm the average albergue cost?
  17. Rajy62

    Del Norte, best time and backpack transport

    I did the Camino Frances October 2013 and loved it, didn't plan much just went to SJDP and followed the local recommendation on alberques etc. This year i want to try the Norte. From what i read, it is more challenging. My question is what is the best time to do this route, weatherwise. I do...
  18. Rajy62 i really need a sleeping bag for October

    My flight leaves in 48 hrs and am busy packing and want to cut down on my pack weight. I am reading mixed comments about the need for a sleeping back for October hike on camino frances. Some say it is a must because not all alberques will offer blankets, others say leave it behind. Btw, i intend...
  19. Rajy62

    Easier way to identify pension/hostels with private rooms

    I am starting at SJPdP on Sept 28. I see the sept version of Albergues list in this forum just published. It lists all the albergues in each town with phone/addresses/cost etc. But does not tell me which ones offer private rooms also. At the Mundicamino site, i can browse each stage and get the...
  20. Rajy62

    Guided tours of Frances

    I plan to do the Frances in October and prefer to stay in private rooms. It is a lot of work to book accommodation for all 33 stages. I see some guided tours who take care of everything including two meals, luggage transfer and room booking. Anyone tried those tours? what are your experiences...