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  1. RobertS26

    International Travel During COVID

    I just completed a twenty-nine day trip from Seattle, Washington, to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and back. My route was Seattle to Frankfurt, Germany, to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and then onto Victoria Falls. I found obtaining PCR tests in Seattle and Victoria to be a little annoying and time...
  2. RobertS26

    Off Topic--An American Transiting Through Europe

    Hello Everyone, Please excuse the off topic nature of my post but I need accurate information as soon as possible and I am sure someone on this Forum knows the correct answer. I am getting ready to travel from the United States to Zimbabwe. I know there are those who think this is dangerous...
  3. RobertS26

    New Book: A Pilgrimage to Eternity

    I see that there is a new book on the bestsellers list called A Pilgrimage to Eternity: From Canterbury to Rome in Search of Faith by Timothy Egan. Has anyone read it? Do you recommend it? And why?
  4. RobertS26

    My Next “Camino”

    When I walked my first Camino, I set out with a change of clothes, some rain gear, a jacket, and toiletries in my backpack. I had a cell phone, but no Euroean chip. Communication would be strictly WiFi. Like most, my emotions bounced back and forth from “how cool is is?” to “this is without...
  5. RobertS26

    And You Thought the Meseta Was Challenging

    Man walks 932 miles solo across Antarctica without any assistance. [e.g. he never forwarded his bags one time]
  6. RobertS26

    25 Habits of Successful and Happy People

    The Washington Post summarized a paper on the habits of successful and happy people that was recently published in Psychology magazine. I was struck by how many of these habits directly applied or related to a successful and happy Camino. 1. Savor the moment. Literally stop and smell the...
  7. RobertS26

    Kevin Codd's New Book

    In Kevin Codd's first book, To the Field of Stars, A Pilgrim's Journey to Santiago de Compostela, he chronicled his pilgrimage from SJPP to Santiago. Not being able to get the Camino off his mind, Kevin set out to walk from his (then) home in Leuven, Belgium to SJPP to complete a "classic...
  8. RobertS26

    Interesting Approach by the State of Oregon

    The state of Oregon is taking an interesting approach to shaming hikers who litter.
  9. RobertS26

    Being Spontaneous and Living in Moment

    I was watching a show today on the two rovers sent to Mars. One was named Opportunity and the other was Spirit. Both were designed to work for ninety days on Mars and travel up to 600 meters. After three years, and several miles, Spirit was still working when its right front wheel seized up...
  10. RobertS26

    Scientific Proof That Bag Rustling is Painful

    For all you 4:00 am bag rustlers, here is scientific proof that your mindless bag rustling actually causes physical pain to some people:
  11. RobertS26

    New Communication Technology

    These devices apparently let two people stay in text message contact by turning their cell phones into something similar to two way radios. How to Stay Connected—Even in the Most Remote Places on Earth - Condé Nast Traveler
  12. RobertS26

    Camino Completed

    I can report that the Royal Suite at the Parador in Santiago is worth every penny. I slept like a king last night. And today I will watch other pilgrims arrive from its balcony overlooking the Cathedral and the square. And please don't tell the royal couple, but the first thing I did was put...
  13. RobertS26

    Free Beer

    I'll be walking out of SJPP on April 17th. Any forum member who identifies themselves to me gets a free beer at the next village.
  14. RobertS26

    Is a Virtual Camino Frances in our Future?

    It seems Norway has decided to let pilgrims hike Norway from the comfort of their own homes.
  15. RobertS26

    New Camino Documentary

    I had posted this under a different title and someone suggested I re-post it under a better title. A friend of mine is making a documentary about his walk from Sarria to Santiago. It will be released in five episodes next month. Each episode will be approximately four minutes long. Hence the...
  16. RobertS26

    Preview of Four Minute Pilgrimage

    My friend Dan Garrity, who is a professor at Gonzaga University, and I just got back from the Camino. He videotaped our experience and is putting together 5 episodes of the Four Minute Pilgrimage documentary. Here is a preview: All five episodes will be released on YouTube next month. I...
  17. RobertS26

    Reporting Live From The Camino -- The 4 Minute Pilgrim

    I am headed back to the Camino in eight days. I will be walking with a close friend, Dan Garrity, who is former television reporter and now a professor of broadcast journalism at Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. He will be videotaping our journey and will be sending video reports...
  18. RobertS26

    "Wi-Fi" Nikon Cameras

    Last year I only carried a cell phone on the Camino for taking pictures. And I had no problem uploading photos every night to Facebook. But I found the cell phone camera limited my creativity and I have decided to carry a regular digital camera (with multiple lenses) with me next year. I...
  19. RobertS26

    Picture of Bench?

    Between the monumento peregrino on the Alto del Perdon and Uterga is a solitary tree along the path. Beneath that lonely tree is a humble bench. Does anybody have a picture of that bench? I have tried to describe this scene to several people and I regret not having a picture of it to show...
  20. RobertS26

    Best 10 - 14 Day Refresher Walk

    I completed the Camino on November 6, 2013, and I miss it so much it hurts some times. I am thinking about returning for 10 to 14 days to get a refresher (I just not in a position to walk all 790 kilometers again). I am trying to decide where I would walk if I had only two weeks. And, as...