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When you walk the Camino, and suddenly a pandemic appears
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  1. GuyA

    Towel - Help!

    Was chuckling as I was reading various responses and my wife asked me what was so funny so…. i quickly learned that the towel I see hanging everywhere…used for gym etc would be perfect Norwex Sports Towel. AND NO Guy you may not have it for your next Camino. Must get my own…probably costs...
  2. GuyA

    Your favorite camino hat!

    My beloved Tilley hat! Rain, wind, heat, snow, hail, it has held up through all my Caminos. A special Canadian friend!
  3. GuyA

    Longevity of Trail and Street Running Shoes vs Boots

    Great discussion for me as I wore Merrill Moabs for 2,600 kms various Caminos. Then started Camino Portugues in Lisbon (2018) and had the worst and really only blisters on my various walks. Took a train to Porto…medical treatment…off my feet for 4 days and then hobbled painfully to Santiago. I...
  4. GuyA

    Longevity of Trail and Street Running Shoes vs Boots

    Much appreciated DaveBugg…I appreciate your quick and helpful response…alternate gear suggestions included. I use trekking poles and have found these very helpful especially on a down slope or dicey spots as you mention. I will keep the foot plant technique in mind…honestly don’t know what I...
  5. GuyA

    Longevity of Trail and Street Running Shoes vs Boots

    Many thanks DaveBugg...a very timely post for me. I bought a pair of Hoka One One Bondi V6 a year or so ago after reading one of your previous posts. My walking has consisted entirely of hard surface walking (Toronto) and without doubt this if the most comfortable shoe I have ever used. After...
  6. GuyA

    Is this a new type of shoe? “Hybrid hiker”

    I walked my various Caminos in Merrell Moab 2 trail shoes and they were great until the Camino Portugues oie that no longer worked well! Based on a posting by @davebugg some time ago I bought a pair of Hoka One One Bondi V6. I have walked likely close to 1,000 kms in the city mostly of course...
  7. GuyA

    Which is the best rain JACKET to buy?

    Great thread...bought an Arc’teryx jacket in 2013 for first Camino...thought it was fantastic. However in recent times not so happy with it. Did not realize that you had to keep treating of the many things I don’t know know 😳 however now I do! Will give it go! Guy
  8. GuyA

    Madrid Airport - Cell plan

    Many thanks...the prepaid Orange plan I was looking at provided a UK phone number so it would seem that I can get the plan, SIM card ahead of time in Canada and activate on my own upon arrival. If it costs a bit more to do this not concerned for peace of mind. Cheers Guy
  9. GuyA

    Madrid Airport - Cell plan

    Hmmm...many thanks for the heads up...definitely need to do more homework here. Guy
  10. GuyA

    Madrid Airport - Cell plan

    Many thanks for the great info...also found out that Orange allows one to purchase a plan online and have the SIM card shipped to a home address. When you arrive at your destination plan is automatically activated once the SIM card is inserted as long as you have an unlocked phone and allow...
  11. GuyA

    Madrid Airport - Cell plan

    Hi...will be walking the Camino Primitivo next May. Flying in to Madrid and then likely to Oviedo same day. I was hoping to setup a cell phone plan between flights in the airport...Vodafone, Orange or other however can’t find any information on how to do this. Appreciate any suggestions...
  12. GuyA

    Arc'Teryx Konseal FL GTS M Shoe

    Thanks...thought something like that might be possible.. and appreciate your confirming...not much one can do though. My concern about the Arcteryx pair I have (will keep trying in the house) is that their own website refers to great shoe on rock etc...main focus seems to be on a shoe for...
  13. GuyA

    Arc'Teryx Konseal FL GTS M Shoe

    Agreed...what I found difficult is that after walking 3,000 or so km’s on various Caminos wearing Merrill Moab shoes without any problems all of a sudden a serious problem developed. Either the last pair I had was not up to past standards or maybe more likely my feet/walking approach just...
  14. GuyA

    Arc'Teryx Konseal FL GTS M Shoe

    Trying out different shoes after having a problem for the first time with Merrell Moab 2 shoes (caused a pretty bad corn). These shoes were comfortable in comparison to many other brands tried at MEC store however am wondering if anyone has had any experience wearing this shoe Camino walking...
  15. GuyA

    After the day is done - shoes

    Thanks to everyone who gave me great feedback! Reflecting a bit more I will plan on taking the Birks with me considering past issues with Plantar Fasciitis (although thankfully never while completing a Camino walk) and that I am leaving in slightly over a month:) and have left looking for an...
  16. GuyA

    After the day is done - shoes

    Having walked past Caminos I know weight carried is key however I also know that having something comfortable to slip into after a long day is also important. I have always cut corners on the latter and am considering talking my comfortable Birks on this next Camino...however they weight 560...
  17. GuyA

    Internet access?

    For those who used an iPad mini did you protect it in any way? I have an Otter Box for my iPad mini at home but it nearly doubles the weight? Guy
  18. GuyA

    Cloth Badge on Backpack

    Hi, I have a couple of cloth badges I would like to attach to my backpack. Can this be done without sewing the badge i.e. gluing the badges on directly? If you have done this do you have a specific glue to recommend? Thanks Guy
  19. GuyA

    Rain Gear

    I will be walking the Camino Frances in October into early November. I have both the Altus poncho and a Goretex light jacket. My backpack is an Osprey with a built in rain cover. Should I leave the Altus at home? If I do do I need rain pants? Thanks Guy
  20. GuyA

    Multi Country Cell Phone Usage

    Hi, I will be walking through Switzerland, France and Spain on my Camino next year. One area I could use your advice on is cell phone usage. My needs are simple i.e. have a cell phone available to call to reserve/confirm bookings and for emergencies. I will communicate with family and friends...