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  1. J

    things you remember

    I've spent time in Santiago twice now a couple of years apart with the most recent time in 2010 and there are many things and people I remember. However there is one in particular that sticks in mind (and I don't know why) which is passing underneath the brief pedestrian underpass leading into...
  2. J

    Primitivo in September

    Hi just got back and have a couple of notes. Hermaninia has opened a new albergue at Camiello before Borres. The albergue is new and nice and the laundry facility is great. Beware though as you are tere are no kitchen facilities and you are encouraged to eat at Hermaninis's var/cafe. The soup...
  3. J


    Hi I just wanted to express my appreciation to the volunteers who run the albergues and to the unnamed and unseen people who waymark the routes. I don't think it gets said enough and too many people's efforts get taken for granted. John
  4. J

    books v. kindle

    One nice thing about taking a book or books is that when you have finished them you can leave them at an albergue for someone else to pickup and enjoy after you. John (the old fashioned)
  5. J

    Bus transport from Lugo

    Hello I was planning to take the Primitivo to Lugo and then bus to Ferrol. I was wondering, if I don't walk as fast as planned, is it possible to take a bus from Lugo to A Coruna and do the shorter variation of the Inglise? If so would the bus service to Ferrol and A Coruna be daily? If...
  6. J

    Bank Machines

    I don't anticipate a problem but was just wondering whether there are places between Oveido and Lugo with ATMs so that I can replenish my euros rather than start off with and carry quite a large amount from Oveido. John
  7. J

    How Well Marked?

    Hello I've done the Camino France and was very impressed at how well marked the way was. I am wonderign how well marked the way is on the Camino Primitivo? John
  8. J

    French Fries

    Hello This may be a silly request but here goes. I did the Camino France a couple of years ago and in Galicia I do remember the heaps of french fries that I could never finish and as I got closer to Santiago was increasingly unmotivated to finish. On the other hand I did like the ensalada...
  9. J

    Getting to Oveido from London

    Hello Help please. I am planning to do the Primitivo from Oveido. I was going to fly into Madrid and take the train from there but when I booked my ticket it was much cheaper to fly to London return (from Calgary in western canada). I will fly in to Gatwick in the middle of the afternoon and...
  10. J

    Bank Card

    Just curious. In 2008 my bank card worked fine. I am wondering about now as my bank (credit union actually) has not yet switched over to "chip" enhanced bank cards. They may do so before I travel but they don't know for sure. Can anyone tell me if they older bank cards (non-chip) still work...
  11. J

    Bank Card

    Just curious. In 2008 my bank card worked fine. I am wondering about now as my bank (credit union actually) has not yet switched over to "chip" enhanced bank cards. They may do so before I travel but they don't know for sure. Can anyone tell me if they older bank cards (non-chip) still work...
  12. J

    Pleasures of the Camino

    Hello I was thinking of the Camino and looking forward to this Fall when I hope to be there again. I was also thinking that many of the subjects on this forum are of how to do things, what should I take, how do I get there. All of which I have appreciated in the past. When thinking of the...
  13. J


    Hello First let me thank you for this forum. It is appreciated. Second I am wondering about something. There are many questions about equipment and there are obviously many people on this forum for whom a long walking trip is a very new and rather foreign venture. I know that there are...
  14. J

    Route Variation??

    Just a thought and, maybe a silly one, but I understand the Primitivo connects with the CF at Melide. I was just wondering if there are any practical ways of connecting closer to Santiago? or even going directly to Santiago without connecting with the CF? I'm already day-dreaming of Autumn in...
  15. J

    Madrid to Oveido

    Hello I am planning to do the Camino Primitivo next fall. I haven't booked my flight but expect that I will be flying in to Madrid. I then have to get to Oveido. I don't know how to do this and am sue there are options. I expect I could take a bus but am wondering if I cold take a train to Leon...
  16. J

    Santiago bookstore

    Hi I don't know how many will be interested in this but here goes. I am one of those people who always has a book with them. After finishing my books on the Camino I was unable to resupply at the Albergues in Galicia and arrived at Santiago looking for reading material. (dedicated readers...
  17. J

    skull & crossbones

    Hello I know that this has been mentioned but I don't remember any definite information. I am curiuos about the skull & crossbones on the church in Castrojeriz and wonder if anyone has any real information about them? John
  18. J

    Joining two Routes

    Hello This is not at all urgent but I am starting to think about returning to Spain and doing something different than I did last year. I was thinking of starting in Barcelona and walking until I met the Camino France and continuing along the Camino France to Santiago and then maybe on to...
  19. J

    The Economic Downturn

    Hello I am writing from Canada where I and many of my friends and family are being affected by the global recession and I can't help wondering what effect that is having in Spain and what effect, if any, that might have on the Camino. Any comments or information? Regards, John writing from a...
  20. J

    Medical Care

    Hello Just a cautionary note. I am just back from the Camino. The second day I was there I started the day by stumbling on the steps of a municipal albergue. I walked on and thought that I had sprained my ankle. The next morning I was able to see a spanish doctor who I think was doing a clinic...