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    Can I just wing it?

    I wing it too and like it that way. I may or may not lose people along the way but then meet new ones. It's all part of the adventure. I would like, though, to know when I go through a particular place if there is a highlight of that town or village not to miss. Lillian
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    Leaving from Valencia in early May

    I am interested as well, but in 2014. Ideally I would like to see the Fallas in Valencia, a festival not to be missed, but am concerned about the weather from that time forward. I will have to check it out thoroughly before I commit. I have family in Valencia as well, so it would be a...
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    Pilgrimage #5: The Italian Caper

    I am walking the Via Francigena early May. Any and all advice needed. Need to fly from Barcelona to London first. to get to Canterbury and where to stay there. Thank you Lillian
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    Ticket prices should fall- Hold off buying if you can

    If you go to the American Airlines site you will get a ticket price plus taxes. No fees. They put the price of the "fees" already in the ticket price. It is those sites that offer multiple airlines who post these very low prices and then add the taxes and "fees" at the end. This is their way...
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    Have you ever been offered a job/work from someone you've me

    And at 2:15am we have a little pilgrim baby girl.... Galicia Elena. How's that for a name? They are babymooning now and were happy to let our forum know. Happy Easter, Lillian
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    Orujo de Hierbas - digestif, pain killer, conversation start

    I found it to be very smooth going down. Like a fine brandy. I was able to bring a bottle of it home from SDC. A chupito at a time until, alas, it was gone. Lillian
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    Via Francigena

    You know I will be following you, AJ. Can't wait to read all about it. Happy trails, Lillian
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    Have you ever been offered a job/work from someone you've me

    This is kinda sorta a job..... at this very moment I am at my birthing center with a couple who I met through this forum. I met them 2 or 3 years ago and when they got pregnant, guess who got to be their midwife? She is laboring beautifully right now and I suspect we will have a little pilgrim...
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    A sad day on the Camino Frances today.

    Yes, blue skies, sunny weather, low humidity is what I got. Actually along the whole camino Frances I had rain the first 3 days and 2 hours towards the end. Lillian
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    Nervous first timer: Is mid May OK, and how fit do I have to

    Don't worry about the camino del Norte being your first. It is a wonderful route! I went early May and had overcast and mildly rainy days then after the first week it barely got wet again. No guarantees how it will be. A good poncho will be enough. There are many many albergues along the...
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    Tough section between Irun and Bilbao

    That section that you speak of may be tough but it is very doable. You get so involved in the beauty of it that you don't realize how much you've done. When you leave Irun you will get to a church then have the choice of going uphill over the Alpinista way or to the left. Go the Alpinista...
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    Trondheim (Nidaros) to Santiago de Compostela

    Your pictures speak loudly to me of the magic and beauty of walking through the camino. Thank you for sharing them with us. You have a good eye!! LOVE Lillian
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    LIVE from the Camino soulful road | field notes from the camino (video) & update

    Kim, I just watched all your videos and have been reinspired towards my next camino. I liked them all. LOVE
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    An unholy year on the Camino Frances

    I do suspect that in years past, when there was no such thing as indoor plumbing and toilets were not invented and pilgrims walked by the tens of thousands, that poo was found all along the route. Can you imagine how nasty that must have been back then? I don't know what the answer is but I...
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    Review of the Martin Sheen movie

    Call me impatient, but does a movie have to wait that long to be released? :roll: Lillian
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    To the Field of Stars world premiere - Victoria Nov/Dec 2011

    Thought I would share a you tube video of a group from the 1960s (as told to me) singing A Santiago Voy (To Santiago I go) The group is from Galicia. Interesting music....does not sound very Galician. Lillian
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    Sil, I looked at a couple of videos and it seemed quite the production. I see it was the anniversary of Star Wars, but unsure as to why in Santiago de Compostela. Any ideas? Lillian
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    hello from the camino

    BenandSam, I too had soft tissue damage of my left ankle on the descents of Atapuerca. I was amazed at how this little ligament or tendon (whatever it was) could be so painful that it stopped me in my tracks. I hobbled into Burgos and then had to rest it 3 weeks (thankfully I have family and...
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    I saw nests and storks, babies and mamas, on the Via and the Frances, but not on the Norte. Lillian
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    Help!!! Boots suddenly seem too small.

    The Teva pusher here.... great sandals (TerraFi by Teva) with socks. Walked several caminos with them. Light, airy. Maybe they can be your back ups. I hear boots mentioned and I cannot decide what each of you mean by them. I think leather. And heavy. Walking or trail sneakers look like...