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  1. Loretta Jane

    Bringing things home from Santiago — what to buy?

    Brought home a 12" clay statue of Santiago for my garden on my first walk. Wrapped it in clothes in backpack. Now on my desk since I moved to a condo. Second walk in 2006, an 18K gold shell and chain with cabochon rubies. Wear it almost constantly. It also came in turquoise opals, S M L size of...
  2. Loretta Jane

    Dangerous dog before Triacastela

    I had an aggressive dog come barking and growling at me and showed me his teeth. After being stunned for a couple of seconds I crossed my arms in front of my chest and slowly kept walking. The dog followed at my heels and seemed interested in the straps hanging from my backpack. I just kept...
  3. Loretta Jane

    Jul 25 Mass in Santiago COVID limits

    The Cathedral should put a Jumbtron Screen in the plaza and show the Masses like they do at the Vatican. Then all the Pilgrims can see Mass.
  4. Loretta Jane

    Botafumiero Schedule

    With Holy Year in 2021, the botafumiero will surely be a special event offered frequently for visitors, tourists and pilgrims.
  5. Loretta Jane

    Attracting attention with my face mask

    The first day I wore my camino mask with the arrow, the waitress at the cafe patio in Hamilton Canada said, oh wow, I have done two caminos. Masks and books arrived quickly from the Camino Forum shop in Spain. Stuff here at home takes longer!
  6. Loretta Jane

    Buying Hiking Poles

    Some kind organization in the interest of recycling should have a giant container for discarding poles in Santiago and deliver them to the start in SJPP or Roncesvalles or othe places and have a small charge for the service and buying used poles for cheap.
  7. Loretta Jane

    Foldable hiking poles in carry-on baggage

    I used the plastic knife fork and spoon from the airplane meal going over as my cutlery for the whole camino. With the reduction in single use plastics, I wonder if airplane meals will start using bamboo cutlery or another substance.
  8. Loretta Jane

    Tacky or Cool?

    They would make great prizes at a camino meeting. Very cute.
  9. Loretta Jane

    What was your meltdown point?

    Walking out of Logrono felt endless to me. And walking into Burgos through the mistaken path through the city! Walking onto Burgos I stopped at a shoe store and bought slippers to wear the rest of the way in.
  10. Loretta Jane

    Why No Public WCs along the Caminos?!?

    The first thing you do at the albergue is laundry. So no need for paper after a wee. Bury after a poo.
  11. Loretta Jane

    Too many poor pilgrims?

    I walked the Camino in 2005. There were no pots and pans in Galicia public refugios then. The story was ... to make pilgrims eat out. I can't see pilgrims stealing pots and pans. And there were plenty of pots and pans before Galicia. The public albergues then were also the dirtiest even though...
  12. Loretta Jane

    5th camino certificate

    So does that mean the old Compostellas on manila paper are done? Now it has a coloured Santiago and trim? One for distance and start and end dates and one for completion of 100K+ I did my camino in 2005 and half again in 06 and got the old one.
  13. Loretta Jane

    Getting passport in Ferrol?

    What's the BlaBlaCar ?
  14. Loretta Jane

    Not getting it

    I remember not thinking about much at all, quite often actually. Just put one foot in front of the other. It amazed me how often I had no thoughts, let alone profound thoughts. I also did not sing much either when I was walking. Don't know what 'zone' I was in. I was happy enough, sore feet and...
  15. Loretta Jane

    Bathroom necessities

    Knowing you wash undies on arrival at albergue, I gave up on paper and started to absorb drip after a wee in panties till then. No big deal. Most of time you find a bar here & there. Number two, bury paper behind bush.
  16. Loretta Jane

    Suggestion for 6 day walk

    How did you get to Valença to start there or Tui?
  17. Loretta Jane

    A New Zealand peregrina dies in Leon

    What a beautiful poem. So moving.
  18. Loretta Jane

    Women's needs

    I bought the Lush round tin. I put a big button on the bottom so the soap bar could fall out and not stick. The bars lather up quick. Don't need to use much.
  19. Loretta Jane

    SJPP to Roncesvalles

    I wore wool socks as mitts.
  20. Loretta Jane

    Camino without alcohol?

    Bill W has a lot of friends on the camino.