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  1. robproct

    Animals that I met (and was quick enough to get their photo)

    This one was my favourite. On the Portuguese near Gurgullón in Galicia.
  2. robproct

    Albergue situation from Lisbon

    Apologies for putting two of the same pics of the Albergues list. I don't know how that happened and don't seem to be able to remove one of them.
  3. robproct

    Albergue situation from Lisbon

    And look for the small yellow arrow low down on the wall on the right as you enter the cathedral for the start of the Camino.
  4. robproct

    Albergue situation from Lisbon

    I spotted this sign as I was walking into Barcelos. Its probably not up to date though. I only had one night when there was no accomodation at all, the first night out of Porto, 27km, Vilarinho where there is not much accomodation. Everything full so I took a taxi on to Sao Pedro de Rates as...
  5. robproct

    Things to Do : Madrid v Lisbon

    Having spent time in both cities I would have to give Lisbon my vote. Madrid has the Prado, my favourite art gallery in the world but other than that??? Ancient Lisbon has so much appeal as others have mentioned and then there is the beautiful and extraordinary castle and grounds of Cintra. This...
  6. robproct

    The Introverted Pilgrim

    For me doing a Camino is a Walking Meditation and being able to spend time just with myself in introspection and absorbing the environment. I had the great luxury when walking the Portuguese recently when I did not even see another pilgrim for the first week out of Lisbon. It felt like an...
  7. robproct


    Before walking the CP from Lisbon I was strongly advised at outdoor sports stores in Melbourne to wear Merino woollen socks and bought a couple of different pairs to try them out. Part of my training happened to be on the Larapinta trail through the desert in Central Australia near Alice Springs...
  8. robproct

    Book recommendation Lisbon to Santiago

    Starting from Lisbon I used the combination of the Wise Pilgrim App which was absolutely invaluable and the book by Harms et al 'Camino Portuguese' which I had downloaded into the Kindle App on my iPhone. The book gave me all the information that I needed about the route, accomodation and some...
  9. robproct

    Struggling on the Le Puy

    Hi Erin. It seems that you have hit a barrier which is normal and something that most of us will have experienced more than once. You describe the feeling so well. Its like a mood and it will pass but in the meantime you may as well just experience it and see if it has any lessons for you...
  10. robproct

    Missing out

    I walked the the Portuguese from Lisbon last year and for the first week did not see any other peregrinos. It was a wonderful walking meditation which I felt was just what I wanted as it was so good to be away from endless talking. Further north I did meet up with others occasionally but tended...
  11. robproct

    Walking on Diamond-Hard surfaces--Camino Question

    Hi Dave. I was most interested in the attachment to your post a couple of days ago about exercise an heart rates. Unfortunately I inadvertently deleted it and wonder if you would be able to send it again although I am not sure how I would be able to identify post amongst the numerous others...
  12. robproct

    Camino del Norte from Australia

    From another Aussie. I would suggest flying in to CDG and take the TGV from there directly to Hendaye and start walking. Its a short walk to Irun. If you plan to finish at Bilbao I would suggest catching the short train trip back to Hendaye ( roughly an hour or so as I recall) which is a regular...
  13. robproct

    Lisbon to Santiago in July! A few questions:)

    I suggest to get any stamp from a restaurant or hotel in Lisbon although a day spent in Lisbon would be so great and allow you to get a stamp from the Cathedral. It will be hot walking and I very strongly suggest that for the LONG HOT DRY leg from Azambuja to Santarem that you stop for the...
  14. robproct

    SIM card

    I had been advised to buy a SIM at the Vodaphone booth for my iPhone X when I landed at Lisbon. Eu 25. It stopped working after five days although I had hardly used it. When I got to Santarem was told that I had used all the data??? How? I bought another card for Eu 20, with a Portuguese...
  15. robproct

    How empty is the Lisbon section?

    Yes, I was a bit surprised at how quiet it was but as I said I found the solitude to be most enjoyable and gave me ample time for contemplation.
  16. robproct

    How empty is the Lisbon section?

    I walked from Lisbon last October and did not see another pilgrim for the first seven days. Ahh, the luxury of solitude. I slept alone in the fire station in Alhandra and again at the nunnery in Santarem where I had the whole place to myself. After leaving Porto it was busier. The first leg was...
  17. robproct

    Accommodation in ALHANDRA

    I stayed at the Fire Station in Alhandra and shared my mattress on the floor with six fire engines and three ambulances. Luckily it was a quiet night.
  18. robproct

    Post a Picture of Shoes or Boots

    Woops yes. I hadn't seen that one.
  19. robproct

    Post a Picture of Shoes or Boots

    I liked these boots near Pontevedra pointing the direction for SDC one way and Fatima the other .
  20. robproct

    Are there snakes on the Camino?

    I saw 4 on the Portuguese in October, most were dead squashed on the road where they had been warming up. Then this one which I spotted near Santarem. I think its a common European Viper (adder). I think she is quite beautiful.