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  1. Sansthing

    Searching for the perfect hiking pole

    Pacer poles every time!
  2. Sansthing

    Mens or Unisex Sarong for walking in August

    The longyi looks like a very interesting option, whatever your gender. In fact it looks so comfortable I might make myself one for chilling out at home.
  3. Sansthing

    lightweight towel

    I also used nappies (diapers!) on my last 3 Caminos. I always take 3, one for drying my body after a shower, one for drying my hair and the third as a pillow cover. They weigh next to nothing and dry really fast. They can also be used as a scarf if it gets chilly or to protect your neck from the...
  4. Sansthing

    Another backpack to pull apart

    I would leave out the pyjamas, pillowcase and compass, and cut down on the toiletries. Buen Camino! Sandra :arrow:
  5. Sansthing

    Sock configuration with sneakers (running shoes/trainers)

    Jayandar, yes I did get trainers which were 1 size larger than my usual shoe size. This leaves me enough room for the two pairs of socks and also allows for the normal foot swelling towards the end of the day. I start off with them more tightly laced and loosen them as the day goes on. Sandra...
  6. Sansthing

    Sock configuration with sneakers (running shoes/trainers)

    I´ve used trainers for two Caminos, both times wearing thin liner wicking socks and thicker wool outer ones. I´ve never had a blister and intend to use the same combination next month for the VdLP. Sandra :arrow:
  7. Sansthing

    Have the packing list but, where to put it all?

    The things I try and keep handy are: camera, phone, toilet paper (and rubbish bag!), water and change for bar snacks etc. I try to make sure I can access all these without taking my pack off...obviously if I need to find a bush I do take my pack off :wink: ...but the toilet paper also comes in...
  8. Sansthing


    I bring my late father´s penknife (it travels in the hold with my backpack and poles). It has one blade and a corkscrew...what more could you possibly need? Sandra :arrow:
  9. Sansthing

    Trainers on wet days

    I have done two Caminos in trainers and inevitably there have been times when they have got wet. I usually carry on walking, even with wet socks, and have never had a blister - I wear two pairs of socks, one thick and one thin. The following day if my trainers are still wet/damp I put on clean...
  10. Sansthing

    Bum Belt - Money Belt -Storing valuables

    Bum belt, bum bag, fanny pack...I think they´re all the same thing Annie. Personally I prefer one of them to pockets (which my travel pants had). Things in pockets can get squashed and also may fall out when you sit down or go to the toilet, and a camera can be a bit bulky. My bum belt had...
  11. Sansthing

    Bum Belt - Money Belt -Storing valuables

    I wore a "bum belt" with the pouch in front where my camera, docs and cash were always safe and readily accessible. I only took it off to shower or for sleeping. Since I didn´t wear it too tight my backpack belt did up underneath quite comfortably. Sandra :arrow:
  12. Sansthing

    For the techies out there...walking sticks

    I used a staff on my first Camino and Pacer poles on the second. The improvement was quite noticeable and I would happily recommend them to anyone. If you visit their site there is a good explanation of how they work. Sandra :arrow:
  13. Sansthing

    Unexpected hiking boot pain

    I don´t think boots are necessary, especially in the height of summer. I walked the Camino Frances (800k) in Reebok hiking trainers with no foot problems at all, not even a single blister. I´m doing the same again this year, setting off for the Camino this Sunday. Sandra :arrow:
  14. Sansthing

    Yet another Shoe Question!

    Sonic, your trainers sound ideal - light, worn and with a grip, just like the ones I used on my first Camino. I will wear trainers again this year. The only issue was their getting wet, which happened to me a couple of times. What I did was after putting my socks on in the morning I put each...
  15. Sansthing

    Hiking Shoes, or Hiking Boots?

    I wore trainers for the whole of my Camino (Roncesvalles to SdC) a couple of years ago, and intend to do the same this year. I never had any foot problems or blisters. We are each different, there is no hard and fast rule or right or wrong, wear what feels best for you. Sandra :arrow:
  16. Sansthing

    advice on trekking poles please

    Many thanks for your advice Janet, it confirms what another forum member said. I think I'll go for the alloy as they not only sound better but are cheaper as well! Sandra :arrow:
  17. Sansthing

    Alloy or Carbon?

    I'm thinking of buying the Pacerpoles as they seem to come highly recommended! My only doubt is whether to get alloy ones or carbon ones. Any special reason for choosing one or the other? All input much appreciated. Thanks. Sandra :arrow:
  18. Sansthing

    advice on trekking poles please

    I've checked out the Pacer poles site and they look really good. Which would be best, alloy or carbon? Sandra :arrow:
  19. Sansthing

    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    Babies safety/nappy/diaper pins (I'm trying to cover all optional names in English!). Use them instead of clothes pegs for drying your washing, also for pinning damp washing to your pack so it dries as you go along. Sandra :arrow:
  20. Sansthing


    I took 2 pairs of seamless wicking underpants and one pair of my ordinary everyday cotton underpants, and two sports bras. Afterwards on reflection I think I would have been fine with my ordinary cotton everyday underwear, bra and pants. You´re not jogging on the Camino and if what you wear all...