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  1. marjm007

    Chickens, Mules and Two Old Fools

    I tried to get this book. It went to the .au site then I googled thre title and went to amazon.m and it said the book isn't available. The reviews are great!
  2. marjm007

    Starting in Porto 2 May

    Enjoy. I am older than dirt 2 and I've done 2 Caminos. I would like to try the Jesus Trail. Anybody know much about that?
  3. marjm007

    Sharing “camino angel” stories

    My feet are a wreck. I was recovering from cellulitus and had had a rough day. We still had a distance to go and we were walking through hills. At the top of a path sat a pair of Tevas in the middle of the path. My walking partner called to me and told me to try them on. I removed my shoes...
  4. marjm007

    Advice to New Walkers: Leave Cherished Items at HOME!

    What a great idea! I an going on a trip and will mark my email address on everything. I never thought of that! And you are right people are more likely to email than call especially when traveling! You are brilliant.
  5. marjm007

    No pain, no blessing?

    I hear you. When I walked the Camino I had foot problems after the first week. I walked in pain and people were kind. In Leon I went to a female for help and they recommended a massage therapist. Be was wonderful. He was very knowledgeable. I rested a few days and visited him 2 our 3 times...
  6. marjm007

    If you have done both the CP and the CF...

    I have done both and found them very different yet similar. I recommend you fly into Lisbon what a beautiful city! We bused to Fatima and then I to Porto. You can do it in 2 weeks. Bon Caminho
  7. marjm007

    What to drink in Spain II

    And the Kas and Coke Zero cost much more than wine or water.
  8. marjm007

    Curious about achievability of Camino at 50, slow walker

    Of you bike the Portuguese coastal path is pretty flat. If you walk you can send your bags ahead.
  9. marjm007

    On the road again: from an old-timer to a new-timer.

    I cut back on my walking a few months. But have been able to do the elliptical and bike. I had a for massage a ffee days ago. That person stretched my foot pout really well. I will go back. I leave in the 18th from NYC. Arrive in Lisbon on tues. in the morning. I wonder ifI should have...
  10. marjm007

    On the road again: from an old-timer to a new-timer.

    Strange twinge your foot. I too have that. I have cut back in my walking and leave 2 weeks from today. Did you consider cortisone? I don't know what to do.
  11. marjm007

    Thank You!

    Thank You!
  12. marjm007

    I will be in Lisbon Sept. 19 what kind of weather should I expect?

    I am walking with a friend. we will spend a few nights in Lisbon and will then take a bus to Fatima. Our walk will start in Porto. What will the weather be like?
  13. marjm007

    Am I too laid back?

    I made no reservations and always found a bed.. That was from SPDP. You will find people who have to know ahead where they are going and exactly where they will stay. Someone told me we all have different disabilities. I was older with blisters. She was younger with anxiety over where she...
  14. marjm007

    Camino Portugues - Having Second Thoughts

    what kind of food did you find on the Portuguese?
  15. marjm007

    ‘Senda da Orla Litoral’ or ‘Caminho da Costa’ along the Portuguese coast

    Thank you! I went to their web page and now have a better understanding.
  16. marjm007

    Camino Portugues. Porto to Santiago de Compostela Blog

    How far is it from Fatima to Santiago. I am in the process of deciding my route. I enjoyed your post.