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    Birds & Insects on the Camino

    We loved watching the storks when we walked from Leon to Santiago in March 2018. We saw many “flying schools”. Another joy was when many young eagles flew across the path in the early stages of our first Camino Frances in 2016 - we can’t pin-point the exact location, but I think it was near...
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    Private transfer or taxi from SDC airport to Ferrol

    Thank you for this recommendation Guy. We used José for a late transfer from Santiago airport to Ferrol last night. Booking via email was very efficient and the whole process went very smoothly. I highly recommend Jose.
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    Credencial in Ferrol

    There’s lots of useful information here: https://www.pilgrimagetraveler.com/camino-ingles.html
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    Forced Booking Cancellations

    I've used that booking website extensively over the last few years. I've had a couple problems (not on any camino) where the hotel has taken payment prior to the "cancel by" date and then we've needed to cancel. which we are entitled to do. Another time the payment was taken twice. In both...
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    Hot spot on toe close to leaving on Camino

    Those baby toes are tiny but can give us so much grief 😩. I have Altra trailshoes with a wide toe box, but I’m now thinking of cutting the section of insole beneath the wee toes, just to give the little dears even more space. Restarting in Logrono tomorrow.
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    How many days walking for Camino Frances

    It depends on lots of things, but particularly your fitness level. We met a lady in her late seventies from Kansas on the Francés. She told us that she had a 90 day visitor’s visa and her flight was booked for day 90. She was walking about 10k a day and that was as much as she could manage, but...
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    I made it

    There’s a really good vegan restaurant in Santiago: Malak Bistro, Calle Pitelos, off Galicia Square.
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    I had sciatica for two years and we had to keep delaying our first camino. The doctors kept giving me more and more pain killers. I then decided to try Pilates. I noticed an improvement straight away and after a few weeks the pain had gone.
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    Who Bought Lone Peak 4.0? (Currently discussing 4.5!)

    When I buy new insoles, I take the old ones out and lay them over the new ones. I draw around the new ones (upside down), in pen and then cut them to size. If you’re wearing altras, which are wide, it’s a good idea to buy the insoles too large so that there are no gaps around the toe box...
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    Best Women's Hiking Trouser for any Camino?

    I've discovered these North Face Aphrodite trousers: https://www.thenorthface.co.uk/shop/en-gb/tnf-gb/aphrodite-2-0-trousers-2uop?variationId=ECS They're really comfortable, with an elasticated waistband rather than needing a belt. The seams at the knees are in just the right place. I can't...
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    Has anyone used baggage transport on the Del Norte?

    Do correos operate this service on the del Norte on weekends too?
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    Ok I’ll just say it...bladder leaks

    I agree. Apparently 10% of women suffer with these problems.
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    Ok I’ll just say it...bladder leaks

    Have you spoken to your doctor about this? There are non-surgical ways of alleviating your problem as well as surgical. I was in the same situation as you when I walked our Camino last year. However, I had a surgical procedure in October and can now run, jump and even sneeze without any worries...
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    Sleeping bag or just a liner in July

    Thank you.
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    Sleeping bag or just a liner in July

    We're heading out to Oviedo on 5th July and intending to walk the Camino Primitivo. We've seen postings here recently about the bad weather and mud on the Camino Primitivo. I'm hoping that things have improved now. We'll be taking good water-proof jackets and trousers in any case. I'd just like...
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    Post-Camino shoe observations

    I would like to send you a heartfelt thank you for sharing this information, Peregrina. My husband and I finally completed our first Camino in April. While we really enjoyed the walk, the solitude, time for reflection etc, we both suffered greatly with foot pain. I won't go into the details, but...
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    LIVE from the Camino Anyone know if the Camino is clear between Sarria and Portomarín?

    Hi, I’m also interested to read any replies to this post. We’re heading back to continue our Camino from Sahagun on Wednesday 4th April and hoping to get all the way to Santiago this time. Previously we’ve been walking in the heat of July. I’m hoping that we’ve got the correct kit for keeping...
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    travel from Barcelona to SJPdP

    Our Easyjet flight from Gatwick to Biarritz was also cancelled today. I received an email on Monday evening informing us that the flight was cancelled due to "a general strike in France". That sent me into panic mode. Thankfully our daughter did some searching and found a flybe flight from...