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  1. ericdouglas

    Comment by 'ericdouglas' in media 'Crossing the Pyrenees in 3 minutes'

    I walked this with my sister on May 1st 2014. It was very wet, muddy and I took a tumble and nearly fell into the ravine, at about the 2.20-2.25 mark. Two other pilgrims tried to grab me but the only thing that saved me was I was able to hook my arm around one of the tall waymarkers...
  2. ericdouglas

    Comment by 'ericdouglas' in media 'O' Cebreiro'

    I took the day off walking that day and arrived at O'Cebreiro on horseback, best 20 euros I ever spent.
  3. ericdouglas

    Getting a Cell phone in Spain

    Sounds great, thanks very much mate.
  4. ericdouglas

    Getting a Cell phone in Spain

    Does anyone know what I need to do to enable access to my Sony Experia tablet and my Samsung Galaxy 3 phone? I just figured I'd go to a phone store in Pamplona and get them to get it sorted, would that be the best way?
  5. ericdouglas

    April Fool - New Credential from midnight tonight - 1 Euro a Sello

    Ha, ha, ha, this was one of the better April Fools jokes. It even beats the Vegemite Energy drink.
  6. ericdouglas

    Why does everyone have an opinion!

    I have also taken found some comfort, assurance and encouragement from these responses as I am commencing the Camino Frances in four weeks from today.
  7. ericdouglas

    How much money should I need for the entire pilgrimage?

    How much are drinks in Spain (in an average bar, nothing high end)?. I'm a beer drinker and will most definitely be have a few beers each evening and a decent meal. About how many euro would that be each evening? Also, the exchange rate is just horrible. I just bought 1500 euro which cost me...
  8. ericdouglas

    Decorating my Pack!

    I had four patches professionally sewn on. They look great, I can barely see the stitching and it has not affected the quality of the pack at all.
  9. ericdouglas

    Running to train for the Camino???

    I am training by walking about seven kms three times each week. I figure that will be enough and if I have problems on my camino (commencing May 1st) then I'll just take my time each day slowly. After all, it is about the walk and if I have to walk 30 km in a day then I'll just leave early and...
  10. ericdouglas

    Trains Bayonne to SJPdP current 2014 timetable

    Thanks very much Meredith. My sister and I will be on the 11.07 on April 29th.
  11. ericdouglas


    I will be attending the mass on June 8th and 9th 2014 and since I consider witnessing this to be the jewel in the crown of my camino I may arrange the 300 euro donation with other pilgrims.
  12. ericdouglas


    Thank you all very much, Flickr sounds like it might be the way to go. I really want to get this sorted out prior to commencing my camino. I totally intend to enjoy my camino and not spend half my time figuring out computer stuff. Thanks again all. Regards Eric.
  13. ericdouglas


    Hi all Has anyone used an online cloud type service for sharing, sending, storing photos home whilst walking the camino? I was looking at Flickr but need some advice as I have never used it before.
  14. ericdouglas


    Marvellous, thanks very much. At least that is one thing less to carry with me to Santiago.
  15. ericdouglas


    Hi all. When I reach the Santiage Cathedral and obtain my Compostela document, is there somplace I can buy a small cardboard tube to place it in?, or should I take a tube with me?, how big is it? I am assuming it is about an A4 size. My reasons for wanting to protect it is because I want to have...
  16. ericdouglas

    Trains Bayonne to SJPdP current 2014 timetable

    Thanks very much Meredith, my sister and I arrive in Bayonne (from Sydney) on Tuesday April 29th and the 11.07 train the next day sounds good to me.
  17. ericdouglas

    Internet access?

    Thanks very much to you all for your responses. I purchased a Sony Experia tablet as it is one of the lightest ones on the market. I decided the phone screen was too small.
  18. ericdouglas

    Internet access?

    Hi all. I am thinking of buying a tablet to use for music, photos, e-mail and internet access on the Camino next April. What is the internet access like? is it worthwhile me buying a tablet to take with me? I don't want to do so and then find no internet access. Any ideas anyone? Cheers Eric.
  19. ericdouglas

    Is SJPP safe at night?

    I'll be staying in Bayonne for the first night as I reckon the train to SJPP would be nice in the daylight, then an overnight stay in SJPP before commencing the walk the next day.
  20. ericdouglas

    Walking Camino Frances with my sister (Helen) commencing April 29th 2014

    Walking Camino Frances with my sister (Helen) commencing April 29th 2014