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  1. Lydia Gillen

    Courtesy to pilgrims for whom English is not their first language.

    Over the years I have been amazed at how pilgrims from all over the world have been willing to converse in English, even when I am the only person present for whom English is a mother tongue. When with pilgrims who make this effort for our benefit I feel we should make every effort to speak...
  2. Lydia Gillen

    My passport number is judged as being invalid

    I have been trying to book a bus ticket from Santiago to Valenca. However the Alsa site keeps insisting that my passport number is invalid. They want digits and then one letter. mine has two letters followed by 8 digits. Can anyone help me please?
  3. Lydia Gillen

    Alb Xunta, Valga O Pino

    I am hoping to stay in the Xunta Albergue at O Pino which is about half way between Caldas de Reis and Padron. There have been excellent reviews on the Eruski website. However I noticed about an hour ago that there have been no reviews in 2017. Has anybody stayed there this year? Does anybody...
  4. Lydia Gillen

    Safety Pins

    Experienced pilgrims know the value of a few safety pins. Some new pilgrims have yet to learn. How often have you seen teeshirts or socks blown off the clothes lines. I suggest that this year we all bring some extra pins. They cost very little and weigh almost nothing and yet will enrich the...
  5. Lydia Gillen

    Speak English Well as a courtesy to others

    Oftentimes on the Camino when there are people of several nationalities present English is used as the common language, which is of great advantage to those of us for whom English is our mother tongue. Out of courtesy for those for whom English is not their mother tongue we should make an...
  6. Lydia Gillen

    Sunday Mass time in Granon

    We hope to stay in Granon on a Sunday. I have seen somewhere on the internet that there is Mass in St. Juan Bautista church Granon at 13.00 on Sundays. ,but I have no way of knowing if this is still the case. I would much appreciate it if someone who was there recently could tell me. Or if...
  7. Lydia Gillen

    Foot clinics Logroño

    Hi everybody, Over the years I have heard mention that there are good clinics for foot problems in LOGRONO. I never seem to be able to source old posts. My son has gone on the Camino. I have reason to believe that he thought that because his old mother had done it that it would be a easy for...
  8. Lydia Gillen

    Luggage storage facility in Burgos

    Does anybody know if there is a luggage storage facility in Burgos Bus station, Like lockers where one could leave a rucksack whilst seeing Burgos?
  9. Lydia Gillen

    DIRECT BUS from Bilbao airport to Pamplona

    I have been told that there is a bus direct from Pamplona bus station to Bilbao airport at 7.30 am. Does anyone know if there are buses throughout the day direct from Bilbao Airport to Pamplona. Which Company run these buses? If I could get a direct bus it would mean I could get to Cizur...
  10. Lydia Gillen

    Mass in St. Jean

    Does anybody know at what time is Mass in the parish church of St. Jean Pied du Port.? Or is there a convent there with an early morning Mass? Have trawled all over the forum and have not been able to find any reference to a mass here at the beginning of the Camino Lydia
  11. Lydia Gillen

    Fromista to Burgos

    Can anybody tell me how long, in terms of time, the bus journey from Fromista to Burgos is? I can see that the Amaya bus company has a bus that leaves Fromista at 7.30 am, but I can find no indication of what time it arrives back in Burgos. Any information would help me in planning my journey...
  12. Lydia Gillen

    CHEAP FLIGHTS most of us are delighted to avail of cheap flights, but we just have to be careful that we keep to the rules!!! Buen Camino to al pilgrims Lydia
  13. Lydia Gillen


    How do I get a quote into the nice grey background that others use? Please explain it step by step. Do not assume I know anything please Lydia
  14. Lydia Gillen

    difficulty booking bus tickets from Movelia

    I have been trying to book bus tickets from Bilbao to Pamplona. Movelia is the bus company. But they keep saying that my bank is not accepting the payment. However when I phone the bank to ask why, they say they have not been requested, and therefore have not refused. Has anybody any...
  15. Lydia Gillen

    monte de Gozo

    May one stay more than one night in the albergue in Monte de Gozo, lydia