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  1. DeniseT

    70klm out

    i have enjoyed so many albergues that have been recommended to us. But now so close and having a look, a albergue with communal meal and smallish seems hard to find now. Loved San Bol and albergue Leo, wow for st Nicholas in the church and washed and blessed the feet is there any more left...
  2. DeniseT

    Helpful hints appreciated

    hi, Ok very tired and weary, so plan to catch the bus to Finisteria and maybe walk to Muxia and return to Santiago by bus over two days and thought staying in the lighthouse would be fab. Would love any links to the lighthouse accomodation and suggestions would be fab. Thank you Enter Santiago...
  3. DeniseT

    What time is the service with the incense swing

    hi, hearing so many variation should on the friday the weekly service happens with the swinging invent vase. I am 2 wks out of Santiago and keen to find out what time is it and is it in a Friday. I know we can pay to have the ceremony but would much rather be there for the whole service. Thanks...
  4. DeniseT

    Am I being shafted or is VAT

    So leave in three days and decided to book .alberguederoncesvalles ,so got into website and €10 per bunk . Fabolous will book two bunks and dinner I think dinner was €3 So went to pay for TWO people And comes up owing €44 What the ?? Checked and re checked and each time if I eandeavoured to...
  5. DeniseT

    Update on accomodation on arrival at SJPDP and Roncellvalles

    Hi all, Leave in 2wks now, and questioning if we leave as planned getting accomodation on arrival at albergues for SJPDP and Ronc or we do need to be somewhat be sensible and book. Arrive sjpdp 31 st May and leave 1 June We have booked orrisson for the 1st, All this news with Roncellevalles and...
  6. DeniseT

    2 questions re postage

    Hi all, So my 1 st question Biarritz airport - is there a location/ facility within the airport I can post a small suitcase to UK?? Madrid airport- Madrid airport to Santiago any idea on prices for 10kg suitcase to post and store 5 weeks!! Thanks all 2 weeks and 5 days till launch
  7. DeniseT

    Gronze. Com to english

    seriouslyIT stuff frustrates the gee bees out of me... Two part question Wanting to use Gronze. Com but in English on my iPhone buggered if I can see how this is done?? Where's the little fla Would this be best app to use for sorting nights accomodation on the day or couple days prior?? Cheers
  8. DeniseT

    That special accomodation in Santiago HELP!!

    Hi All. Wondering if anyone can recommend a special place in Santiago for 4 days 3 adults . We are hoping its great cultural feel close to the church, look out the window or verandah and admire the amazing location after the de frances walk. Thanks in advance
  9. DeniseT

    Backpack transfers

    hello with 4.5 wks to go organising a couple things I hear I can organise transport for my back pack to be transferred, I think being especially the start and over the Pyrenees I potentially will be in a better place to continue. 1. If I go to pilgrim office at SJPDP can they help organise this...
  10. DeniseT

    Camino de Santiago : Pilgrim Guides – Camino Francés 2017

    I do like to turn pages, but want light useful and knowledgable. Would like to read highlights of towns , hisory of a awesome little building. Thoughts guys ??? Bueno Camino
  11. DeniseT

    Pyrenees Vs Knees Hehe

    hi all again...... So here's the deal am I crazy is there alternative 7 wks to I leave, I have been working on building klms and body somewhat prepared. I have disc issues in the back not terrible but enough to have nerve block prior to leaving and additional my two knees have started to track...
  12. DeniseT

    Using Eu Passport For Medical Treatment

    Hi all, I am an auzzie resident now, born In UK . But heard recently I could use my British passport to get medical treatment in Spain God forbid if I need it. Yes I have travel insurance but this can be a slow painful process if in remote towns. Anyone know of this.. Cheers
  13. DeniseT

    What is in the essential first aid kit

    hello again, Thankyou for all your hints and support, just got to sort out my first aid kit, and another light weight shirt . Do I really need a map book???? what is in the very light weight essential first aid kit So far My tiny awesome little Gerber multi tool Strapping tape 8 safety pins...
  14. DeniseT

    Towel reviews

    hi All, Ok never been so excited with my recent purchase of ear plugs Hehehehe Anyone used the sea to summit large dry lite trek towel, It seems a good weight, appears to tick all the boxes, except I am trying to pack and most stuff has two usages. Do you think a foldable cup is a good...
  15. DeniseT

    S2s tarp poncho or s2s s

    decisions decisions on ponchos I have bought a sea to summit poncho but thinking do I need this heavy duty one, I am Planning to multiuse it as also on top of mattresses but can the lighter tarp poncho sea to summit be good enough for this multiuse ????? Oh the dramas of weight vs usage
  16. DeniseT

    SJPDP accommodation

    Hey Guys AGAIN..... 10 weeks out YIppe but also little nervous. I will be spending two nights one day in SJPDP before leaving on the 1 June. Can anyone recommend accommodation, would like to be central and in the thick of it so to speak. But nice and comfortable and typical French place I...
  17. DeniseT

    Must sees and do's

    Hi all, Thanks for all the info over the months of prep, everything coming together with training and gear. I am keen to find out people's top spots to stop and look at and even great accomodation for cultural experiences. I leave 1 June SJPDP and plan to arrive 10 July Santiago walking alone...
  18. DeniseT

    Must sees and do's

    Hi all, Thanks for all the info over the months of prep, everything coming together with training and gear. I am keen to find out people's top spots to stop and look at and even great accomodation for cultural experiences. I leave 1 June SJPDP and plan to arrive 10 July Santiago walking alone...
  19. DeniseT

    13weeks to go and nervous questions

    ok So fly into Biarritz 29th may , my plan is to detour to the beaches here and have a good dip after a long flight from Australia, then SOMEHOW leave Biarritz around 5pm and SOMEHOW get to SJPDP and stay for two nights , anyone recommend a awesome accomadation ( strong culture vibe and last...
  20. DeniseT

    Nordiac poles vs hiking poles

    hey all, booked on our first Camino next May fro SJDP, I have very ordinary knees and back. Have heard Nordiac style walking takes some pressure of . Anyone had any experience with Nordic style compared hiking poles?cheers