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  1. HalfDomeOrBust

    Necessary to book albergues between Leon and Ponferrada?

    Hello Thomas, I can share with you that 1. the Albergue Domus Dei Parroquial in Foncebaden, 2. the Albergue Parroquial "Apóstol Santiago" in El Acebo, and 3. the Albergue de Peregrinos San Nicolas de Flue in Ponferrada are open and there have not been full beds as yet. These are all donativo...
  2. HalfDomeOrBust

    Is the Camino an addiction, an obsession or something else?

    Alan, For me, It is a way of life...Both giving and receiving....
  3. HalfDomeOrBust

    Yet another cemetery to ID

    Yes I can spell it! But never the same way twice!! :cool::cool:
  4. HalfDomeOrBust

    Yet another cemetery to ID

    Found this that may be more recent...
  5. HalfDomeOrBust

    Logrono Wine Festival.... 2020

    I don't remember where I got my information in 2015 but we actually slowed down our Camino so that we would be in Logrono for the wine festival only to find out that when we arrived in Logrono it was the previous week, :(
  6. HalfDomeOrBust

    Viscrret guerendiain to zubiri

    I do not ever recommend walking along the road. Ever..... I am presently Hospitalero in Acebo and many pilgrims ask me each night is the road to Molinaseca easier then the trail. I always say to them the road us too dangerous. It is not very wide And cars buses and trucks travel it very fast...
  7. HalfDomeOrBust

    Thiefs on Camino Francés - warning

    Also sorry to read this Istvan. What a terrible lesson for these children to learn... God Bless you and thank you for what you do for the Pilgrims along the way in Pamplona....
  8. HalfDomeOrBust

    Beilari has a new facebook page!

    Looks great Joe and thanks for letting everyone know!! Ed R
  9. HalfDomeOrBust

    Sarria to Santiago 7 nights help advise

    I also like staying in Lavacola the night before and if I have too, the day before may be a longer day so I have a short hop into SDC the next morning. I also try to plan my arrival in SDC on a Sunday morning and from Lavacola` can be there by 9 Am plenty easy to get my Compostela then be early...
  10. HalfDomeOrBust

    Importance of First Night's Stay

    That is exactly what happened to us on our first two Caminos. Just let it happen..........
  11. HalfDomeOrBust

    Orisson hostel

    Oh, I did not know that. Thank you for the education!!!
  12. HalfDomeOrBust

    Orisson hostel

    I also found that if I requested the reservation in French or Spanish I would get a quicker responsive.....
  13. HalfDomeOrBust

    Orisson hostel

    Real Good advice.!!
  14. HalfDomeOrBust

    Hiking umbrella

    I'm with you on this as well;. I do not carry or take a poncho because it just becomes a sauna bath for me. My raingear is my light, silver umbrella. If it is too windy then I get wet which is what would happen if I used a poncho anyways.... Shorts and umbrella. Light weight and comfortable as...
  15. HalfDomeOrBust

    Hiking umbrella

    WOW!! That is the least expensive one I have seen as yet!! Wonder if it comes in a silver top?
  16. HalfDomeOrBust

    Orisson hostel

    I just cannot wait till I once again request a bed at Orisson as that will mean I am finally able and ready to start my third Camino Francis from SJPDP!!! Looking forward to that.......and even the two week wait to hear back!!!!
  17. HalfDomeOrBust


    Brady is correct and to add, you do not have to do this is the same year. The distance beyond 100 KM's is important if you wish to purchase a distance certificate and have it reflect more than 100 KM's. Buen Camino to you.
  18. HalfDomeOrBust

    Favorite albergue in the Camino Frances

    I hope in a year from now everyone who has walked this coming summer says that their favorite is the El Acebo donativo as Patty and I will be the Hospitaleros there Oct 1 thru 15!!! :)
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