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  1. HalfDomeOrBust

    A note on reserving beds and the spirit of the Camino

    Agreed!!! I was somewhat in awe that there remains a concept that donativos are free or almost free as possibly suggested by the lead poster in this thread —possibly not. (We then walked into a village and immediately saw an albergue that wasn't on any of the guidebooks; we got beds for 6...
  2. HalfDomeOrBust

    The Fragrance of Spain

    David, as if I needed another Reason To do the Portuguese…. PS I love the smell of grapes and wine
  3. HalfDomeOrBust

    Guthook Guides, is it reliable?

    And, Lets include Guthook for the 1300 mile Florida Trail!! It has been my go to App for the Fla Trail and everyone else that I met on the trail...
  4. HalfDomeOrBust

    My Camino regret!

    I regret eating that "American" Hamburger in Pamplona as I got horribly sick with food poisoning which lasted until Logrono. Ugh....... I continued to move on but away from my Camino family :)
  5. HalfDomeOrBust

    One day at a time, one photo at a time...

    Acebo. My most favorite place in Spain!!
  6. HalfDomeOrBust

    One day at a time, one photo at a time...

    I sat on this rock three days after you did in Sept 5, 2015
  7. HalfDomeOrBust

    One day at a time, one photo at a time...

    First Meal---Beilari. First meal in SJPDP night before wife and I started her first Camino 2015. Little did we know that the majority of the people we ate dinner with this evening would become dear friends of ours not only for the month on the Camino, but also for life!! We met again at...
  8. HalfDomeOrBust

    Thoughts on our small release here in Spain

    Mary Ellen, Thank you so much for your words this morning that gleam of much hope for the people of Spain and the Camino. Our hearts and prayers stay with all of you in Spain. Ed
  9. HalfDomeOrBust

    Armchair tasting tour of Spanish wine

    I as well just finished a bottle of La Rioja Vino Tinto "El Coto". Clearly our favorite and we can get it in the USA at Total Wine!!
  10. HalfDomeOrBust

    Julian Assange

    We are not to Judge lest we be judged.
  11. HalfDomeOrBust

    Spain, now the healthiest country in the world.

    Maybe it’s something in the gazpacho or paella, as Spain just surpassed Italy to become the world’s healthiest country...
  12. HalfDomeOrBust

    Lifetime Members

    I kicked in about a year ago and became a "Lifer" to help make sure that this wonderful Forum carry's on. I have gained so much from this forum since 2013 and still do.
  13. HalfDomeOrBust

    Bedbugs - What is your blood type?

    Ok. I have had them on me and they have woken me. Surely they have bitten me but I have not had a response to their bites. This is a good poll but you might want to separate bites with responses.
  14. HalfDomeOrBust

    Bed Bugs Bercianos del Real Camino at Santa Clara Albergue

    Interesting question Annie. I would be interested in knowing the results of any research you have done. Fact is I have found bed bugs on my body various times in my six Camino’s Francis and Norte. Not once have I had a reaction or welt. I’m A- by the way.
  15. HalfDomeOrBust

    The New Compostela Queuing System

    Being able to wait in line (reasonable time) and finally getting to the counter where you present your finished Credential has always been one of my favorite emotional feelings when I walk a Camino. The camaraderie of the line is tremendous!!! Having the person behind the counter congratulate...
  16. HalfDomeOrBust

    The New Compostela Queuing System

    Thank you for what you do for all the Pilgrims Tom!! God has blessed you and you have blessed all of us Pilgrims....
  17. HalfDomeOrBust

    The New Compostela Queuing System

    Ice cream? Someone mentioned Ice Cream? Where pray tell?
  18. HalfDomeOrBust

    The New Compostela Queuing System

    Morning T2!! So, the new process is rather than standing in line but rather take a number and rest in a nice cool spot until your number gets called? That sounds like a great idea!! I am sure that whatever slowed things down (if that is the case) then they will get that worked out very, very...
  19. HalfDomeOrBust

    The New Compostela Queuing System

    Inquiring minds wish to hear what has changed please. Thank you
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