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  1. RestlessRose

    On the camino now!

    Patrick, I Love the ponies on the backpacks! I am Following your journey via your blog. I plan to walk this route in late May this year. Buen Camino Rebecca
  2. RestlessRose

    Buffs Camino design

    A camino buff! And why not. Count me in, please.
  3. RestlessRose

    Christmas Camino

    The Parrador in winter off season. What an excellent idea !!! Have a lovely birthday, Robin. Enjoy.
  4. RestlessRose

    Trondheim (Nidaros) to Santiago de Compostela

    Lovingkindness, Ian is right on 2 counts. (1) your blog is addictive. Even when I was travelling and had no access to the web, all I could think of was "where wld LK be and what wld she be experiencing". Could not wait to be online to follow your journey (2) your journey has given me ideas...
  5. RestlessRose

    Big Dream - Your Favourites

    Hi Guy When I decided to walk Camino Frances, I also decided I will plan as little as is possible, and try to go with the flow. Even then this to me meant I know where I would be sleeping on the first night, place is booked, and I know all the intended stages of my walk, marked, highlighted...
  6. RestlessRose

    Trondheim (Nidaros) to Santiago de Compostela

    Hey Lovingkindness I have been following your journey avidly, and am filled with awe and admiration for what you had undertaken. I hope some day I too will have the courage to embark on a similar journey. This year is quickly drawing to a close. May the new year bring you your heart's...
  7. RestlessRose

    Pictures from Camino Ingles

    Hola Una There are a lot more hills to climb on Camino Frances than there are on Camino Ingles. There is really only one long day ie the stage from Betanzos to H. de Burma. Further Camino Ingles is a much shorter route than Camino Frances, and you can ease into the camino by having short...
  8. RestlessRose

    Christmas Camino

    Hola John and Robin, The Burgos Cathedral is well worth a visit. And they will give you a sello too. With the pilgrim passport entrance fee is also reduced. You could start the day with a visit to the cathedral, then continue the camino after, possibly making it a short walking day. Oh and...
  9. RestlessRose

    Pictures from Camino Ingles

    Lovely! I love the forest paths, and this route seems to have a fair share.
  10. RestlessRose

    Christmas Camino

    Hey John and Robin Agree with Greg on Granon. It was one of the highlights of my walk too. Santo Domingo is a lovely place with excellent restaurantes. Can be loads of fun. But somehow Granon was special. The atmostphere around the communal dinning and the service after just wraps one up...
  11. RestlessRose

    Just home from Camino Ingles

    The walk was great. I had near perfect weather. I was expecting heavy showers, hail showers, and showers and showers but instead, I had blue skies for all the days (except one). I left for A Coruna on Dec 6 (Mon) with more than a 3 hr delay, due to weather conditions. The longer I had to...
  12. RestlessRose

    SNORING!! I am the Champion!

    If you can get your hands on a pair of ear plugs they give out at F1 races, it be great. The plugs mould themselves to your ear. If they can block the roaring cars, they can block the snorers! I am an insomniac. On bad days (regardless of reasons; snoring, light in the eye, etc), I just...
  13. RestlessRose

    Camino ingles Luggage Transfer

    I was recently walking on Camino Ingles and needed to forward extras to Santiago. The options seems to be (1) by taxi - expensive - 65 to 70 euros (2) by bus - someone will need to pick up the package and store it for you. (3) by post. Option (3) worked well for me. Cheap and safe. Cost me...
  14. RestlessRose

    learn to speak spanish or...

    This past camino, I had walked 3 full days with a Spanish who spoke not a word of English. And I know probably no more than 20 Spanish words. But those were not silent days. Conversation flowed continuously and somehow we understood each other. Whist it was an interesting experience, and I...
  15. RestlessRose

    SNORING!! I am the Champion!

    So true Renshaw. Once I had a snorer on the bed above me. And a very annoyed snore hunter on my other side across a narrow aisle. Snore hunter make very loud clicking lizzard like sounds hoping to wake up the snorer. When that failed, he reached out and shook the bed frame really hard...
  16. RestlessRose

    Is there a Catholic Priest on the forum?

    Annie, perhaps you could PM Amando ? He is the Catholic Priest who walked barefoot on the camino this year. Best regards, Rebecca
  17. RestlessRose

    Mercado de Abastos

    Does anyone know the day the Merdado de Abastos in SDC is closed ? Or is it open every day of the week ? I have searched the web and some comments is that it is open only 6 days a week. Which day is it closed ? Sun ? Mon ? And maybe I had missed the info, but I had scruntinised their...
  18. RestlessRose

    Hiking Shoes, or Hiking Boots?

    Karin, I have just been to your blog and saw the pics. Neat ! Something to keep in mind, especially if it rains a lot. Did you feet slide about in the shoes ? I had incredible problems with blisters when I walked last year. Tried the two socks thing. Was plastered from toe to toe, and...
  19. RestlessRose


    Hi Nino, I will be arriving in Ferrol on Dec 6, and starting out the next day, a week after you. We could compare notes on prep and packing if you wish. I have not walked in winter before, and am not used to winter conditions, living in the tropics all my life, and hence, am a little...
  20. RestlessRose


    I only know of the refuge run by the German Confraternity at La Faba, who also offer foot massages. And she (If I recall correctly, her name is Anita) is very good too.
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