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  1. Shamanca

    Chinches en el Camino

    bedbugs don't bite... they eat dead skin. But last year I also saw people who had flees or other tiny, biting animals in their sleeping bags... I love animals but was very happy they didn't came to visit me :D
  2. Shamanca


    Totally agree... also I would walk a couple of times with a backpack just to get the feeling of it. My guess is that it's totally different from what you are used to now.
  3. Shamanca


    sleeping bag that ways 32kg :o I don't even think that those exist... do you know?
  4. Shamanca

    safe to travel alone for female?

    Emily... I'm glad to read that you weren't really hurt, though I can imagine these are experiences that can stay with you for some while. One question pops up my mind... why would you need this to happen to you?? :roll: I've also heard that people were stolen from in some refugios. Every...
  5. Shamanca

    Ecumenism on the Camino?

    Interesting question... Come to think about it, I haven't met anybody who was walking because of his/her religion. Last year was a holly year and so there was spoken about the forgiveness of all sins... but not with a very strong belief that this was the reason to walk the Camino. It was more...
  6. Shamanca

    Water - what's drinkable?

    I also heard about sort of "straws" and stuff you can put in your water (the water you drink) that works like a filter and "cleansing" the water. I'm gonna take that with me when I go to Peru in October. Don't know the exact name of the items at this moment, but you can buy it in a good...
  7. Shamanca

    LIVE from the Camino Pre departure jitters

    Had it on 2 different scales... both said ~14.5 Bag itself 1.5kg, water 2kg, jacket 1kg, sleepingbag 0.6kg, medikit & toilet stuff 1, photocamera / mobile / recharger 1 and the rest :wink: Ow well... The weight didn't bother me after 100km. But when I lifted some other bags :roll: :roll...
  8. Shamanca

    LIVE from the Camino Pre departure jitters

    Yep, I did :wink: What did I take... Backpack, sleepingbag, 2 t-shirts in the bag, 1 pair of trousers (to unzip to shorts) in the bag, 1 cap, 1 jacket, medi-kit, couple of pins (for laundry), 2 pair of socks, underware 2, 2 towels (thin ones like chamois-leather) photo camera, mobile phone &...
  9. Shamanca


    I'd take the ones that you like best. I had high ones, since I always walk on them... but I've seen people walk on sneekers as well. A friend of mine was walking on low mountain boots... so just take the ones you like. Better to wear shoes you like and do not bother you than shoes you...
  10. Shamanca

    LIVE from the Camino Pre departure jitters

    GB... don't see your trip as 1 whole... I mean, 1 piece of 1600km. My experience is that you're walking a piece that you can handle every day and that distance fades when you're walking your Camino. Just a couple of months where you walk small parts :wink: 12kg backpack... I'm a girl and...
  11. Shamanca

    Forest fires

    I am a firewalk instructor and have tend quite some fires... but this is enormous! Too much fires that are rather big and (what I see on the news) it's a bit chaotic how everybody is trying to kill the fires. Hopefully there's going to be some rain in Spain and Portugal soon... I think...
  12. Shamanca

    glutenfree food

    Hi Reuver, I think it's gonna be hard to find glutenfree bread and food along the way. Are you planning to walk or cycle? That might be a difference as well, since you're moving faster by bike. The bigger towns will not be a problem I think, but the smaller ones, that have only a small...
  13. Shamanca

    Water - what's drinkable?

    You can drink the water along the way... but make sure to walk around the springs before taking water. Some springs have the "no potable" on the backside. Personally I prefered buying my water at a certain point where I didn't sweat as much as I did before. Don't know why, but it didn't...
  14. Shamanca

    sleeping bag weight-raingear

    I always wonder how people can get such a light backpack. My backpack itself was already 1.5kg. So I when I read 6, really my eyes go :shock: :shock: :shock: I couln't get it under 12 (water excluded) For the sleeping bag... I'd take a light one. When you're cold, you can always put on some...
  15. Shamanca

    Safety of walking alone?

    Hi Heidi, Hope you will find a partner at this site :D If not... don't worry, I'm sure you will meet a lot of people along the way. My experience is that everybody looks after each other :wink:
  16. Shamanca

    Health problems en route

    There are many things that can happen which are not good for your (fysical) health. I had a small first-aid kitt with me. There are a lot of "farmacia's", docters along the way, so there's no need to take a lot of pills, plasters etc. Personally I'd say... listen to your body! Maybe have...
  17. Shamanca

    literature related to pilgrimage

    Are you searching for a book or something? And have you tried "Google" or another searching machine? They might be able to help a little.
  18. Shamanca

    Two questions: Packlist and Pamplona

    I agree with Kerryman and William... maybe take a very light fleece or something that will keep you warm and protects you from the rain at the same time. Also a raincover for your backpack, which might be in your backpack already. :roll: When it's warm you might not even use a rainjacket, for a...
  19. Shamanca

    Anyone starting from St Jean 1st, 2nd or 3rd Sept 2005?

    Don't know anybody who's walking that part at the beginning of September... but I'm sure you'll meet some people along the way :wink:
  20. Shamanca

    LIVE from the Camino In the shadow of Pilgrims - Graeme Bennett

    Great Graeme!! Certainly will check every now and then :D Wish you nice weather and a lot of fun!!
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