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  1. gollygolly

    New Albergue in Pertusa

    Thanks - the following links might be of additional interest and help : and
  2. gollygolly

    A day in Ferrol

    Some suggestions can be read at this link : Ferrol is fairly compact with some attractive architecture, and the birth place of the dictator Franco. I am not the author nor in any way associated with the author !
  3. gollygolly

    Program to sssist rubbish clearing while on the Camino

    There is a wonderful initiative to encourage those walking on the Camino to try and help 'clear-up' litter / rubbish that has been left along the way. To assist with collecting the rubbish, Correos, the Spanish postal service, are providing free bags at the following locations : Oficina de...
  4. gollygolly

    Lost & Found LOST T-shirts & swimming shorts

    A suggestion is to check with where you stayed Albergue Casa da Torre at Redondela (+34 618 338 045 :, Jacob's Hostel at Tui (+34 644 557 194 // +34 646 858 627 : Albergue A Recoleta at Portela de Tamel ( +351 253 137 075 // +351 935 136...
  5. gollygolly

    Ruta Del Mar - Why do so few pilgrims take it?

    Thanks for posting about the YouTube videos from Sara Dhooma and have just started watching Day 1 of her experience walking the Ruta del Mar
  6. gollygolly

    Walking in Germany

    Thought that this might be of interest for some forum readers :
  7. gollygolly

    Boat from Vilanova de Arousa

    The Variante Espiritual is beautiful, and could well be one of the highlights of your camino. The river section, sometime also known as the Via Crucis, starts in Vilanova de Arousa and goes to Pontecesures on the Río Ulla, to be followed by the short walk from Pontecesures to Padron. Taking...
  8. gollygolly

    Expat question: Is the TIE valid ID for albergues

    Suggest that while the TIE will almost certainly be sufficient for you staying at all albergues on your route, there is no harm in also taking your passport. Circumstances can change, as I found for myself, having to make a break from the Camino and head to the UK rapidísimo. The TIE alone...
  9. gollygolly

    Camino maps

    There should be quite a few maps available on-line with a style that appeals to you. While Ivar and DoughnutANZ have already responded, here is one in colour :
  10. gollygolly

    Camino Skies movie

    Thanks for highlighting the film... it is not that recent, though for those interested, some details can be read/seen here : which includes the trailer for the film.
  11. gollygolly

    Camino Ignaciano commencing from Barcelona - day 1

    This walk was a slight demand at 4 days, and perhaps could be more comfortably stretched to be walked over 5 or 6 days, with some additional time spent at Montserrat. One of those days, I would like to undertake the walk from Loyola, or maybe start in Manresa and walk from there to end in...
  12. gollygolly

    Camino Ignaciano commencing from Barcelona - day 1

    Day 4 Montserrat to Manresa We set out early, and skirted the mountain before beginning the descent. Passing the 'Ermita de Santa Cecilia', which is now an art center that was converted/developed by the renowned artist Sean Scully though was closed at the hour that we passed...
  13. gollygolly

    Camino Ignaciano commencing from Barcelona - day 1

    Day 3 Ullastrell to Montserrat Another early start and on my way just after 6.30am. The route in the area of Ullastrell is very well way-marked, though I was somewhat surprised to commence the day going down and continuing to descend. I was aware of how the destination for today...
  14. gollygolly

    Camino Ignaciano commencing from Barcelona - day 1

    Day 2 Barcelona to Ullastrell As I wanted to try and avoid some of the heat of the afternoon, today was a very early start. I took transport so as to be at the beginning of the route known as GR-6, located at L'Horta. Yes, there at the beginning is a wonderful post with a sign proudly...
  15. gollygolly

    Camino Ignaciano commencing from Barcelona - day 1

    Camino Ignaciano commencing from Barcelona The actual Camino Ignaciano commences in Loyola (also known as Loiola) in the Basque country of northern Spain, and which 665kms later reaches the destination of La Cova de St Ignasi in Manresa. This year, 2022, marks the 500 year anniversary of the...
  16. gollygolly

    Where to stay the night before Santiago....?

    I assume that you are walking towards SdeC from the east. Depending upon your budget, a very pleasant overnight stay in Lavacolla can be had at Pazo Xan Xordo...
  17. gollygolly

    Variante espiritual

    I believe that there are 3 operators on this route, each departing at slightly different times, with departure times influenced by the prevalent tides. In no order of preference, as the prices from each operator are the same, currently 20.00€ per person one way only, these are the operators La...
  18. gollygolly

    Book. Off The Road by Jack Hitt

    While ths is not a comment about Jack Hitt's book, this is about Bradley Chermside's book 'The Only Way Is West', and his walk form SJPdP to SdC. Hugely funny, I highly recommend : I am not in any way connected to the author !
  19. gollygolly

    Blisters - beetroot and general well-being

    For those who experience blisters or are interested in their general well-being, this report on a study on beetroot juice might interest
  20. gollygolly

    Espiritual Variant way marking?

    For myself, I would regard the route as being very well way-marked. As with all routes, in places there is a need to be paying attention, though my experience is that it is reasonably easy to follow. It is a very beautiful Camino, especially in the section following Armenteira. Ultreia !!

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