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  1. Guy Strachan

    Inglés: Coruña or Ferrol? No compostela needed

    Hi there and yes I can highly recommend the Camino Ingles as a short, self contained Camino through interesting towns & villages and in beautiful countryside. My wife and I walked it with my (87 yo!) father in 2017 starting in El Ferrol. The Ingles has recently been recognised as an official...
  2. Guy Strachan

    Help With Shoes for Over Pronation

    That’s exactly what I was going to say. I also suffer from pronation (right foot) but the problem has been much eased by medically assessed & fitted insoles thanks to my local NHS Podiatry department. Shoe wise I have TNF hedgehogs, Merrill walking shoes & Salewa walking boots all of which are...
  3. Guy Strachan

    When Brierley writes, "keep s/o" .... ?

    Keep Straight On!
  4. Guy Strachan

    Camino Sanabres - luggage transfer

    I used Correos for luggage transfers between Ourense and SdC on the Sanabres in May 2018. They were excellent in every way so have no hesitation in recommending. See - Buen Camino
  5. Guy Strachan

    Question on arriving and when to start from Ferrol

    These are both lovely Caminos so you will enjoy I'm sure. I'd go for your last option ie take your time, enjoy both cities (Ferrol has a lot to see) then start walking once you're acclimatised and coping with any jet lag. Buen Camino.
  6. Guy Strachan

    Camino ingles

    Hola - I'd likewise recommend the parador in Ferrol - special Pilgrim rate available for Parador "Amigos". Otherwise, Betanzos is an interesting town with lots to see and do - not in the same league as the Parador, but we stayed in Hotel Garelos which was excellent. The town of Mino on the...
  7. Guy Strachan

    Via de la Plata: Camino Sanabrés or Camino de Invierno?

    I walked the Sanabres from Ourense in 2018 and can highly recommend. Beautiful scenery, sensible stage lengths & good facilities en route. I haven't walked the Invierno yet (2020 plans cancelled due to CoViD) but have heard there are minimal services on some stages and long gaps between so on...
  8. Guy Strachan

    7 day Camino recommendations other than Sarria?

    The Camino Sanabres from Ourense to Santiago which is one of the options for the final section of the Via de la Plata. Lovely walk through beautiful scenery & plenty of facilities but not a busy route. Did in 2018 and would highly recommend.
  9. Guy Strachan

    Two stamps from Sarria to Santiago????

    Afraid so - that’s always been the rule in Galicia
  10. Guy Strachan

    Taxi transfer to Ponferrada

    Hi - I’ve used Taxi Travel SCQ 2-3 times (to Sarria; Ferrol & Ourense) and can highly recommend in terms of service, local knowledge & price. Run by fluent English speaker, Jose Manuel Caneda Mareque His website address is:-
  11. Guy Strachan

    Private transfer or taxi from SDC airport to Ferrol

    So glad to hear that! I’m sure you will love the Camino Ingles aswell Buen Camino Guy 👍
  12. Guy Strachan

    "Nice Way" into Santiago

    I'd definitely second that from my experience in 2018 - a lovely finish to a lovely route!
  13. Guy Strachan


    Hi yes I'm sure they do. I used them from Tui to SdC in 2015 and they were excellent. They are based in the centre of Tui. Their website will confirm the extent of their coverage or email them your enquiry/request.
  14. Guy Strachan

    LIVE from the Camino On the Camino Sanabres now

    The Sanabres is a lovely walk - I did it in early May 2018 starting from Ourense. It was probably a bit cooler than right now but not by much! Your post brought back very happy memories. We also had a good stay at Casa Manoso in Cea (the town's famous bread was a bit disappointing though!) Also...
  15. Guy Strachan

    What is the nicest thing that anyone has said to you on the camino?

    In response to me saying what a beautiful day it was to a local I met on the Camino Sanabres a few years ago - "Senor, EVERY day is a beautiful day...."
  16. Guy Strachan

    Casa Ivar A few words from me

    Well done, Ivar - thank you!
  17. Guy Strachan

    Searching for the perfect hiking pole

    Hi Tom - I swear by Leki's (only use one though!). If you check again, they do offer 145cm 3 part telescopic poles even at their entry level. For example, check out Leki Voyagers which in the UK are c £50 Good luck y Buen Camino
  18. Guy Strachan

    Snack Bars made of Oats

    Hi - if you're lucky enough to be in Scotland, albeit I'm pretty sure they retail across the whole UK, Stoats Porridge Bars are what you should look out for. Very popular with walkers on the West Highland Way etc and certainly give you a real boost and a spring in your step! My current faves...
  19. Guy Strachan

    Possible to walk May 2021

    Sorry but I think that's just unrealistic with new spikes in some areas along the CF route (eg Navarra) and the possibility that the "State of Alarm" may be extended beyond May? At this stage even Sept/Oct may be doubtful so I'd refocus on 2022 (as I have!) Buen Camino when it comes...
  20. Guy Strachan

    Albariño - The Romans are to blame

    I'll need to drink even more of it now I know it's even more especial!

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