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  1. Barbara06

    VIA Francigena del SUD

    Hello ! Has anyone done (quite recently) the via Francigena del sud from Rome to further south ? If so could you give information on accomodation or all other things ? Thanks so much. NB : I can only post here as there is no forum for Via Francigena del Sud from Rome to St Maria de Leuca
  2. Barbara06

    Via Domitia

    Has anybody walked on the Via Domitia ? It is a pilgrimage route from MontGenevre to Arles and leads to Santiago on one way and to Rome on the other. I would like to walk it but find very littel information. Thanks
  3. Barbara06

    Camino San Salvador, 11th to 16th August 2017.

    Hello Oravasaari, How was it on that route during Semana Santa for getting a bed in an albergue ? (I've just realised it will be Semana Santa this year when I wil be doing it !...)
  4. Barbara06

    Still As Busy?

    There's really no problem if you want to walk alone and be quiet, just walk on another camino than the Frances (there are so many..). You can try camino del Sureste, or camino de la Lenna for example
  5. Barbara06

    Albergue in Leon

    Are you walking the San Salvadore right now ? How is the weather ?
  6. Barbara06

    Camino del Sur

    Hello Arthur, did you finally walk on the Camino del Sur in January and how where the river levels ? and weather in general ? lodgings ? meet any others ? Thanks
  7. Barbara06

    Santiago To Rome

    Hello Jill, I live at Mandelieu, a little before Cannes, not far from the sea, the path is just a few meters from my home. If you pass by here try and contact me. If I am in (which is not always the case) you could stay for the night.
  8. Barbara06


    If you want to understand you must take time to read the post to which my message was replying, ( that is the one I quoted from Rebekah Scott). The term Capitalist, as you will see, was not applied to the hospitaleros but to the pilgrims, but as I am not sure that this term can really be used...
  9. Barbara06


    Of course that a low-cost albergue would not be one without the staff volunteers. Yes, the tradition of donativo is a bizarre notion to Capitalists but they seem to appreciate it a lot... There is often a confusion concerning donativos, it is not "something for nothing" it is "something for...
  10. Barbara06

    Francigena del Sud (Rome to Brindisi)

    Thanks a lot for your answer Dirk, I will look into this website
  11. Barbara06


    You are maybe right, but when I walk on caminos I discuss with pilgrims about St James and most don't even seem to know what he has done so it's difficult to imagine that they have come from so far and are walking for weeks just in worship for him You could also say the reverse : Without...
  12. Barbara06


    No, most people do not do the camino because of St James remains, nor to do with christianity. They do the caminos de Santiago mainly because : - It is the only place in the world where you can walk for many days on and have every night a very cheap place to sleep. - You have the opportunaty...
  13. Barbara06

    Francigena del Sud (Rome to Brindisi)

    Thanks a lot for all your messages, Dirk, Tim, Marie and Jabbapapa :) Sorry, I have a few questions and remarks, because I would like to discover this part of Italy : As I understand, it is not really waymarked, so therefore finally you create your own way with the GPS ? I have a feeling it...
  14. Barbara06

    Francigena del Sud (Rome to Brindisi)

    Hello Marie, Did you do it ? (from Rome). If so, please let us know about it :)
  15. Barbara06

    Francigena del Sud (Rome to Brindisi)

    Thanks Harrington, but it doesn't seemn to concern the "del Sur" part, below Rome
  16. Barbara06

    LIVE from the Camino A new threat to my pilgrim tolerance and zen-like state of relaxation

    If you don't want this, there are so many beautiful more peaceful other caminos. When you choose to go on Camino Frances you can only expect this. It's a choice..
  17. Barbara06

    Mixing paths on one trip-ideas/opinions?

    I walked the Norte + Primitivo + CF, like many thousands of others. Didn't use walking poles
  18. Barbara06

    Sleeping in the Switzerland partof Via Francigena

    Thanks very much Bradypus !! :)
  19. Barbara06

    Sleeping in the Switzerland partof Via Francigena

    Hello, Could someone who has done the Swiss part of VF (from Lausanne to Col St Bernardo), give information on the places to sleep and the costs for the night ? Thank you so much
  20. Barbara06

    Recommendations for a two week section in Italy

    Hello, You could also walk from Pavia (near Milan) to Siena in 2 weeks, it's beautifull !! ;)

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