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    COVID Current mask requirements?

    I am starting the Camino Portugues (from Baiona) next week. Are masks going to be required anywhere?
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    Connect time in Madrid from Santiago?

    Flight from VIgo is 9:20 a.m. I think I ned to get from Terminal 4 to 4S.....but that should be fairly quick, since I won't have to go through security/customs. At least, I don't think I have to!
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    Connect time in Madrid from Santiago?

    Thanks to all. Yes, I have the entire itinerary booked through Iberia with flights on Iberia Vigo-Mad, American AIrlines Mad-Dulles) , so I know my flight to USA is protected. I have about 1 hr 20 min connect tine. I wouldn't like this on an inbound itinerary when I have to clear...
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    Connect time in Madrid from Santiago?

    Hi. I have connected in Madrid on many occasions on an outbound flight. So I am pretty familiar with how much time is needed. But in October I will fly from Vigo and connect in Madrid for a flight back to the USA. I arrive in Terminal 4, then my departure flight is from Terminal 4S. How...
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Flying into Spain from USA--Covid test required?

    Hi. I am a bit confused about what is required right now (August 2021) for entry to Spain. I'm planning to fly to Madrid in early October. I know that I will need a QR code. But will I need to take a Covid test prior to departing USA? Anyone flown from USA to Spain recently who can tell me...
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    Health insurance for 2021 and Covid?

    P.S. Allianz is also including Covid coverage for some plans. You have to ask specifically (or check plan details) to see what plan will cover this. Allianz says: Claims due to known, foreseeable, or expected events, epidemics, government prohibitions, warnings, or travel advisories or fear...
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    Health insurance for 2021 and Covid?

    Hi. I think I can help...I am a travel agent and I deal with travel insurance all the time. The best coverage for Covid-related illness is with Travel Insured International. They consider Covid as an illness, and they have not excluded coverage for this. Lots of companies will not pay for...
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    Madrid Terminal 4 connection—pass security checkpoint again?

    I may just go ahead and check in in hold luggage in Miami. I don’t want any hassles, for sure. Better safe than sorry, as they say
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    Madrid Terminal 4 connection—pass security checkpoint again?

    I am flying from Miami to Santiago in Sept with a connection in Madrid. Iberia flights. I am hoping I can take my hiking poles onboard with me. They fold small and no sharp tips. So IF the Miami TSA lets them through, I want to be sure I will be ok when I connect in Madrid. I fly in and out of...

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