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  1. K_Lynn

    Hello from Newbie - favorite podcasts, youtubes, etc.?

    You'll find plenty of great information here and everyone is very helpful. Orisson fills up quickly, so I would book that as early as you can. The first day from SJPdP is brutal and breaking it up is very sensible. I would definitely consider having 2 nights in SJPdP to combat jetlag. I'm...
  2. K_Lynn

    Feathered Scotttish peregrino?

    Morocco seems like an excellent location to spend the winter!
  3. K_Lynn

    Luggage transfer Ruta del Mar

    Which route?
  4. K_Lynn

    I am "gifting" the Camino for Christmas. Need advice!

    I've invited my sister to join me for Camino Ingles next year. For Christmas I have sent her the guidebook, a pair of Darn Tough socks, stuff sacks/compression sacks and a trio of Sea to Summit small packs of laundry/shampoo/body wash strips and a hat with a wide brim. And a list of brands I...
  5. K_Lynn

    WALKING route from Faro to Sagres

    I think from Alcacer do Sal I go to Comporta then Palmela to Lisbon. I still have to find appropriate maps for those stages, so right now that is my theoretical route. :D Rest assured, I have bookmarked just about every post you have made about your Portuguese Camino for information and...
  6. K_Lynn

    WALKING route from Faro to Sagres

    This link provides stages and information for the central route in Portugal from Faro. I'll be mostly following it next year as I am also starting in Faro, but veering off to...
  7. K_Lynn


    I’ve picked up injinjis for next year’s camino and am looking forward to testing them out in the spring.
  8. K_Lynn


    I did not have many problems with them. I did have blisters last year but that was mainly a me issue. The second half of Camino I made a point of taking my shoes and socks off every couple of hours to allow my feet to cool down. The short breaks solved my blister issue.
  9. K_Lynn


    Yes they are! I spent a (discounted) fortune on socks yesterday! They are one of the few brands to whom I am intensely loyal.
  10. K_Lynn


    Socks are on sale if you need them. I picked up this pair for my sister who may join me for Camino Ingles next year. I think the graphic is hilarious and appropriate for an old bird on Camino. I am having a ton of fun picking up little things for her!
  11. K_Lynn

    Ride the Tram in Sintra

    Ooooh! Thank you! I am going to Sintra when I take a few days in Lisbon next year and am now looking forward to this addition!
  12. K_Lynn

    Who Knows - hotel near Cathedral in Sevilla? is across the street!
  13. K_Lynn

    Walking with a friend

    Yes she does! We visited cousins we hadn't seen in 20 years in June. We both brought large suitcases, mine half empty so I could fill it up with rocks, shells and whatever I bought there. Hers was full to the brim on arrival. She mailed home 25kg of stuff she had bought while there (I will...
  14. K_Lynn

    Walking with a friend

    lol No! She has to carry her pack and she has to leave her 12 books at home. I'm giving her a copy of Brierley's Camino Ingles as the only book she is allowed to carry, unless it's downloaded on her phone. If anything needs to be mailed it will likely be post-Camino clothes. I do appreciate...
  15. K_Lynn


    I stayed in one of Ilunion hotels last year in Bilbao, I wish I had known about the company earlier as I would have booked some of my other stays in their hotels. 40% of their staff (minimum) have disabilities and all of their hotels are equal access. I appreciated their commitment to their...
  16. K_Lynn

    Packing for a Camino I am not supposed to be planning!

    I also promised to that I was not walking this year, and have somehow managed to keep it. Although I did have a moment in the spring where I seriously considered doing a short Camino Ingles, in and out of Spain in 2 weeks. I resisted. As agreed, I am planning my Camino Portugues for next...
  17. K_Lynn

    Hiking skirts ... For men

    I love Purple Rain! I bought one of their skirts earlier this year and am eagerly awaiting the arrival of one of their dresses. Super comfy, incredibly lightweight and POCKETS!!! I can't wait to wear them on the trail next year!
  18. K_Lynn


    I stayed in a lovely terrace suite at Hotel 1898 just off the Ramblas. It was convenient to everything we wanted to see. I was disappointed with the restaurant for breakfast but made up for the cold eggs by drinking all of their complimentary cava :D Edit: sorry not a small hotel!
  19. K_Lynn

    Phones and the Frances

    You can pick up a sim card at your point of entry in Spain (Orange/Vodaphone/etc) for about 20 Euros per month for local calls and data. You can just use your phone normally and incur their roaming fees/international usage which isn't horrific for Americans as I believe most have a $100 cap on...
  20. K_Lynn

    Walking with a friend

    I selfishly wanted to walk my Camino alone. Not alone alone, but without anyone I knew. I felt that my first Camino needed to be experienced without any social safety nets, and as I have said before, I did not want to be responsible for anyone else's Camino Experience. I've travelled with...

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