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    Do albergues refuse the pilgrims who don't carry their packs

    Thanks Mike I love the image I now have of the Gucci pilgrims! ( still laughing!) I know things have changed on the Caminos ( when we walked the C del Norte...way back ? 2002? .......we met no other pilgrims until we got the C F) but I cling to the ?outdated? idea of a walking pilgrim carrying...
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    If you are interested in Spanish history, check this out

    Thank you to VNwalkimg for raising this topic and to all those whose humane comments I have read. Several books I would have recommended have already been suggested. Like John Crawford Howell I am grateful. I have been fortunate in my (almost) 80 years not to have suffered violence...
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    Canterbury Cathedral

    I suggest you let Forum members know when and how you will arrive in U.K. to begin in Canterbury in case those who live in Kent can help.
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    Canterbury Cathedral

    Yes Canon Clare Edwards is wonderful. She is herself a pilgrim ( C.F. among others) and will give a pilgrim blessing to those leaving the cathedral. She has many other duties but finds time for pilgrims to and from Canterbury. The C of E is fortunate to have such women.
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    Post Camino review of my packing list

    Thank you. Pilgrims on this forum are always very generous with time and information. There is so much more info now than when we began our camino walking many, many years ago. There are indeed very many more pilgrims, we met none before Arzua walking the Norte from France, and six from...
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    Post Camino review of my packing list

    Thank you that is very helpful. There was no such useful site when we walked on this and many another camino but we did begin a LONG time ago! Maricristina
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    Post Camino review of my packing list

    Apologies.... not a reply but cannot find where to ask!! Friends will walk the Primitivo soon. One is a nun from Slovakia who has not walked a camino before. Is there a bus from the city out to their first overnight stop ( wherever that might be) in case she needs to get in gently? Info on...
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    Leprosy and Pilgrimage in the medieval ages

    Thank you Sy and Bradypus for your input. Very interesting research. World Leprosy Day is tomorrow. Maybe a donation to the work of Lepra might be considered as this disease still affects many people. Lepra is a charity which aims to change "the lives of people affected by disease, poverty...
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    Narón and Neda - not the shortest way to Pontedeume?

    Thanks John I do so love a good laugh! ( you should, of course, make sure the loo paper is in constant supply!) Glad to hear it can now be possible to start in A Coruna ( the " correct" starting point in Galicia for the English pilgrims.....OK Scots and Irish too.) When we walked in 2004 we...
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    Paramo jackets?

    Excellent comments have already been made. Páramo is expensive and good. Even if bought on eBay their products are guaranteed for life. Reproofing them is easy in a washing machine. They are also made ethically which would please St. Francis. They do now make lighter jackets but mine is...
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    Why so few pilgrims on the camino of Arles. It is a wonderful path in the spirit of Camino.

    Hello Laurie, ( long time no- see) and others, We walked this route in 1999!! Oh dear we are that old! We saw few pilgrims in late summer indeed not sure there there any. It was wonderful with basic provision for pilgrims made by helpful locals. Arles is magical, St. Guillem ( sp?)Le Desert...
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    That bus from Bruma back to A coruna

    I hope I have not "muddied the waters". I had not thought about which place to start. A Coruna is an interesting place and I was glad we visited it before setting out. There is the church of Santiago from which English pilgrims began that part of their pilgrimage, the Tower of Hercules...
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    That bus from Bruma back to A coruna

    Pleased that pilgrims are walking from A Coruna. I have suggested, in the past, that instead of walking out of the city along many streets people should take the bus to the Al Campo supermarket then walk. It could be that this has changed. All the other information on the bus seems correct...
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    Camino Sanabrės

    Hello Manoll, I always say the VdlP from Sevilla was the the most wonderful of many caminos we walked. We walked in May 2001. "Go in May!" Alison Raju told me, "the wild flowers will stretch as far as the eye can see." They really did! (Lavender, cistus, scented iris etc,etc.) There were...
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    My Cami St. Jaume -- from Llançà to Montserrat

    I am recovering from an operation to mend a broken wrist with a metal plate etc. We had hoped to walk another Camino this autumn.....maybe St. Jaume but it has now been postponed. Your post, as usual, informs and inspires. It is so welcome just now. An arthroscopy is planned to mend my knee...
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    My Cami St. Jaume -- from Llançà to Montserrat

    Oh Laurie you have made my day/month!
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    Prayers for Denise - 25th July at Mid-Day

    Thank you for this wonderful suggestion. I will forward it to the CSJ here in London though they are likely to have seen it already.
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    Two peregrinas on the Invierno

    Laurie, Good wishes from me and do be careful about that knee. As I wait for an arthroscopy on a knee and an operation to mend a broken wrist next week I am very sympathetic to your problem. I am glad to hear marking is better on the Inverno. It is such a good route and you are right to say...
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    Converting miles to kilometers using fibonacci numbers

    That is all very interesting but what about Irish miles which are longer than English miles? Another thing.......what of rods poles and perches??
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    Ingles loco?

    hello Ian, It is some years since we walked the Camino Ingles. It is a pity more pilgrims do not begin in A Coruna which is where this Camino should start. I recommend going to A Coruna and visiting the church of Santiago there ( and indeed all the other interesting sites in the city) but...

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