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    Down jacket or No?

    I get cold easily. On my first Camino, even with layers, I was cold in the mornings (started before sunrise). For my second Camino, I added a thin down puffer that folded into it's own pocket. It was the perfect additional layer for me. Often used it in the evenings as well. But everyone...
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    Backpack question: Ospreys Stratos 36L vs 44L?

    I do the hanging thing with a waterproof stuff sack. I am mindful of the extra weight and volume and take that into consideration when packing my 36L backpack. Since I use the hanging stuff sack for my sleeping gear, it is an organizational thing.
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    Backpack question: Ospreys Stratos 36L vs 44L?

    I used the Osprey 36L and added a waterproof stuff sack (think tube) to hang off the bottom. I used the stuff sack for my sleeping gear (light down quilt, thin fleece, sleep clothes). Worked well for me. I am a small woman and the Osprey rep fitted me with the small 36L backpack. I don't...
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    How many miles to put on your shoes before the Camino

    I wore Hokas, probably had 50+ miles on them. If you have shoes now that you like but aren't leaving for 8-9 months, but another pair. Shoe manufacturers seem to "tweak" their shoe designs almost every year - and not always for the better. My first Camino I wore Brooks Cascadia 13. The next...
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    Help with shoe sizing

    I finished the Camino Frances in May. I, too, had trouble finding the right shoe this time. I know I prefer trail runners and last time I wore Brooks Cascadia 13 and they were great. But every year Brooks tweaks their shoes so that this time I wasn't 100% sold on the them. I had been hiking...
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    Osprey Tempest- what am I doing wrong?

    Support and agree with everyone who talked about getting your pack properly fitted. I bought my Osprey 36L at REI. I am short, bought a small. Was lucky the Osprey rep was in the store and fitted it to me. I can comfortably carry 20 pounds (probably shouldn't) and be so comfortable that I...
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    Have not been bothered on the Camino (have only walked it once), but while visiting a waterfall in Iceland we were annoyed by the buzzing of two drones. Perhaps they were flying too low but it was quite loud.
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    Is it silent? Exactly how small? How quickly can you get up and out of sight so as not to be unsightly or noisy? If you must bring it, maybe you could only use it if you there are no people around. That would pretty impossible on the Frances but maybe one of the other routes would be better...
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    Agree, I find them invasive and contrary to the peace of the camino.
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    C clearly nails it. I agree some lotion, other than sunblock, is needed. At least for me. It is the one thing I didn't bring and had to buy when my hands and feet started cracking and my legs were so dry then itched.
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    Let's talk waist packs!

    Even though it is sometimes referred to as a "fanny pack", when you are walking the camino with a pack and a "fanny" pack, you will be wearing it on your front which is why it is so convenient for carrying often used items. You will have eyes on the waist pack and it will be secured against your...
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    Let's talk waist packs!

    Always a good idea to be wary in crowds whether you use pockets, a purse, or back pack (not a good idea in crowded cities). In cities, I usually use a cross body purse that has built in slash proof security wires, has RFID protection, and each of the three zippered pockets have clasps that lock...
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    Let's talk waist packs!

    No-pack/pockets-only works for you. But, alas, not all pants are created equal nor all individual needs. Women's pants notoriously have few deep, usable pockets. You can find them but I generally select pants for fit, not pockets. Bonus if you can find both. Also, I identified the items I...
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    Poncho quandary — Altus, Frogg Toggs, Vaude, or something else?

    I use Frogg Toggs AND, if needed, a light weight rain jacket. My pack also has a built in rain cover. There is no perfect poncho for the Camino. The pack ponchos cover the pack without being short in back but without a pack, around town, they are just weird. I am short so even if the poncho...
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    Has anyone tried Silverlight hiking socks?

    I have not tried Silverlight, but if you are looking for a lightweight compression sock, try Swiftwick. Their hiking sock is the Pursuit. I wore them on the Camino and for all my hiking (I hike several times a week) in the Smokey Mountains. Light, breathable, and only one small blister on the...
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    Ass Pads - A Serious Topic!

    I use a piece of mylar cut to twice the size I need for sitting so that I can fold it in on itself it gets wet. Easy to wipe off. Weights almost nothing. Does not provide any padding.
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    The Best Clothing ? And the winner is....

    If you are sharing chocolate, I want to walk with you!
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    What's happened to the Buen Camino app?

    I relied heavily on the Buen Camino app last fall on the Camino Frances. Am beginning to plan for my May Camino, pulled up the Buen Camino app and it appears there have been some changes. Where it was easy to navigate before, now it is difficult or tedious. Is it just me or are others having...
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    Luxury items

    When packing, I decided any cosmetics or lotions were luxury items. The only lotion I carried was sunblock. Didn't take long before the very dry, arid conditions started doing a thing on my skin. My fingers cracked and it looked like my heels were about to (no! not my feet!). Also had a...

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