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  1. trecile

    Thoughts on “Santiago - the Camino within”

    That's odd, since the bishop's Spanish wasn't great.
  2. trecile

    Packing cubes or dry bags

    My clothes that I'm not wearing fit into the 8 liter size, but I don't take anything bulky like hiking pants. If I did the 12 lier size might be better.
  3. trecile

    Will finding a bed be a challenge in May on the Frances?

    I think that you should have a reservation, but I don't think that the albergue (or other accommdation) checks the bags to make sure that their owners have a reservation.
  4. trecile

    Baggage transport to San Juan de Ortega

    You can contact the transport company that you plan to use and ask if they deliver there. If not, ask if they have an alternate delivery point in town.
  5. trecile

    Thoughts on “Santiago - the Camino within”

    And there were subtitles - at least in the theater where I saw it there were subtit6.
  6. trecile

    Taping for Prevention

    Monkey urine tape?!😳
  7. trecile

    CF Backwards? West to east.

    With a gps app that shows the Camino route thus shouldn't be a problem.
  8. trecile

    Ride share Taxi Ride Share 04-29-23 at 10:40AM

    You can contact Express Bourricot - they have a vanpool service from Biarritz.
  9. trecile

    Camino portuguese

    As @C clearly said, there is no required itinerary - you are free to create your own. One good resource for planning your stages is this website. And yes, the albergues (and other accommodations) will be open. Be aware that there is a new route out of...
  10. trecile

    How busy will Camino Frances be in June, 2023?

    But remember that there are still places like municipal and parochial albergues that don't accept reservations.
  11. trecile

    baggage service on Salvador?

    There's no regular service, but others have done it. Here's a thread that should be helpful:.
  12. trecile

    No Camino This Year

    You can send a private message to Dave if you want to continue this conversation.
  13. trecile


    I wore hiking sandals the last time I was on the Norte, and will do so again this year for my May/June Norte/Primitivo Camino. I bring a pair of waterproof socks that pair well with my sandals for really wet days.
  14. trecile

    A Change in the distance requirement?????

    I also quite clearly indicated that I did not want a Compostela, but I didn't look at my certificate until I got home, and didn't know that I was given a Compostela until I compared it with the certificate I received on my second Camino and saw that they were different.
  15. trecile


    Buen Camino! If you want to see who else is starting around the same time and add yourself to the list of those starting in April click here.
  16. trecile

    Post Brexit Entry

    Happy to oblige.😊
  17. trecile

    Santa Maria de Eunate: opening times and access 2018

    It doesn't appear to be. You can see the hours/open dates on their website.
  18. trecile

    A Change in the distance requirement?????

    I don't see why an atheist would want a Compostela. Fortunately, the Pilgrims Office offers a "Welcome Certificate" as well as the Distance Certificate.
  19. trecile


    Every albergue I've stayed in over the last 7 years has provided pillows except the one in Alpriate Portugal last year, and that was because of Covid.
  20. trecile

    How to address other Spanish speakers, Formal or Informal?

    That's pretty surprising coming from a Spanish teacher. In all the Spanish classes I've taken I've been told that vosotros is used in Spain. But here in North America it's generally not taught.

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