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    Starting from Lisbon — good or bad idea?

    Sports = Porto
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    Muxia first or Fisterra?

    100 percent agree!
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    In praise of Motel Truckstops on the Camino

    Then there are those godawful ones too, though… and I’ve experienced a few of those as well.
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    Water Discussion (I thought you might like a laugh)

    Bladders are great - IF they don’t leak. I’ve been left almost without water a few times because of that - no fun. I recommend always carrying at least a liter bottle of water just in case.
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    Le Puy to Santiago: a few random thoughts

    The Le Puy route is fantastic snd though my French is not bad, you would meet enough French persons (as well as Quebecois) who will be willing and eager to practice their English with you. I’m surprised you can’t find much cheaper flights, say to Leon and then blabla car it yo Le Puy.
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    Is it okay to want to walk the Frances alone?

    It’s the best way to go!
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    I have lost myself

    You are right that it only really sinks in after it’s over, though for me, it sinks in the right way. I think the reason for the delayed reaction is because normally, if you do a long one day hike, you can go to bed that night and let the day’s activities replay themselves like a movie, but...
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    ? restarting my Via Francigena from eastern France

    You could start in Arles.
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    I think I'm losing it

    You are not alone!!!!!
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    LIVE from the Camino Canfranc Estacion IS Happening!!!

    A lot of terribly sad and horrific history there, but an exquisite building. The highs and the absolute nadir of humanity reflected in that building and the beautiful surroundings…
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    Via de la Plata, April 2022 - to the Sanabrés, or Astorga?

    Sanabres! One of my favorite towns was Puebla de Sanabres- a must see! Farther south, Hervas is another gem near the Extremadora-Castilla y Leon border (slightly off the trail).
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    The 90-day Rule

    Thanks. I wonder how it works for dual US EU citizens who don’t have a fixed address yet in the EU … Hmmm…
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    The 90-day Rule

    Leaving aside COVID-related restrictions, if an EU passport holder wishes to stay in Spain (or another EU country) for longer than 90 days, does the person have to provide a reason why he or she wishes to remain in that country for a longer period of time, or is it just a simple matter of...
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    Is it a "Saunter" or a "Hike"? Our Pilgrimages.......

    Definitely a stroll
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    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Covid digital vaccine passport being prepared (for EU citizens)

    I'm puzzled why this card wouldn't be limited just to those who have been vaccinated. A negative test doesn't mean that the person won't get the virus afterwards nor does having had COVID before ensure that the person is immune from reinfection. While I understand it will take time to...
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    Via de Plata from Salamanca

    Agreed - the whole VdlP was fantastic, and this stretch was just great!
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    Not-quite-live from the Gebennensis

    I very much enjoyed reading your account -thank you for the great read! I had just a few unsolicited observations after I finishing your very entertaining account. Ialso walked this (and continued down to Ales via a combination of the Robert Louis Stevenson and Regordane trails) in September...
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    Via Alpina Sacra - A 2,700 mile pilgrimage across the Alps - FREE screening of the film till Christmas

    So ein wunderschoener und weiser Film! Obwohl ich Jude bin, fand ich Dein Film zutiefst bewegendVielen dank dafuer!

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