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    Credencial do peregrino for Finasterra and Muxia

    Yes you are right, my mistake. I also used the same credencial I had used on the way to Santiago.
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    Credencial do peregrino for Finasterra and Muxia

    Not sure about Muxia but in Finisterra you get it at the tourist office
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    Pilgrim Accommodation on the VF

    I stayed with Travis and Juliane in Capranica. They were wonderful hosts and the food was first class. They evwn took my backback to the next place for me. It is good to see more people are joining them as there is a shortage of affordable, friendly places on this route. Yvonne
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    2023: hospitalero shortage

    Can you please post their reply on here when you get it. I am also interested for next year but not fluent in Spainish
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    LIVE from the Camino Our Via Francigena: walking from Lucca

    Hi I start from Siena in eight days time. Where are you now? I might see you on the way Bon camino
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    Reducing carbon - arriving by ferry to Bilbao/Santander or train from Barcelona

    I have read all the answers to this post and was surprised no one mentioned and there on the last it is. Seat 61 is the go to site for train travel in Europe but give yourself lots of time to look at it it's addictive.
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    All the single ladies, all the single ladies

    I walked my first Camino September 21 at 40 years older than you. I walked solo and never felt unsafe. I walked at a slow pace mainly on my own. I started at first light sometimes with other people but often slowed down as they were walking to fast for me. I did often meet up with people on the...
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    Six things you need to know about the Via Francigena

    Thank you. I will be walking from Siena to Rome in April and will message you for your accommodation list.
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    2023 Roll Call for Via Francigena

    yes the Camino provides.
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    2023 Roll Call for Via Francigena

    Thanks I use whatsapp a lot so I will try that. My worry is getting a bed over the Easter period or do people stay at home with family at this time?
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    First timer, solo woman senior. Travel company or self book?

    I agree with everything in the above post. Also take/ buy there walking poles not only will they help take the strain off your knees, they give your arms a workout too and are helpful for testing the ground if it is wet or muddy
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    2023 Roll Call for Via Francigena

    I have booked my flight and a few nights in a hostel in Florence. I will take the train to Siena on the 30th and then walk very slowly to Rome to arrive on the 23rd April my 70th birthday. I walked the Frances from Roncesvalles to SDC in 2021 booking some night the day before others just turning...
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    If I don't stop in Zubiri, What do you recommend?

    I stayed there it was very nice and there is a cafe in the shop opposite which does good food.
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    LIVE from the Camino Via di Francesco 🇮🇹

    Thank you Elle. I look forward to the seeing your experiences of your journey.
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    LIVE from the Camino Via di Francesco 🇮🇹

    Another two questions Jungleboy Did you find an app for the route? Are there accommodation lists at tourist offices? Did Ellie do a list for the whole route or just until Assisi? Ok that's three. I hope you are not getting fed up with me but your information is so good. Thanks in advance Muddy-mama
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    LIVE from the Camino Via di Francesco 🇮🇹

    Thank you for your quick reply and no you haven't put me off. I will look into the agriturismos they sound like a good option. Like you I always carry some food so I will probably carry a bit extra. Thanks again.
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    LIVE from the Camino Via di Francesco 🇮🇹

    I won't be walking the distances you walk as I am a lot older than you. The plan is to walk into Rome on my 70th Birthday. I walked the CF from Roncesvalles last year and the CP Porto to Finisterre this year. first question. Were places to stay easy to find? 2) Were there hostels or mainly...
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    UK Guardian story today

    I saw this earlier on the news page of my phone. Very interesting and yes it did make me cry.
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    LIVE from the Camino Via di Francesco 🇮🇹

    Thank you I will. Enjoy the rest of your camino
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    LIVE from the Camino Via di Francesco 🇮🇹

    Thank you for the information. The information I have got is from Sandy Browns website from 2019 and the latest edition of his book was also 2019. The other website looks very interesting looking forward to reading it. Thanks Muddy-mama

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