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    Via de la Plata in February

    Hi all and thank you for your responses and advice. I guess the best idea is to wait a little longer to see how the weather is going to be. But I am tending more torwards Camino de Frances or Camino del Norte now because it will be more busy and I’d like to meet people in the evenings...
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    Via de la Plata in February

    Hi and thank you so much for you responses! As I am not very experienced in long-distance hiking, Frances seems like a better option because it it less lonely in February. Probably it is best to decide in January/February acording to weather conditions this winter. Best Katie
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    Via de la Plata in February

    Hi all, I have some time off starting February 2022 and I am trying to choose between via de la Plata and Camino de Frances. What are your recommendations? On the one hand I don’t want to be alone for days/weeks, but on the other hand I suppose the weather will be much nicer in the south...

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