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  1. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    Ranking my top 10 foods from the Camino

    Don’t forget Tarta de Santiago!
  2. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    LIVE from the Camino LIVE - Muxia route - Services - No

    Not sure if you’re only referring to municipal albergues and their attached restaurants, but there seem to be several small hospedajes to stay along this route that include dining options. I personally enjoyed an overnight stay as well as a nice meal at Restaurante Pension Plaza in the small...
  3. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    Europe's iconic churches struggle to accommodate worship and tourism

    Yes. It’s a twofold thread. One, to ‘put it out there,’ and two to see what ideas would be put forth. Personally, I’d like to be able to accommodate both tourists and religious worshippers. My thoughts lean towards separate visiting times (ie: I’ve been to mosques that are explicitly closed to...
  4. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    Europe's iconic churches struggle to accommodate worship and tourism

    This seems to be a common dilemma across the world these days, made more apparent with the surge in global tourism. I’ve attached this article as it specifically mentions the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. (I’ve been to Pilgrim’s Mass on several occasions and have witnessed firsthand...
  5. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    A little whining...

    I am sorry to hear of your inconveniences. I have experienced much of the same earlier this year (on a short haul domestic flight) and hear many similar nightmare scenarios from others who have flown lately. I agree completely with your sentiments, especially those pertaining to the excitement...
  6. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    Place to stay in Porto

    I recommend I recommend GuestHouse Do Marques. It’s a small family run establishment. Owners are super friendly. All spotless clean private rooms have en-suite bathrooms. It is located across from the Marques metro station and faces a quiet, leafy park. Plenty of cafes, restaurants and...
  7. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    How much Camiño is too much?

    This is a very insightful question you ask. I have found myself in the same mindset over the years as I was a long distance walker/hiker/world traveler to the extreme. I have five Compostelas under my belt and have literally spent years continuously traveling the world (living out of a...
  8. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    How to tell my parents?

    “You don’t choose a life, you live a life.”
  9. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    Emilio Estevez interview about the Way re-release

    Just watching the trailer still brings tears to my eyes. I saw this film in 2011 and walked my first Camino in 2013. Emilio Estevez’ character resonated with me as I was (at the time) a 40 year-old who had recently quit a ‘cushy’ job to travel the world (ended up being ‘on the road’ for almost a...
  10. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    Sad Day. A very Sad Day.

    This fellow pilgrim/tribesman shares your sentiments…and your good humor. Yes, next year in Jerusalem.😎
  11. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    Sad Day. A very Sad Day.

    Born in Brooklyn, NY. Currently live in Boynton Beach, FL (Palm Beach County). Lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a year back in 2010/11. Loved my time there. In fact, if it weren’t for a young woman whom I met that year in Esquel, Argentina (Patagonia) who mentioned walking the Camino, I...
  12. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    Sad Day. A very Sad Day.

    Looks delicious! Nice Yerba mate gourd, by the way. Shalom from Florida, USA.😎
  13. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    RETHINK walking the Frances

    It seems the CF has become a victim of its own success. This is unfortunate. I’m glad I had the good fortune to walk the Frances back in 2013.
  14. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    How to get a Compostela without the crazy 100 k

    My question is what is the need for receiving a Compostela each time you walk, especially since you’ve been walking the Camino since 1998? If it is important to receive a Compostela each time you walk, I’d suggest (like others have) walking a different route. If you simply enjoy long distance...
  15. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    Burgos accommodations

    I’m not sure if this is still being offered, but when I walked back in May, 2012 I stayed for two nights in a private room with en-suite bathroom at the University of Burgos (student housing). The room was spotless and the cafeteria downstairs served meals which were quite good. Cost was...
  16. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    A Time to be Happy!

    Happy Hanukkah from Florida. I’ve already eaten too many latkes!😄
  17. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    Where do ( did ) you walk ( locally ) in 2022?

    A post-Thanksgiving walk here in Boynton Beach, Florida 🌴
  18. Globetrottingpilgrim2010

    Walk El Camino in Six Minutes (el norte y el primitivo)

    This is great. As someone who has walked several Caminos, I feel your footage really captures the surroundings of the various parts of the Camino. Well done! One question…the footage from various cities/towns seems to show virtually empty streets/closed shops. Is this due to the time of the day...
  19. Globetrottingpilgrim2010


    Speaking of Canadians, let’s not forget Terry Fox and all he did for cancer research.

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