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  1. VintageCowgirl

    Are ALSA bus tickets the same price online as the ticket office two weeks before departure?

    Can’t say as how I’ve noticed a booking fee - I’m also registered Alsa Plus. But about 10 days ago I was having trouble buying a ticket online from Malaga to Murcia so I finally went to the bus station and bought my ticket from the machine there and it was about one Euro cheaper than their...
  2. VintageCowgirl

    Albergues at SJPP

    Another vote fir Beilari in SJPP https://www.beilari.info/en/home/ It was 43 Euros and included dinner and breakfast. Many pilgrims showed up during dinner looking for a bed but they were full so contact them on their website as soon as you know your starting date. Or whatever place you choose...
  3. VintageCowgirl

    Seeing Botafumeiro

    With all the tour buses and other large groups coming into Santiago the tour operators are spending the money to get the botafumeiro to swing. I arrived in Santiago Oct 27 along with about 1000 school kids and a few tour bus groups, one of which coughed up the money for the botafumeiro to swing...
  4. VintageCowgirl

    LIVE from the Camino Between Sarria and Portomarin

    I’m sure tour bus season is year round. I first ran into tour group on Sept 25 in Puente La Reina. The albergue had 38 beds. Me, 2 Swiss men, and 35 from a bus. Other tour groups in town. 4 big tour buses idling at the curb when I wslked out in the morning. Need to book a bed ahead of time...
  5. VintageCowgirl

    LIVE from the Camino O Pedrouzo to Santiago - another wet day

    Thanks everyone. Forgot to add yesterday I arrived at Pilgrim office at 1:30 and waited in line 45 minutes. Computers down. Compostelas were handwritten. Nice. Pounding rain in Santiago ever since I got up. Thunder. Wind. Plaza is flooding. Bagpiper was playing this morning when I went for...
  6. VintageCowgirl

    LIVE from the Camino O Pedrouzo to Santiago - another wet day

    I put my hiking sandals snd “waterproof” socks on for the final leg to Santiago. If you’re looking to buy waterproof socks, do not buy Bottlestalk because they’re not. Ran into the blue mini bus only once today with 2 designated credential stampers taking their bus mates credentials into a...
  7. VintageCowgirl

    LIVE from the Camino 22 km from Rondriso to O Pedrouzo. Heavy rain and flooding

    Yesterday I crossed stepping stones that were still above water. If there were any stepping stones today I didn’t see them!
  8. VintageCowgirl

    LIVE from the Camino 22 km from Rondriso to O Pedrouzo. Heavy rain and flooding

    When I checked the weather forecast last night and saw 70mm rain expected I shipped my backpack ahead! In my part of the world the weather forecasters call this an atmospheric river and I know the water is going to saturate everything shortly- even waterproof stuff. Even my rain poncho couldn’t...
  9. VintageCowgirl

    Route conditions Sarria to Santiago

    Wet. Muddy. Flooded trails. Today about 50’ of the trail was underwater near A Brea. Flooded ditches on both sides. Small group trying to figure out what to do. Due to the heavy rainfall 70 mm in the last 12 hours, my shoes, socks snd feet already very wet. Nothing to do but wade through 5” deep...
  10. VintageCowgirl

    LIVE from the Camino 28 km walk from Palas se Rei in the rain

    Coming from the Wet Coast of Canada I’ve been hitting my stride with this Atlantic storm battering Spain. I’m used to being wet and having wet docks, shoes, feet. I started in SJPP on September 20 and I just want to be done do I’ve done 2 x 28 km wet days in a row. Have been sharing the Camino...
  11. VintageCowgirl

    LIVE from the Camino Between Sarria and Portomarin

    Due to the influx of tour operators plus hundreds of teenagers on the Camino leaving Sarria today it wss hard to find an albergue in Portomarin (5 direct tries then I went to Booking.com) but I did and that’s not really the point. The big tour buses can’t get into the smaller towns after Sarria...
  12. VintageCowgirl

    Bed bugs in Samos Convento do tras!

    I’ve never seen a bed bug before this morning. Now I’ve seen about a dozen before killing them. Hopefully the cleaning person will get a clue by the blood smears on the walls where they were smushed. I also emailed them. Doesn’t sound like they care. Is there a health authority that takes...
  13. VintageCowgirl

    Bed bugs in Samos Convento do tras!

    Managed to take a selfie just below my neck and appears to be red so might have been bitten there but no pain or itching.
  14. VintageCowgirl

    Bed bugs in Samos Convento do tras!

    I booked a room in Samos at Convento do tras. Based on comments left on Wise Pilgrim. After I checked in I looked st comments again and sometime between the first and second time someone posted about bed bugs! I’m aline in a twin bed room so I checked the bed i wss sleeping in. Spare not too...
  15. VintageCowgirl

    Live -Bus Astorga to Rabanal?

    At the albergue I stayed in Ponferrada, as I was leaving yesterday morning I spoke with a woman from the Netherlands looked to be around 65, whose arm was in a cast. She fell on the wet rocks leaving the Cruz de Ferro. Broke her srm and mushed up her face and was flying home yesterday. I went...
  16. VintageCowgirl

    Lessons Learned on the Camino - From Leon September 2023

    Thanks for sharing your experience whci is similar to mine. My intention was not to book ahead but beginning in Pamplona when I arrived during a fiesta I changed my thought process. I arrived in Puente La Reina on Sept 25 and prebooked a bed at Albergue Puente. A nice albergue that sleeps 38...
  17. VintageCowgirl

    LIVE from the Camino CF trip report

    I stayed at Boadilla a few nights ago. Nice to have the pool. Its a tough Camino with the heat and so many pilgrims and bed shortages. I know several people who had to stop due to health reasons- allergies, asthma, lung issues. Lots of tractors kicking up dust. One pilgrim quit due to the...
  18. VintageCowgirl

    Lost & Found Found - Tilley hat outside Burgos

    I’ve been wearing Tilley hats for 30 years. Obviously wearing a Tilley on this Camino and I am surprised how many people who are not Canadian ask me if I’m wearing a Tilley. I’d be disappointed to lose mine so I couldn’t just leave this stray behind. On the park bench that is. I’m hanging out in...
  19. VintageCowgirl

    Lost & Found Found - Tilley hat outside Burgos

    Found a man’s (?) Tilley hat on a park bench a few km outside Burgos Oct 3. Well used, dusty, damp. Probably there overnight maybe longer. No name or phone # and nothing in hidden compartment. I put in my pack for now. It will be donated if owner not found.
  20. VintageCowgirl

    Lost & Found Lost camera near Puente la Reina

    I’m in Puente la Reina for the night. Any idea where you lost it? Before town?!in town? Between here and Estella?

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