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  1. Pete Dunn

    Heads Up on Shoes Taken From Gite

    I'd have thought that someone is less likely to walk off in boots without an insole... so by simply removing the insoles overnight you will save on costly replacements, and potentially deter a thief!
  2. Pete Dunn

    Diversion at La Arena / Pobena

    I walked past the barrier today, which is back up, and there is no way around it. I’m stopping for the night in Pobeña so haven’t tested the detour, but am grateful for the ‘heads up’.
  3. Pete Dunn

    Camino Irritants

    Advance warning…. I’m walking part of the Norté next week, followed by the Inglés, along with my titanium tipped poles. Unfortunately, with 2 new’ish hips and after 3 knee ops they’ve become an essential part of my kit. Rubber tips are great except on wet surfaces (can slip dangerously) and...
  4. Pete Dunn

    Baggage transfer from A Coruna to Bruma

    I've just booked and paid taxicaminoingl.es to transport my wife's luggage along the Inglés in June '23. Carlos seems very efficient and communicates well. They came recommended by Albergue San Lorenzo de Bruma.
  5. Pete Dunn

    What alternatives to Correos for baggage transfer on the Inglés?

    Yes, a good idea, fortunately we were put on to a private taxi firm who seem well recommended, and will take a bag for €5 a day.
  6. Pete Dunn

    What alternatives to Correos for baggage transfer on the Inglés?

    Yes, I tried Hotel Canaima but they are fully booked… The Inglés is looking busy in June! In the end, I spoke to Albergue San Lorenzo de Bruma and they recommended TaxiCaminoInglés who responded quickly to my query 👍, and only €5 a day luggage transfer.
  7. Pete Dunn

    "The British pilgrimage problem" - magazine article

    That is true to a degree... however, looking at this sign announcing the start of the St James Way from Reading to Southampton... I'd say the destination is quite iconic! There are 420 waymarkers along the route that say the same thing.
  8. Pete Dunn

    What alternatives to Correos for baggage transfer on the Inglés?

    Hi there! My wife and I are walking the Inglés in early June and were hoping to use the Correos luggage transfer service. However, one of the albergues we hoped to stay at (Albergues San Lorenzo, Bruma) doesn't work with the Correos service. Has anyone recommendations for alternative baggage...
  9. Pete Dunn

    Camino del Norte in 28 days. Start in Bilbao or start in Irun and skip some stages?

    Good points on both sides. The opening stages from Irun offer some of the most beautiful walking on the Norte IMHO, whereas I remember choking on the toxic fumes from the heavy industry between Gijón-Avilés and would willingly avoid that section. It took me 30 days from Irun walking at a...
  10. Pete Dunn

    Good News :) in dark times

    And the Portuguese from Lisbon is calling me too... 🙏👌
  11. Pete Dunn

    Good News :) in dark times

    A great site thank you. And a fabulous resource for some friends who are planning their first Camino
  12. Pete Dunn

    Paramo jackets?

    Hi Donna, I've Cascada trousers and find them absolutely brilliant, they are breathable, plenty of movement, warm and weather proof. In fact, I bought a second pair because they're so excellent.... Perfect for English winter walking and my original pair lasted 10 years! ... The two possible...
  13. Pete Dunn

    When is a pilgrim not a pilgrim

    Hi Debi.... He is 'Alvaro', a young guy who speaks good English, below are the details and the link..... A truly amazing human being who didn't want to charge me for his and his father's time, until I really insisted. He said 'Officially, I tell you your Camino is over... However, I will repair...
  14. Pete Dunn

    When is a pilgrim not a pilgrim

    Sorry Jim, a true pilgrim does not pass judgement on the actions of others, without any knowledge of their personal circumstances, their health or reasons for taking alternative means of transport. Last year, I suffered dreadfully with blisters and was told by the doctor at Gernika hospital to...
  15. Pete Dunn

    LIVE from the Camino On the Primitivo

    We met the grumpy bartender a couple of days ago. He will also try to rip you off if he can... See Wise Pilgrim comment too. He filled a pretty girl's water bottle for free, but refused to do so for my friend, saying it was not drinkable and he'd have to pay €1.50 for a small bottle of...
  16. Pete Dunn

    My Pack Is Too Heavy: Woe Is Me!

    Please, please don't start with a heavy pack, or you will either 1) fail, 2) resent it or 3) dump half of it. I saw all 3 in my 5 weeks on the Camino. Heed the advice of others. Don't take a set of underwear or shirt for every day of the week... the albergue's have washing facilities...
  17. Pete Dunn

    Using Eu Passport For Medical Treatment

    Hi Denise, I needed hospital treatment at Gernika near Bilbao for horrendous blisters (!) and they wouldn't look at me until they had sight of my EHIC document, not my passport, although they did take a copy of that as well for their records. For peace of mind invest it travel insurance, I...
  18. Pete Dunn

    Camino Del Norte

    Hi Cosmic Goddess, I recommend the Wise Pilgrims Guide. It was invaluable to me as an iPhone app last year, and is also available as an Android app, and I believe they've since brought out the book. Here's the link.. https://itunes.apple.com/us/developer/wise-pilgrim/id535960559 I wrote a...
  19. Pete Dunn

    Black Toes!

    I was forced to stop walking for nearly 5 days because of blisters, but met the most wonderful podiatrist in Bilbao who saved my Camino. He told me the Spanish mountain farmers grease their feet before long days up in the hills, and my fellow German peregrinos, Anton (69) and Max (67)...
  20. Pete Dunn

    Boots or trail shoes or trainers? Not sure what to take please advise.

    There is no right or wrong answer. I wore lightweight boots and got bad blisters, a friend wore trail shoes and also experienced blisters, although not for the first few weeks. As an experienced walker, this was a novel experience as I NEVER get blisters!! My mistakes were: 1) I did not wear...

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