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  1. Ronald Boivin

    Via Imperii (Berlin - Leipzig) - a short report

    I look forward to reading this next report.
  2. Ronald Boivin

    WALKING route from Faro to Sagres

    I I was in Faro, Portugal three weeks ago and walked a few km for the fun of it first along the marshy coast. Download the Mapy.cz APP and input camino. A very clear path is shown within 1 m if that camino leading through Portugal.
  3. Ronald Boivin

    In Defense of Booking Com

    I needed to hear this positive info from the Albergue’s perspective. I just finished an almost three month camino where I used a variety of booking sites not all of them honourable. I finally returned to Booking.com because even it thought it still has problems, it is more trustworthy than other...
  4. Ronald Boivin

    Route markers on routes other than Frances?

    Thé Camino Mozarabe from Almeria to Cordoba is EXCEPTIONALLY well-marked.
  5. Ronald Boivin

    Credit Card Nightmare

    I SO understand.
  6. Ronald Boivin

    Credit Card Nightmare

  7. Ronald Boivin

    Credit Card Nightmare

    These are not prepaid. They are the cards and accounts I have used elsewhere in Europe
  8. Ronald Boivin

    Credit Card Nightmare

    I loaded it with Canadian dollars
  9. Ronald Boivin

    Credit Card Nightmare

    They should but the four digit pin is not accepted here in Spaon
  10. Ronald Boivin

    Credit Card Nightmare

    Prior to leaving Canada, I loaded 4 credit cards, Visa and MasterCard with $ to cover camino charges, I checked and double checked that the four digit codes for each worked. On getting to Spain none if the cards worked, the four digit pin not accepted. I didn’t 59€ I phone calls on supposed...
  11. Ronald Boivin

    Vodafone a nightmare

    On getting to Almería to do the Camino Mozarabe, I purchased a Vodafone SIM card for my iPhone 4. I was charged 40€ even though my receipt only showed 20€. Three days later, when my phone did not work properly, I realize got scammed out of 20€ cash by the clerk at Vodafone. Reported it to police...
  12. Ronald Boivin

    Stuck in Spain

    Get to a small coastal town south of Barcelona and lean Spanish!
  13. Ronald Boivin

    Up to date accommodation information for the Mozárabe

    MAke sure you contact Nely Pascual from the Camino association there before. That association is incredibly organized to support you. I’m in that Camino now and there stages you need to be well prepared for. Nely +34 619 860 198 Whatspp
  14. Ronald Boivin

    Using a Cell Phone in Portugal: Tips for Traveling Canadians

    Yes. I’m in Almeria Spain and brought an old iPhone 4 into which I had a Spanish SIM card I stalked for 20€. My new iPhone X connects to the wifi in the old phone into hotspot in settings. Unfortunately, all my credit cards got cancelled here when entered the PIN three times. I used up my 200...
  15. Ronald Boivin

    Where do you carry your valuables?

    Perhaps the Camino Mozarabe will help me regain my sanity! Lol
  16. Ronald Boivin

    Resolved -- Cannot get a response from SantiagoWays

    Very thoughtful of you to phone them.
  17. Ronald Boivin

    HOMEBASE: Change accommodation every 4 to 5 days

    It is not possible to book an albergue on Booling.com even for a few nights. Even with a doctor‘s note ( in my case an ER doctor) I was forced out of an albergue in Burgos on the Camino Frances A similar situation occurred on the Camino Tolosana. Don’t count on albergue support if you have...
  18. Ronald Boivin

    Where do you carry your valuables?

    I just faced this question AGAIN last week. Warning: I complicate everything but it works for me. Large denomination bills (100 Euros) go inside the zipper of a belt I bought on Amazon. Using a large safety pin I inconspicuously tie into the back seam of my shirt a 15 cm 4 cm bag (50 Euro...
  19. Ronald Boivin

    Camino Mozarabe from Almeria

    The itinerary I planned according to locations of Albergues which are often more than 20 km apart…. There are a few long stretches. I’m hoping to report on non-listed albergues along those lengthy stages.

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