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  1. Judith Bush

    Looking for a website to book tent pitches in France

    I tried unsuccessfully to copy and paste Robs Guide. It’s great and shows tenting sites and prices. !
  2. Judith Bush

    Tips for preventing tendinitis

    Same thing with me on my first Camino. I was using poles and was told that I was “marching” And walking with too much force which caused the shin splints. Now I try to walk as if kissing the earth 😊
  3. Judith Bush

    Digital Compostela: Save Trees and Clutter

    I was thinking the same thing lol.
  4. Judith Bush

    Pyrenees difficulty

    It’s honestly the best part. Just go slow!
  5. Judith Bush

    LIVE from the Camino 1 week Pamplona to Haro (Frances/Vasco)

    Good luck. I always wanted a winter Camino. Curious as to what type of footwear you are wearing.
  6. Judith Bush

    Updates from current walkers?

    Oh yes Oh yes. That makes sense. Another good reason to start my Camino soon. I will also be helping the private alburges 😊. I am so glad some are able to Open back up 😍
  7. Judith Bush

    Updates from current walkers?

    Any plans for them to reopen in 2021?
  8. Judith Bush

    Updates from current walkers?

    Are Municipal Alburgues open yet ?
  9. Judith Bush

    New Pilgrim question about hiking over the Pyrnees (first leg of SJPDP)

    Hi Patticake. Don't try and keep up with the other pilgrims , just take it SLOW and take frequent breaks and you will be fine. It is an amazingly beautiful walk. Buen Camino!
  10. Judith Bush

    Waking from St Jean to Finisterra Oct-Nov

    Just stay at the municiple (run by the town) Alburgues. They are the cheapest and most fun. This is where most people your age will be staying.

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