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  1. Telluridewalker

    Camino Francés in the 1980s

    I was there! (I walked in 1988.) Here's the thread from my introduction to this group, which includes some of my observations of being on the Camino in the (relatively) early years: pilgrim-introductions/topic5489.html?sd=d
  2. Telluridewalker

    Does boredom ever set in for you?

    This sums up my response- it's why I steadfastly recommend the Camino be done alone.
  3. Telluridewalker

    Can I just wing it?

    It's funny, because once I read this thread and thought about it, it only now dawned on me that I was a "winger" too! I walked pre-Internet and had a guidebook and only the faintest idea of what I was signing up for. There's a steep learning curve in the first week that really can't be...
  4. Telluridewalker

    what's the strangest thing that happened to you on the camin

    Detailed much better by Jack Hitt in his book, Off The Road, and later shown in a lengthy scene in The Way, I can tell you that spending the night in Ramon Sostres' "refugio" in Torres Del Rio was a very strange experience. (His was the ramshackle house with no front door, no furniture, no...
  5. Telluridewalker

    Credentials (donativo)

    Re: Free Credentials Granted it was in 1987, but I never had an actual credential on my camino. Starting in Pamplona, I just got stamps along the way on the inside front and back covers of my guidebook- and I did ultimately receive a compostela/compostelana- think that would still work today?
  6. Telluridewalker

    Broken pilgrim memorial

    Does anyone know what "S.E.P." stands for on the memorial? I couldn't find it in a web search.
  7. Telluridewalker

    Poorly feet and avatars

    Sometimes a thread withers and goes away that you think is a particulary good idea- this is one of those that I'd like to try to re-invigorate with this posting. Can you give us some insight into your particular avatar (i.e. the picture above your name)? :?:
  8. Telluridewalker

    What was your first day like?

    My first day was a study in contrasts. I had just finished two months of train travel/touring around Europe, so my pack was quite heavy, and I timed the end of that trip to land in Pamplona for the week of San Fermines (The Running of the Bulls) madness, where I slept in the park most nights and...
  9. Telluridewalker

    What did you read on your Camino

    I started with two books in my pack beyond my guide (I can't remember their titles) imagining a lot of free time, but between walking, sleeping and eating (and asking locals where one walks, sleeps and eats), there just wasn't much time to kick back and read. Those books were jettisoned on my...
  10. Telluridewalker

    Why has "No Money" topic pilgrim created such controversy?

    I think it generated interest because the essence of the OP's question was, "Do you think it is OK for me to lie if I feel my intentions are good?" It's a classic moral dilemma.
  11. Telluridewalker

    I'm agnostic, should I be going?

    Your self-description matches mine to a T- and the Camino was one of the best experiences of my life- don't miss it!
  12. Telluridewalker

    You know you are a seasoned pilgrim, when you

    ...think only 10 to a room is luxury. :wink:
  13. Telluridewalker

    Hi from Colorado USA!

    Welcome to the forum. As a fellow Coloradoan, I've done both the Camino and the similarly long Colorado Trail. Although both were great experiences, I preferred the Camino. Buen Camino!
  14. Telluridewalker

    Thanks forum

    Falcon! Please put your purist spoiler alerts at the beginning of your post- now I'm all upset! :lol:
  15. Telluridewalker

    Not Really Camino

    Which begs the question, which football club would St. James have supported, and why?
  16. Telluridewalker

    Camping as opposed to Albergues

    This is a most succinct and informative answer to a question that gets asked a lot on the forum- nice work, Falcon.
  17. Telluridewalker

    Smells of the Camino

    I was biking to work this morning when I passed a horse field and the pleasant smell of manure brought me right back to the Camino in my mind. Fresh manure is the primary smell I still associate with the Camino- do you have a smell that triggers your mind's return to the Camino?
  18. Telluridewalker

    How do you tell people what the Camino de Santiago is?

    I walked the Camino when I was 21. My parents accepted my decision to walk, although I highly doubt they understood it- I'm not sure they understand even now. The Camino has had a very deep influence on my life, mostly in ways that are subtle and not obvious to the outside observer. If you...
  19. Telluridewalker

    Have any forum members started their relationship on the Cam

    This thread reminds me of a quotation I've been pondering lately: "Men more frequently need to be reminded than informed." -Samuel Johnson

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