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  1. Telboyo

    Help me review this packing list for my students

    I would recommend that your students take some seasoning with them. Salt and pepper are rarely available on the camino, if you like spicy food a small bottle of your favourite hot sauce will not go amiss.
  2. Telboyo

    How do you count your caminos?

    Luxury. I count them with tears of pain
  3. Telboyo

    Credit Card Nightmare

    How do you load credit cards with cash? I understand that you can put money on a prepaid debit debit card. Is revolut available as an app in Canada because that is really useful for foreign currency transactions.
  4. Telboyo

    New backpack strange.

    When I did the Frances I used a Lowe Alpine I found the osprey packs too short for my height. I found it a wonderful pack, I picked up so many souvenirs that it was almost 20kg when I finished yet it actually felt much lighter when I finished than when i started.
  5. Telboyo

    Santiago and LGBT

    Inclusivity actually includes everyone, LGBTQ, Christians, non Christians, religions of all typesand those of no faith. That is the whole point of it.
  6. Telboyo

    LIVE from the Camino Finally on the way.

    Come on keith,Norfolk folk think Holland is Hilly. I agree that last climb through the beech forest is awful
  7. Telboyo

    Where do you carry your valuables?

    I must be an exception to the rule. I kept my national passport, credencial and wallet in the top pocket of my rucsac. I like to know where things are. At albergues they would stay in my bag when I went to the shower my phone would be left on my bed or plugged into to a socket to charge. The...
  8. Telboyo

    Passport warning — expiration date

    There have been horror stories of people waiting upto 10 weeks for a new UK passport. I applied online on 4th August and the new passport will be delivered today. I think the press got carried away when perhaps 1 individual had to wait 10 weeks because of either errors or special circumstances...
  9. Telboyo

    Passport warning — expiration date

    Don't panic about the renewal time. I applied for a replacement UK passport and was quoted 10 weeks. I applied online on 4tg August. Posted my old passport that day. On Tuesdays 9th August they acknowledged receipt of passport. On Friday 19th they told me that it was approved and would be going...
  10. Telboyo

    Things I'd bring, who cares about the weight

    I've found that using regular cooking oil did hinges squeaking. It may need re doing dinner rather than later but you will be gone.
  11. Telboyo

    Daily Time Schedule?

    I tend to wake up and then immediaty.put my clothes on and pack my bedding. Rucksack packed I visit the ablutions and I am on my way. This is usually by 06:30.I am not awake and it is dark so I found out that it is best to check out the right direction the night before it looks different in the...
  12. Telboyo

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Simulation inside a plane with Covid

    "they" already know where you have been, when the immigration officer scans your machine readable passport they can see this info. It would not be too difficult to link your vaccination status to your passport enabling you to travel .
  13. Telboyo

    Yet another health threat to worry about

    Carrying an axe answers most of the equipment questions. The ax will take up most of your 10 per cent body weight allowance, so, no sleeping bag, shoes not boots, no poles, water bottle not bladder. As you grind the axe away the weight in the pack can be replaced with souvenirs.
  14. Telboyo

    Getting to Europe by cargo ship

    When I was in the RAF I spent 3 weeks on HMS Ocean, those Matelots are weird, speak a different language and have no sense of humour. It put me off cruises and all in holidays for life.😃
  15. Telboyo

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD 2020 Camino a possibility?

    EU261 The regulation about aircraft delays and cancellations applies to all passengers on EU airlines arriving within the EU. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flight_Compensation_Regulation
  16. Telboyo

    OBSOLETE COVID THREAD Cancellation Blues sympathy thread

    Don't view the cancellation of a trip as the end of your journey see it as part of the journey. All endeavours have set backs and worries even though you may have mitigated some worries by having an app, a guide book and booked accommodation for every stage in order to have a successful...
  17. Telboyo

    Change to post reediting rules?

    As far as I understand you have a week to sober up, if it takes longer than that, a spelling mistake in a forum is probably the least of your worries.
  18. Telboyo

    Cancelation Insurance due to Coronavirus

    Here is an article from the UK perspective. https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/11038394/travel-insurance-coronavirus-your-rights/

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