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    Washing clothes in Albergues

    Most albergues do, and the cost includes the soap
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    Backpack Transfer along CF

    The only company I have seen in all albergues is Jacotrans. Very reliable. Make sure to call them the day before and tell them where you are sending your pack. The albergues provide you with envelopes to put on your pack.
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    2 Questions

    Many albergues don't provide a blanket. Since these months have been very hot, I only wished I had a blanket was in one place. September- Octber may get cooler. The albergues for the most part run out of tp at night. And most don' t provide soap either, so bring a small towel and soap with you...
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    SJPDP - Napoleon Route

    Visit the pilgrim office in sjpdp. They give you a sheet of paper with photos of key places where you may get confused. There aren't many places to get confused and the photos help
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    Camino frances- Burgos-avoid Hostel Catedral Burgos

    This hostel's public areas are dirty . The place is noisy filled with college students, screaming and slamming doors, playing music all night. I reserved a bed in an all women room and this guy showed up in the middle of the night and took the last bed. There is no ac or fans. The shower sliding...
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    Accomodation St. Jean Pied de Port

    I stayed at Maizon Simonenia, on the Camino route. Ran by a mother and daughter team. Very clean, quiet and the price includes breakfast. If you plan ro do the route to Roncesvalles in two days, I highly recommend Albergue Borda, a few minutes past Orisson. Ama zing place. Includes dinner and...
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    Brands of tea in Spain

    Black tea is hard to find. You may find black tea with mint, which does not work for black tea drinkers like me. I would get any box of black tea you can find.
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    French way: Paved sections to skip

    Thanks very much for the detailed answer. Considering the heatwave currently happening in Europe , and your comment about it being brown, I am thinking of skipping it . I want to enjoy my walk, not suffer through it unnecessarily.
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    French way: Paved sections to skip

    I am leaving next week and my start point is SJPDP. Twenty five days will be my walking time. I am not in great shape ( long story) therefore I am planning to carry the bare minimum which I have tested on a few walks and it is not too hard on my body. I want to walk the meseta and the last...
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    French way: Paved sections to skip

    Thank you! I want to cross the Pyrenees so I will start in SJPDP, I definitely want to walk the meseta,quick visit Burgosand walk from Sarria to Santiago. My focus is the walk, and with such little time I don't expect to do a lot of sightseeing. I leave for Spain next week. Buen Camino!
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    French way: Paved sections to skip

    Hello. I realize there is not one answer to this question. I have 25 days and I am not fast. I may just cut a section and move on. I have watched many videos from previous pilgrims and, unlike other routes that cross industrial areas o have long sections on paved roads, I haven't seen any...
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    French way: Paved sections to skip

    Hello, I don't have enough time to walk the entire Camino Frances. Which paved sections could be avoided to save time? Thanks.

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