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  1. klimmo

    What do we do about prescription medications? ( Especially controlled substances)

    I take medicine in gel form and on both legs of my flight, out of Geneva and out of Malaga, it got checked and verified against the prescription I had on me. On my way out of Malaga it almost got taken as the prescription (a yearly one) had run out by a few days. After discussion with a...
  2. klimmo

    Walking the Camí de Cavalls in Menorca

    Above was just a quick reply to @DDKKBB. Here’s my tripreport for my first 4 days on the Camí. Short: I’m absolutely loving it, the island is beautiful! The weather is still decidedly warm and there’s still a nice number of other walkers around. That being said, mid October is when a lot of...
  3. klimmo

    Walking the Camí de Cavalls in Menorca

    Hi! I’m in Ciutadella now. I’ve done Mahon to here in four days. Weather is still very good, but logistically it’s a bit complicated. I’ve got my trip organised through camidecavalls360 and can recommend.
  4. klimmo

    Menorca and Mallorca - GR221 and 223

    hi! thank you for your reply! so good to have some inside info. And a few less worries (snow and routemarking). I remember a very cold and wet Mozarabe, also early november. I'm going to make the most of this pack transfer and bring a set of warm clothes and hope for the best. There's always a...
  5. klimmo

    Buen Camino app, negative about central Portugal

    Walk out of Porto on the river to the coast! It's a lovely walk, you start at the cathedral, which makes for a nice starting point, and no suburbs or airport. In my opinion it would be a shame to miss it.
  6. klimmo

    Menorca and Mallorca - GR221 and 223

    Hi all, A few day before setting off for four weeks of walking, no official camino this year, but two long distance paths on the Balear Island in the Mediteranean. Both with a lot of history, nature and long and winding roads. I choose these as I wanted something different, a bit more raw...
  7. klimmo

    Remedy for lessons learned

    Have a great camino Wildtrout, where are you going? I'm preparing for my GR walks on the Balear islands and it's still 25 to 30 degrees C there. Don't know what to pack!
  8. klimmo

    Frivolous debate - swimsuit vs 3rd set of undergarments

    Hi, I walked the coastal litoral in october-november '21 and I brought a string bikini (for my not skinny body type) and I was glad I did. it was super light and didn't take any place in my bag but allowed for dips in sea and pool, which was great with the 20+ degrees C and sunny weather. This...
  9. klimmo

    Camino in late October/early November?

    Hi, I walked both my camino's in october-november. The Mozarabe from Granada to Cordoba and two years ago the Portugues from Porto to Santiago. The first one was cold and lonely, the second one warm (20degrees) and sunny, with enough others to meet up regularly. I'm going to walk the dry stone...
  10. klimmo

    LIVE from the Camino CF trip report

    Ahh great to hear things are working out for you! And way to go on the 24km, you are stronger than you knew. Just keep ticking along. And keep the updates coming, enjoyed that. buen camino
  11. klimmo

    Amount of euros

    Well, if I could pay my bills with cash, cash could be useful. But 90% of all bills (and all payroll) goes through the bank. So if everyone starts to pay me in cash, I have to deposit all that and pay hefty fees on it, it just suddenly isn’t that attractive anymore. Sure a small amount of cash...
  12. klimmo

    GR221 (Ruta De Pedra En Sec / The Dry Stone Route) - Mallorca

    Thank you so much for your updates. I'm even more looking forward to my trip there. Best wishes!! Buen camino
  13. klimmo

    Amount of euros

    For many online payments (even booking and some airlines) I don’t need a credit card here in CH, I can either pay with my debit card or use a system called TWINT (that I believe is unique to CH). I basically only have a cc for international travel.
  14. klimmo

    Amount of euros

    There seems to be a bit of a difference between European (mainland?) users and overseas? Maybe a difference in banking systems? I hardly ever carry more than 20-50 euro in cash. Maybe 100 if I know accomodation needs to be paid in cash. I pay contactless with my debit card wherever I can. I do...
  15. klimmo

    GR221 (Ruta De Pedra En Sec / The Dry Stone Route) - Mallorca

    Thank you, I have been able to book both Tossals Verds and the monastery. Looking into the Cuber now, as it sounds very interesting. Keep them coming!
  16. klimmo

    GR221 (Ruta De Pedra En Sec / The Dry Stone Route) - Mallorca

    I am very much enjoying your updates! Thank you!
  17. klimmo

    Running the camino portugues. Any thoughts, hints, questions?

    I have only knowledge of the coastal-litoral: but you’d be fine. It’s mostly flat. Some good places to stay along the way. I did it fastpacking a few years ago. With a good pack and minimal stuff. Make sure the pack fits you right and doesn’t bounce too much. That gets old quickly. I used trail...
  18. klimmo

    Via Francigena - bus under Great Saint Bernard Pass

    Hi. There's definitely no snow on the pass or on any part of the walk. Even to quite a bit higher up. Also the walk to the col is wonderful. As is the part down to Oyen and Bosses. There are multiple buses to the col from the swiss side and a stay on the col is absolutely recommended. I don't...
  19. klimmo

    GR221 (Ruta De Pedra En Sec / The Dry Stone Route) - Mallorca

    Hi @Bachibouzouk , thank you for your updates. I'll be walking in your path from end of october and i will try to prepare myself for the first two stretches. Please keep your updates coming! Wishing you a great trip, Mo
  20. klimmo

    Hill on Spiritual Variante

    According to my GPS the climb alone was 371 meters. The total of my walk from Pontevedra to Armenteira was 600m.

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