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    List of Churches - Sarria to Santiago

    What David said. What information are you looking for? I found misas.org not too hard, * if* what you want is to attend Mass. You tell it what day you're interested in, let it use your location, and it will tell you what churches in a radius around your location will have Mass at what...
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    Does anyone know of any shorter pilgrimage routes around the world?

    Well...I know nothing about when you walked last, what season you walked last, and under what conditions you feel that you can get closer to God. So let me share what I do know. The Primitivo is a harder walk if you're not in shape, with some longer distances in the early stages between...
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    Train Madrid to Leon

    Summary of everything said above: 1. It's too early to reserve for September. RailEurope let me book for my Sept train last year in about April or May, ahead of Renfe. I don't recommend booking on Renfe from the US...they're quite tempermental about US credit cards. 2. Plenty of options to...
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    Advice… please… 🙏🏻 (About starting time each day)

    Re mass in every place....there was a website ( in Spanish) that described where daily masses were, similar to the US website Masstimes.org ( which doesn't work in Spain). It's back on the Primitivo threads.... There * may* be a Mass in *every* village, but it's not every day in every...
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    Feel for you there, Kathar1na. If your friend became aware that all she's doing is training those foxes to come to their eventual demise at someone else's hand, she might think twice. Then again, maybe not. There are...or sometimes, there *were* ...people who have not learned (or refuse to...
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    Has the Camino lost its way?

    The points translated from the article read to me like sour grapes from Leon, but I admit freely that my command of Spanish isn't up to the task. But... "That pilgrims abandon the French path, which is the initial one, the most traveled one, which comes from medieval origins, clearly worries...
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    What is your favorite (affordable) restaurant on the Camino Frances?

    Not sure about affordability, but I have very fond memories of the Meson just past the historic Ribadiso albergue. Outstanding pulpo and Padron peppers.
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    Does anyone know of any shorter pilgrimage routes around the world?

    Do you know about the shorter Caminos? The Ingles, the Primitivo, the Portugues from Tui?
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    What pushed or invited or drew you to set off for 'The Camino'?

    I discussed this with my husband, but the best I can come up with was that sometime during early Covid, I must have read an article (BBC travel, I suspect) about the Camino. As I've been quite clear in the past, I never saw *any* movies or videos, booked our first Sarria to Santiago leg...
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    Accommodation Recommends

    Albergue Da Costa, Muxia. A bit away from the center (less than 10 min walk) with the ocean across the not busy street. Both an albergue and at least one private room with ensuite bathroom. Open terrace and seating on the upper level. I liked it a lot.
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    Senda Litoral late April-May and what to pack

    Bom Caminho! Since you two are experienced backpackers, then the answers to most of your questions are dependent upon your preferences. You can look up historical weather patterns, but as always, your mileage is likely to vary. Do you sleep hot indoors, or cold? You may be within very...
  12. D

    New lightweight backpack from REI

    Best of luck! It looks promising. *After* I bought a Six Moon Design pack with the mesh vest adaptation, I decided I wanted a smaller, non top loading model. :( Which reminds me, I really ought to donate that pack....) 5-11 Tactical offered an ultralight with strap adjusters, nice hip belt...
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    In fairness to the OP, the article he's referencing includes complaints from a nearby village ( there's a natural park nearby) that reintroduced brown bears ( population now estimated to be over 400) are wandering through the town and around peoples homes. The local Guardia have been equipped...
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    The Way: how do you feel about THE movie?

    Ah, you have a #3 now. Never seen it, didn't influence me to go on Camino, pretty much irrelevant to my life choices. Now, Lord of the Rings / The Fellowship of the Ring, I saw 13 or so times in the year after it came out. It was a very painful year, and Gandalf spoke to me as he spoke to...
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    Detour to Santa Eulalia de Bóveda

    Ah...eating ripe chestnuts in September ( though I confess I prefer mine roasted, in the end). I go by a rule I learned in a tropical fruit park/garden outside Miami...I don't pick from the tree or vine. If it's on the Way (literally) and in good shape, then I glean. ;) Now, back to your...
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    Credential for Camino Primitivo

    Ok, to clarify one point. I purchased my credencial from Ivar when I bought my guidebook. You're from Australia...does the local Pilgrim's association sell one via mail? The pilgrim rate at the Cathedral for basic non-Mass entry for pilgrims * starting* in Oviedo was 4 euro as of Sept 2023...
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    A stupid washing thing..

    :::: chuckle:::: Oddly enough, the sample size shampoo and laundry bars were noticeably lighter than even the 3 Oz travel shampoo. That got left behind after day 1. ;)
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    Camino Primitivo - Scared of Heights

    Yep, that's the area. Again, *i* was concentrating too much to take a pic, except at that one rock outcropping. OP, when you use the Buen Camino app, you can set a switch to show the bike alternatives. The road down to Montefurado (?) is one of them.
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    newbie seeking advice Camino Primitivo

    Hi there! Buen Camino. I started the Camino in Hoka boots, and then switched to Challengers at Lugo. But, by all that's holy, check yourself out on terrain before you go. I bought poles in Oviedo and used them A LOT until at least Ferreira. Seriously. Respect the terrain, if it's your first...
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    Bed Race → Astorga to SdC early April

    Um...the OP can't pre-book municipal or Xunta albergues. There are private donativo albergues that take reservations. That being said, April shouldn't be a problem. Semana Santa is the week *before* Easter, and as has been noted, Easter is March 31st this year. Honestly, April is...

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