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    Heartwarming story / Camino for Spanish inmates

    I am sure it's somewhere in Spanish history that Judges could sentence criminals to do Camino as a punishment / penance
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    Obtain the QR-CODE before you arrive in Santiago.

    Update we did the form as recommended arrived early at 09-39 presented the QR code at the door was given a numbered ticket 48 and 49 went straight in followed the Que of 10 and was out again in 15 minutes Far better than the 3 hrs it took in 2018
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    Obtain the QR-CODE before you arrive in Santiago.

    Thank you everyone we have done the form and have a QR code but I could not find any proper info on what to do next I will be at the office for 10 am and hope for the best. We head to Finistere by bus after lunch so time is pressing. It took us longer than expected from Burgos my partner has a...
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    Obtain the QR-CODE before you arrive in Santiago.

    Posted where please
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    The Camino needs pilgrims.

    Thank you for the tip looking at samos
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    The Camino needs pilgrims.

    May be we are being unlucky with going at the same pace as two large supported groups as we are struggling to get accommodation last night in Astorga but their we're two spare top bunks and tonight in Rabanal del Camino Still haven't got accommodation for tomorrow But the camino always provides
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    Bed bugs - Santander

    Maybe during your pilgrimage you will contemplate on what it is to be a Pilgrim.
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    Bed bugs - Santander

    Did you notify the hospidero Posts like this can have a positive impact but more likely can ruin a business
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    Warning Wayfinding out of Leon

    Part of the experience
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    Ryanair strike dates.

    Ryanair tried to impose by all possible means (including incorporating workers from other countries) minimum services of 100% during the strike days called in June, the airline's workers have decided to go a step further. The USO and Sitcpla unions have announced new breaks in July. They will...
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    Travel to Porto

    With all the current travel problems with air travel. What form of transport are uk and Irish pilgrims using to get to Porto We are thinking of going with Ryan air in September but would need to put our packs in the hold which we are not keen on. Rail seems costly and baggage forwarding is £30...
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    Is this feasible: picnic lunches on Camino del Norte?

    My partner and I go to the supermarket deli counter and buy fresh cheese and sliced meats and fresh fruit and bread and I make up sandwiches for the next days breakfast and lunch. This year I’ve bought a new Swiss Army knife for picknicks and have made up a lightweight cool bag from a Iceland...
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    Travel mug. Yes or no?

    My partner likes big coffees but not overly strong I am bringing a collapsing travel mug to assist in buying her coffee
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    To shave or not to shave

    I am thinking of not carrying anything to shave with to help save on weight. With catching Covid and then having 10 days compulsory leave. I haven't shaved for 24 days. It has started me thinking about not shaving while on my next camino. I could by kit on route if I needed too or get a...
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    Albergue For Sale

    Any idea how much it is up for sale for ?
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    Travel Pre paid debit cards

  17. M

    Blues (Music) On The Camino

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    Joining a Camino de Santiago Group Tour with Tips and Guides

    I think booking all stages is a mistake it takes the spontaneity out of the equation and makes your way too rigid
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    Joining a Camino de Santiago Group Tour with Tips and Guides

    Never had a problem with dogs on caminio I expect if the way is close or passes by the dogs are use to Pilgrims
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    Joining a Camino de Santiago Group Tour with Tips and Guides

    We have a charity locally charging £1700 for a guided tour Saria to Santiago de Compostela when you can do it yourself without any problems for £350

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