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  1. D

    Little sculptures

    Santo Domingo dela calzada 😊
  2. D

    WhatsApp, pay in advance?

    Most albergues based on trust. I would emailed them to book, and agreed on a method to communicate later : WhatsApp or email. I would remind them one week in advance and the day I arrive. But some give you a link to 'validate' the credit card, only charge on day of arrival.
  3. D

    Book on Spanish History

    I have Gitlitz and Davidson's in eBook version, so that I can read on the way. It's particularly useful when visiting the churches 😊 I could look up at those beautiful carvings on tympanum, then read about it on my phone.
  4. D

    Paris Accommodation

    I stored my backpack in there after my stay, but not before. But I think you probably can, because there is a front desk, just maybe put a remark when you book, the hostel manager was very nice, she answered my questions before my arrival via email. Tip: try book on their website directly.
  5. D

    Paris Accommodation

    I love Adveniat! But it's not near Gare St Lazarre
  6. D

    24 elders on holy door : Who's Aegeo the prophet?

    Ah....Thank you! Enjoy your visit in June!
  7. D

    24 elders on holy door : Who's Aegeo the prophet?

    Good morning everyone, I am reading about the twenty-four elders on the holy door, and came across this prophet "Aegeo". It mentioned on the website : The image identified as Saint Luke and Aegeo the Prophet. I have never come across this prophet in the bible. Google search doesn't return much...
  8. D

    Does anyone know of any shorter pilgrimage routes around the world?

    I read about this some times back : Winchester to Canterbury, 192km https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pilgrims%27_Way Another link here https://britishpilgrimage.org/portfolio/pilgrims-way-to-canterbury/
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    A stupid washing thing..

    Last autumn i had short spiky hair, didn't bring a comb. Didn't comb my hair for almost 2 months 😅 🙈
  10. D

    A stupid washing thing..

    I use soap mesh bag. Brought a small hook to hang my stuffs in shower cubicle, use the same to dry my soap whn I put my laundry out to dry. Store in ziplock bag. Voila.
  11. D

    A stupid washing thing..

    I made my own shampoo bar, and use it for everything.
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    Duo Lingo or Something Else?

    1301 days on Duolingo, picked it up again during pandemic. Not that I can speak Spanish now, but this time round it was so much easier for me to order food and made simple conversation. There were times, the bartender corrected my mistakes 😅, there were times, they praised me. I can tell they...
  13. D

    Where does the bus stop in Samos, to Sarria?

    It's much more inside, wall murals and all. Don't miss it 😉
  14. D

    Where does the bus stop in Samos, to Sarria?

    Please remember to check the schedule of monastery guided tour 😊 I joined the tour at 4pm, not sure that'll be an earlier session.
  15. D

    Mid Sept?

    I started 24th Sep from SJPP. The road was busy but not crowded, it got lesser and lesser as we walked. Then, it got busy again towards the end.
  16. D

    O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela

    Same here, like a carnival is waiting for us in Santiago
  17. D

    O Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela

    This last 19km is lovely. On our last day we decided to take a very slow walk, stop at cafe, chatting, counting down at milestones, group selfie on the road. I am sure both of you will enjoy meeting others pilgrims coming from longer distances. It like going into Santiago to attend a fiasta.
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    Train from Madrid to Sarria

    @Billraff I notice train schedule from Madrid to Sarria for 26th October has been released. Maybe you want to check yours. My friends had given up, they rented a car instead.
  19. D

    The dreaded plantar fasciitis - just as I’m about to start…

    My conditions improve with calves stretching after advice from physio. Now I do it twice a day. I will make it a point to do proper warm up and stretching before I walk next week. Hope this helps
  20. D

    Foot glide question

    I used NOK 5 years ago, very good. I notice aptonia's texture is very similar to it.

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