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  1. Rex

    LIVE from the Camino 22 km from Rondriso to O Pedrouzo. Heavy rain and flooding

    Kudos to you for taking figuring out the path through the lake for the rest of your fellow pellegrinos. This is the kind of thing my "real-live cowboy" uncle taught us when we were small fry and following him through the brush and creeks of eastern Oregon... pick a path and go forward until you...
  2. Rex

    Plans Cancelled!!!

    Godspeed wherever you choose to hike. Every pilgrimage on my list of those I'm interested in is overbooked this year (one (requiring guides and advance booking) was sold out for the 2022 season before March 15th). The COVID enforced travel restrictions are now fully off and people are itching...
  3. Rex

    Napoleon Route in October

    In early October, 2013, starting my first Camino, the Pilgrim Office in SJPDP (where it was cloudy but dry), suggested that it was going to be foggy with light drizzle up on the Napoleon route. Before Orison, it started to rain, gently, and continued for a couple of hours. Then the fog rolled...
  4. Rex

    Nearly Half a Million on the Frances....but....

    Any truth to the rumor his friends just called him Chuck? 😂🙄😎
  5. Rex

    Accommodation in O Cebreiro

    In 2013, I arrived in Cebreiro in the early afternoon, just as a busload of pilgrims was unloading at the hotel. I wanted a quiet room for the night and was about to find out that the town was going to be full that evening (late September). I wandered into the nearly empty Venta Cetta cafe/bar...
  6. Rex

    When do most pilgrims feel like quitting the Camino de Santiago?

    Last day into Burgos on my 1st camino. Terrible blisters from my favorite well worn hiking boots (actually had three blisters on top of each other on my left heel which I finally lanced successfully on my off day in Burgos). Instead of quitting, I shipped those beloved boots back to Seattle...
  7. Rex

    20% drop in pilgrim numbers at Roncesvalles

    I had the same experience on the Portuguese in September, 2018; the volunteers in the Pilgrim Office were so swamped they weren't even checking for stamps other than the initial stamp from Lisboa and a very cursory glance at the last few days. They did ask me if I had walked the last 100KM...
  8. Rex

    UK Guardian story today

    Good to know... With Christmas coming up, there may be opportunities to enhance the culinary libraries of several of my sisters-in-law. It's either that or new Birkenstocks or UGGs. ;>)
  9. Rex

    UK Guardian story today

    No words... priceless gift from Reuben to his brothers (and they thought it the other way round). What's wrong with tofu? :>)
  10. Rex

    Anyone approaching Carrión de los Condes

    Nice. We moved here about three years ago, from Magnolia Bluff in Seattle. We retired to a little house right behind the old Edmonds/Woodway HS, down on 236th PL SW. Such a charming quiet little town.
  11. Rex

    Anyone approaching Carrión de los Condes

    LOL! I'm the same way about Gaelic music wafting out of pubs or bars, no matter the country or the time of day. :>) The bar on the upper terrace behind the Cathedral in Santiago had a family band playing Galician music until 1:00am on my last visit to Santiago. Even though everyone had tired...
  12. Rex

    Husband wants to come with me!

    Good friends had a similar experience a few years ago. Wife is an early riser, packs light, walks fast and isn't much for conversation with others. Hubby is a late starter, a "just in case" packer, walks slower, takes a lot of coffee breaks and knows no strangers. They agreed at the outset in...
  13. Rex

    SJPP to Roncesvalles - your personal experience

    For distance runners this is not a long leg, but the elevation changes make it a challenge. The climb is difficult, but only in the first 8KM, after that it is relatively gentle in pitch. It went from a partly cloudy late September day to cold fog and rain between Orisson and the top of the...
  14. Rex

    Nothing went right

    Sounds like a perfect trip, Peregrino. Bonne chance et bon randonnee.
  15. Rex

    Samos option?

    Stayed at the monastery dormitory in Oct, 2013. Monks gave us a late afternoon tour of the cloisters, the library and art works and a short lecture on the history of Samos (seems to burn down every few hundred years). The monastery church has a significant pipe organ that was (unfortunately)...
  16. Rex

    September Frances

    Good luck and Buen Camino, Bob. Glad to hear there are definite plans being made; for me, the anticipation is the beginning of the Camino. All the planning, reading, maps, pictures, etc... are a major part of the trek. Hope you have a safe and wonderful trip. Next year for me... 2021 is...
  17. Rex

    2021 Camino Frances - will be more expensive !

    Thanks for this thread. I've been wondering about the costs going higher as the CF re-opens. Not going to stop me from walking, as I consider it both a pilgrimage and a chance to support those who have suffered through the pandemic and just happened to be in the hospitality business along a...
  18. Rex

    Donation Box

    I discarded almost nothing along the Way, but did ship home a couple of expensive items I wanted to keep, but didn't need to carry on the Camino. Postage for a pair of hiking boots and a self inflating sleeping pad (about 5 lbs or 2.2 kg) from Burgos to Seattle was 50 Euros, just for reference...
  19. Rex

    Is the Camino an addiction, an obsession or something else?

    Not addition, not obsession ... just a walking retreat for my soul. My wife prefers a week in a convent for her retreats and I prefer the daily challenge of a long walk with time to think. Meeting new people and enjoying a different culture are bonuses, and the friends I've made along the way...
  20. Rex

    What the ......

    So many of these comments carry wisdom that I wish I'd possessed when I wrote my blog along the CF several years ago. When I returned home, two of my siblings had read the posts, along with a couple of friends. Most of the circle of people who had signed up to read my blog lost interest...

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