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  1. davejsy

    Camino Norte

    Well maybe as opposed to skipping stages you could start further along? Bilbao would have good access, and you would miss what is often described by some as the hardest parts in the first week. The downside is that they are often described as some of the most beautiful stages also.
  2. davejsy

    Camino Norte

    It depends how fit you are and how fast you walk! But I think the average is 33 days. Some places are still cash only, but the majority will take cards - but remember it's always good to have extra cash for a tip (and don't forget Donativos). Most people would advise taking an amount of cash in...
  3. davejsy

    LIVE from the Camino Starting the Camino del Norte January 30th 2024

    Santillana del Mar is beautiful with cobblestone streets and amazing ancient buildings and well worth a stop if that is an option for you, it is about 15km before Comillas. Then the next day it is about 30km to San Vicente de la Barquera which is another beautiful place in this beautiful part of...
  4. davejsy

    Arriving in Irun

    Take the train if you have time, realx and see the beautiful scenery, especially along the coast that you'll be walking back along. It is straightforward and not expensive despite needing a change. They won't show results that far in advance, but for example if you put in dates now you get many...
  5. davejsy

    2024 El Norte to Ribadesella, possible stages.

    Bilbao is a beautiful reborn city, in fact one the only cities I regularly return to in NW Spain (I'm not a city person), although I've not stayed there as normally train in on the Euskotren from Mundaka during our roadtrips. I haven't walked the Norte, but have spent the last 10+ years...
  6. davejsy

    Where would you plan to spend an extra day?

    It very much depends what you want, village or city, rural or not. But seriously the whole of that north coast is just spellbinding. I'd definitely give a thumbs up to Comillas, although for me Santilliana del Mar just beats it, and then add in San Vincent de la Baquera (apologies if spelt...
  7. davejsy

    Announcement: Creation of the Acogida Tradicional Jacobea

    I mean I'm very naive toward any such discussions as those above, but I've heard and read a lot of opinions and witnessed certain things on my CF this autumn. But anything that seeks to keep alive the spirit of Donativo's or similar is surely good - my best night on the CF was spent at the St...
  8. davejsy

    Weather and Difficulty Questions

    I don't think you need any other tips - your attitude is perfect for what I hope will be an amazing adventure for you both.
  9. davejsy

    Norte advice

    I kind of get where you are coming from. Its a bit like I don't like just how busy NW Spain is getting now compared to when I first started going over 10 years ago, theres just too many tourists (I include Spanish in that), but of course the irony is that I'm also a tourist! So on the face of it...
  10. davejsy

    Weather and Difficulty Questions

    Weather is like Russian roulette at the moment, however, I normally spend several weeks in NW Spain including the coast in Sept/Oct over the past 10 years and have generally been very lucky with the weather with no prolonged periods of rubbish weather - quite the contrary really in that it's...
  11. davejsy

    Continue with CdN or change to C Primitivo

    I have no walking experience of either, but I have spent many happy road trips around there. I don't agree that the coastal route would be more of the same. Some of what you will miss by diverting to Oviedo is some of the most beautiful coast that I've been lucky enough to spend time in Luarca...
  12. davejsy

    Norte advice

    Yes I think NW Spain in general has become infinitely more popular amongst the Spanish since COVID, and there are a lot of people now cashing in on the demand that wasn't there before. It is spoiling some places though (and I acknowledge the irony that I am a tourist also!), my trips have always...
  13. davejsy

    Norte advice

    Wow some of those prices are quite eye opening! I've spent a lot of time in NW Spain over the last 10 years on road trips, and definitely noticed the cost has increased massively everywhere over the last few years. I must say though when we went at Easter we stayed in some nice places, and the...
  14. davejsy

    Any foodies in the house?

    And of course don't forget to try the Basque Txakoli!
  15. davejsy

    Any foodies in the house?

    If you ever get the chance to go to where they make Cabrales don't miss it. I think they even do cheese tours, and that particular cheese is matured in caves in the Picos de Europa mountain range which is one of the most beautiful places in Spain and probably earth, often referred to as the...
  16. davejsy

    Any foodies in the house?

    Having being lucky enough to have done countless road trips around the beautiful costa verde I would suggest that you will struggle to find bad food, and it is often the smallest or least likely looking out of the way places that will surprise you - so don't discount anything that doesn't appear...

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