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  1. Sandcruiser

    8 days in, thoughts on gear

    My training didn't emphasize air-dry speed for laundry, no. Also didn't focus on the best way to carry euro coins... Among various other things.
  2. Sandcruiser

    8 days in, thoughts on gear

    I've only done a bit more than a week, but here are some things I wish I'd seen while prepping: 1) briefs. I prefer boxer briefs at home, but after talking to some ladies in my camino family about underwear..... I grabbed a pair of briefs at decathlon in Pamplona. They are lighter and dry...
  3. Sandcruiser

    Smart Packing and Unexpected Backpack Items

    Sun sleeves. I have a pair from cycling and they're an excellent way to make a tshirt just a little warmer and/or to keep the sun off of your arms (oddly, they feel cooler vs. no sleeves) I haven't weighed them but they weigh less than my underwear or socks. Very lightweight.
  4. Sandcruiser

    Should I bring a sleeping bag

    I'm 9 days in. I brought a 500g (1 lb) down bag. I have used it once or twice and could have used an albergue blanket instead. I also could have used my jacket as a mediocre blanket. I tend to sleep cool but the albergues have all been ~70° at night, so far. I do have a silk liner, highly...
  5. Sandcruiser

    Drain stopper?

    A lightweight "drybag" can work wonders as a clothing washer. Add clothes, add detergent, add some water to get everything damp (doesn't have to be soaking wet) then you can close the bag and mash it all together for a while (but your hands stay dry) Let it soak for 15 minutes then mash some...

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