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    Pamplona or Bayonne for an arrival rest day?

    Rest day - Bayonne, a small peaceful quaint village and famous for chocolates. Check out: Chocolat Cazenave, 19, Rue Pont Neuf, Bayonne, France. Like others shared in this thread, Bayonne is a "sweet" stopover to savor the French Basque region including SJPDP before the Camino Frances...
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    Returning from Santiago de Compostela to Bayonne - Need Suggestions

    We had a few hrs stopover in Bayonne last Aug enroute to SJPDP to start Camino Frances. After googling some history it once had a thriving Jewish community that introduced chocolate making. Check out this delicious cafe Cazenave for some a tasty French pot of Thick rich hot chocolate and...
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    Jacotrans -ruined backpack

    Thanks for all input & advice. UPDATE- I ended up going to Decathalon in Ponferrada & Buying a shipping cover designed for backpacks. I plan to contact Gregory to see what they suggest; may look into a repair shop when I get home in a week. I too hate wasting stuff. I just didn’t want to...
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    Jacotrans -ruined backpack

    It’s a Gregory Octal 55L (ultra light) bought from REI, on sale (half price), that I bought about 6 months ago. I hope they will let me return it for credit/refund. If not I’ll check with travel insurance.
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    Jacotrans -ruined backpack

    Interesting idea, though if I come across one I’ll check it out. We’re walking through Ponferrada so don’t have much time for repair work. Might be best to get a cheap large rucksack.
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    Jacotrans -ruined backpack

    I decided to switch to Transporte rather than Jacotrans, who claims they’ve never Run into damages backpack issues before in all the 10 yrs of service. Im doubtful Of that.
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    Jacotrans -ruined backpack

    Thanks for those who chimed in. Jacotrans will take no responsibility. I can’t prove it nor they. Who knows maybe hotel staff or a hotel. Im in Rabanal so it will be a challenge finding a store that sells something to fit backpack into. Any ideas where to buy such a inexpensive bag enroute...
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    Jacotrans -ruined backpack

    Used Jacotrans for past 2 weeks. Received backpack today after a transfer in Astorga. Found one shoulder tension strap ripped out of its seam making backpack completely unusable. Other shoulder strap had couple seams ripped out. Replacement value $300+ range. Suggestions to ask of Jacotrans?
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    Poles & Backpack - to check or not to check...

    We flew SFO-LIS-BIL via TAP Airlines last week. Carried our backpacks with hiking poles broken down inside, which each were rubber banded up and placed along the spines of the backpack. No issues.

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